October 19, 2014

Eagle E-News

In This Issue...

  • Manna orders due Wednesday
  • Seventh Grade Parent Volunteers Needed
  • Box Tops
  • Magazine Sale Final Update
  • D.C. Meeting
  • Eagles' Nest and D.C. Night
  • Duffy's Picks Info.
  • Missing Directory Page

Just A Heads Up...

Manna Orders Due Wednesday

The first campaign for the Manna Program ends on Wednesday, October 22nd.  All orders and payments are due this Wednesday by the end of the school day.

Any late orders will not be acceptedIf payments are being made by a check written to the CHMS PTO, please have your check in the Manna box no later than this Wednesday at 3:00pm.

Seventh Grade Science Parent Volunteers Needed!

Cow Eye Dissection
The cow eye dissection is scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd.  We need two parents per period and 4-5 parents who come early to help "prep" the eyes. (It is VERY helpful to have parents prepping the eyes--it helps teachers to be ready in time for their first classes).  

7:30-8:30-4-5 parents to prep eyes
2nd Period: 9:07-9:48-2 parents for Ustas
3rd Period: 10:33-2 parents for Ustas science
4th Period: 10:36-11:16-2 parents for Ustas and 2 parents for DeGraff science
5th Period:  11:19-2:00-2 parents for Ustas and 2 parents for DeGraff science
6th Period:  12:36-1:17-2 parents for DeGraff science
7th Period:  1:20-2:01-2 parents for Ustas science
8th Period:  2:04-2:45-2 parents for Ustas science
(Parents arrive 10 min. early for their time slot.)  

Light Lab Volunteer sign-up
7th grade parent volunteers needed on Thursday, October 30th and Friday, October 31st! 
Our 7th graders have been studying light and the electromagnetic spectrum in science.  On October 30th and 31st, students will investigate colors of light using glowsticks in the classroom labs.  
Parent volunteers should not wear clothes that they don't want to get stained. We are looking for 2 parents for each time slot on the 30th and 31st:
Slot 1:  9:50-10:50
Slot 2:  10:55-11:55
Slot 3:  12:33-1:33
Slot 4:  1:38-2:45

Box Tops are Worth 10¢!

Box Tops for Education
Don't Toss 'em... clip 'em by  Monday, October 27th
Box Tops are on hundreds of products!
  1. Clip them from the packages
  2. Send them into school for your student to drop into the main office
  3. CHMS earns 10 cents per Box Top and all those dimes will add up!
Have your student drop them in the Box Tops box in the school office. Thank you for your support!

Magazine Sale Thank you and FINAL UPDATE!

We would like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported the PTO Magazine Sale.  The sales are still rolling in, but it looks like to date, we have made over $23,000 for the PTO!!  There is a good possibility that this number will go even higher due to the considerable amount of ReachOut books that were turned in by students early on in the campaign.

Our success could not have been possible without the support of our amazing parent body.  Thank you to everyone who pitched in by finding customers for their students to sell to, buying magazines themselves or making a direct donation to the PTO. 

As a reminder, students who sold more than 15 magazines will be going to see "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" on October 22nd at 12:45pm. They will be returning to school at 3:15pm. At that time they can either be picked up or take the late bus home.

Congratulations to our STAR sellers!!

8th Grade Parents-D.C. Meeting Thursday

CHMS will hold an informational meeting on the student trip to Washington D.C. on Thursday, October 23rd 6:30pm-7:30pm. 

The Eagles' Nest is open during Washington D.C. night!

Snacks, school supplies, and spirit wear will be sold.
Congratulate your child on his or her first quarter with a gift certificate to the Eagles' Nest. They'll be thrilled to shop at the Nest on Wednesdays and Fridays during their lunch! Spirit wear, school supplies and snacks will also be sold during D.C. night.

Books, Google & MORE!

MRC Director Sally Duffy now has a spot on the CHMS PTO website. She has filled it with all kinds of terrific info: monthly book picks, "Beyond Google" presentation, Mock Newberry student video and more!  Please check it out often at


Missing Page in School Directory

Due to a printing error in the production process, pages 30 and 31 of the CHMS PTO Student Directory were printed twice.  That caused the correct version of pages 32 and 33 to be omitted.Students were given a copy of the missing pages last week to bring home.  Below is also a link to the same pages to be inserted into the directory. We apologize for the inconvenience.  Remember, you may also access the online version of the CHMS PTO Student Directory at


Dates to Remember...

October 22nd-Manna orders & payments due


October 23rd-Washington D.C. Parent Night, 6:30pm, CHMS


October 24th- End of 1st Quarter


October 27th--Box Tops due

October 30th—Manna gift card pick up 2:30-3:30pm in lobby


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