November 13th ed. Balancing Handwavium and the Actual Factual, Multi-Author Book Promos and More!
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What’s In this episode of Jotham’s Bi-Monthly Rabbit Hole of Research Newsletter:

  1. Jotham: Personal Update

  2. My paranormal romance shifter novella is available now as part of the Limited release ‘Moonlight Anthology’: Click here to order Paperback or ebook!
    Also, my Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller Novel, ‘Will You Still Love Me If I Become Someone Else?’ Is also available, Print and e-book.

  3. Find a new favorite author in The Fall Fantasy & Sci-fi Book Fair and enter the giveaway via Fiction-Atlas Press—happening now!

  4. Find even more books to fill up your kindle or bookshelf with the other Group Author Promos and Giveaways in the newsletter!

What’s up Jotham?


Hey y’all, I hope this email finds you safe and well. No matter how you found my newsletter, thank you for joining.

I know what you are thinking, “Jotham, what is this Rabbit Hole of Research?” Well, my newsletter comes out twice a month (this is the goal), one edition will feature an author interview, book promos/samplers and giveaways; The second edition will explore the quirky science in fiction. Also, I say Handwavium a lot. Handwavium is a fictional material used to smooth plot holes.

So, a couple quick hits and no Handwavium.

Speaking of Handwavium, a question I get occasionally is how does a research scientist balance using Handwavium to write Speculative Science fiction or Paranormal stories and staying Actual Factual.

So, little secret, I don’t try to keep any balance. I do a bit of research about things that I may use in a story to learn more about the history of paranormal legends and think about how these phenomena can be explained using science fact, or research how a technology may work and the limits that exist today and push past these limits in a “speculative” way to create interesting plot twists in a story. Yet, after I do research, I often put it away and focus on writing the first draft, and not let the Actual Factual box my story in. It is in latter drafts where I square the Actual Factual using as little of Handwavium as possible to plug those pesky plot holes (which I like to explore in the Rabbit Hole of Research).

Speaking of werewolves and balancing the Paranormal with Actual Factual:

My paranormal romance werewolf shifter novella, ‘Eve’was released October 31st in the Moonlight Anthology! You can Order it Now: ebook and paperback!


Also, check out my debut Sci-Fi Psychological Thriller Novel, ‘Will You Still Love Me If I Become Someone Else?Order Now, e-book and paperback!

Okay, I’m keeping this one short and sweet. And you can always email or follow me online for real time tracking). So, no author interview this month, but did find some awesome authors to share and virtual book fairs!


The Fall Fantasy & Sci-fi Book Fair and enter the giveaway via Fiction-Atlas Press


Some Cool Stuff To Check Out and add to your—To Be Read List:


Free Story: Nora Kane’s Sexy Paranormal Romance: Fleeing With Lust


Find your next favorite book and Fill up your Kindle or bookshelves with these virtual book-fairs:


Science Fiction Book Collection


Trick or Treat: Science Fiction, Thrillers, and Horror Book Fair


Paranormal Romance Book Fair


Thanks for checking these book fairs out. Next edition (I know a little late) we will explore how much handwavium you need to become a vampire!
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