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Newsletter 30th July 2015
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July 2015 Market at Camphill Village

Camphill Monthly Market

by Craig du Preez

Sunday 2nd  August 10am – 2pm

It is well into the chilly season and  our Monthly Country Market makes for a wonderful day out to fight off the winter blues. Held indoors, with plenty of food stalls as well as fresh healthy produce available it’s the perfect place to stock up on the wholesome goodness and delicious treats you are looking for.

Jean Ras and Tamara MihalThis month’s live band will be Jean Ras and Tamara Mihal playing an eclectic mix of Country, Folk and Blues they are returning by popular demand of our market visitors having entertained us all so well earlier this year.

As always,  we offer safe parking, kids entertainment, a variety of  great stalls with plenty of bargains to be found, tractor rides for exploring the farm and seeing cows, calves and donkeys in the fields. Our stalls offer an amazing selection of herbs and fresh produce grown right here at Camphill, our bakery and herbal cosmetics products made to perfection and our dairy products will all be available in our shop down at the summer market area, so there is something for everyone.

Come experience it!

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left. 

Email or visit 

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day  
Mandela Day - painting a creche in Witsands
Camphill getting our hands dirty for Mandela

by Janine Strumpher

'What a wonderful feeling is it to give back,' were the words on everybody's lips this Mandela day. It generates an energy within, a sense of accomplishment and worthiness that cannot be explained in words, but which you could see in the big smiles on the faces of Camphill Residents, Staff, Young Co-workers and the volunteers from Westerford School. All gave up their Saturday for Sonwabile Creche in Witsand, a township in Atlantis.

We painted the container used as a kitchen and storeroom, replaced the broken window, fixed toilets, re-painted the play bus and weeded and planted the small garden. Most enjoyed by the 35 children who attend the crèche was the abundance of toys that was collected and donated to them, not to mention the cupcakes that were lovingly baked by the Camphill house mothers, the Lindt chocolates and hot chocolate.

When all was done each child, including all the big kids, had the opportunity to leave their mark on the newly painted kitchen. All in honour of our great Tata Madiba, your legacy lives on.
Mandela day!
Department of Agriculture - Mandela Day
Thanks to the Department of Agriculture

by James Sleigh

In honour of Mandela Day, a group of 81 staff and interns from the Department of Agriculture spent the day working at Camphill, alongside our residents and staff in our gardens. This is the third year that this has happened and we really enjoy the relationship.
Camphill Village Music Festival 2015

Music Festival 2015

by James Sleigh

Drum roll please ... tickets for our Camphill Village Music Festival are now on sale at Webtickets! Get yours now to make sure of them – it’s going to be awesome with Beatenberg, Just Jinjer, Ottoman Slap and Bootleggers on Saturday 31st October from 1pm till about 7pm.

Be there!

For details of the event, pictures of the bands, their biographies and some fun YouTube clips, please see Camphill Village Music Festival 2015

Caraway Seed Rusks Camphill VIllage Bakery
New Caraway Seed Rusks

by Craig du Preez

Pure indulgence wrapped in crunchy goodness, is how I would describe the new caraway seed rusks from Camphill  Bakery.  Free of preservatives, rich in aroma and flavour with a light and fluffy texture they are hard to resist.  
The secret I am told is that they  also contain, yogurt , oats, coconut and use two types of flour: stone ground rye flour and white flour.

The new rusks are currently only available direct from Camphill, the secret hasn’t yet got out, so be one of the first to enjoy their taste sensation and contact our orders department via mail: or landline:  021 571 8600.
Camphill Cosmetics - Candy Bath Salts
Candy Bath Salts

by Craig du Preez

Who said natural and good for you couldn’t be fun too? We’ve come up with six tantalizing aromas to make bath time as good as dessert!

The candy aromas all come from blends of essential oils, with almond oil, salt and food grade colorants the only other ingredients.

Choose  your favourite treat: Buttermilk Toffee, Orange Cream, Sweet Sherbet, Liquorice Twist, Turkish Delight and Apple Fizzer, all in 500g packs or bottles.

Call us for your nearest stockist on 021 571 8600.
Nils Helbig-Schild and Vanessa SchumacherThe Empty Nest Syndrome

by Antoinette Leeman

As you all know, every year Camphill is privileged to have a number of young volunteers from other countries – specifically Germany. They come to stay in the group homes, learn to work with the residents and also have jobs in the different enterprises.

The one drawback of having these amazing young people in our homes is having to say goodbye to them at the end of their tenure.

In Malachite House we have had Nils Helbig-Schild and Vanessa Schumacher resident with us. It has been a wonderful experience, both for the residents and the house leader. They have crept into our hearts and brought fun and laughter with them. They bake with the residents, play Uno, and work in the garden with them. They are there to dry tears and settle arguments when the house leader is at a meeting or on a day off.

And now, the time has come to bid them farewell.
The residents and house leader wish you, Nils and Vanessa, everything your hearts desire, happiness, laughter, love and success in all that you do. Above all, thank you for giving us the privilege of getting to know and love you and for giving to us the precious gift of a year of your lives to be with us.

Godspeed, blessings and love from Malachite House. We will miss you very much.
Camphill Talent Show
Talent Show Video

by James Sleigh

Watch this fun video of our Talent Show last month - thanks to Lynn Geater and Big Shot Media for putting together the video for us.
The Gift of a Normal Life

by Janine Strumpher

Here at Camphill Village West Coast people with intellectual disability live a full, creative and fulfilled life and have the opportunity to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. Let’s take a glimpse into everyday life here with this lovely slideshow.

What we take for granted, is for many a gift. With your help we can help more people with Intellectual Disability have the “GIFT OF A NORMAL LIFE” and in Passenger’s words: “if we all light up we can scare away the dark”.

If you are interested in sponsoring a resident please view our Sponsor a Resident page on our website for more details -
Life in Huis Ten Bos

by Damian Sidney

I have seven friends in the house, and the Adams family. Breakfast is at 7am. It’s a little early for me and I try to sneak in, with my PJ’s if I can. I can’t even think of getting dressed until I have had my first cup of coffee.

Mandisa is our domestic team leader, she is really friendly and does a great job with the house and is a great cook. I even offered to do her garden if she takes me home and cooks for me, she just laughs.

12h30 is lunch time, always nice food and different types of food. Cedrick  loves to eat and is always in a  happy mood at lunch times. He usually says, ‘I feel like smiling’, ‘I like you’ or ‘I feel like laughing’. After lunch we wash up and then it’s time for a siesta and then back to the workshop.  Another quick cup of coffee and I’m ready for the afternoon orders.

 5pm is home time. We all get ready for supper, every person has a turn to make supper in the week and then we spend some time relaxing. My house is really funny, we all get along very well in the house and are like a house-family who live together. It’s nice to live in Huis Ten Bos with all the people.
Sigi delivering rye breadDelivery Trip

by Sigrid Maass

I started to do deliveries in 2003. In the bakery I pack the orders for each day of the week. To get to know the route, I wrote down on paper where the driver goes and at the end of the day I looked it up on a road map. Then I could get a real picture of the trip. It took me about two months to learn the routes.

In the morning we start to load the truck at the bakery, then over to the dairy and to the office to get the invoices. Then we leave for the delivery.

When we get to our first stop we get the order for this customer together, I take it into the shop and the driver sorts the next order for the next customer in the truck. It makes it so much easier. Now and again a crate falls over and a bottle of yoghurt breaks. Then we need to clean up the mess. I have been on delivery with many different people.  When our driver is on leave or not well and a new person needs to drive, I’m the GPS for the whole day.

I still enjoy the delivery trips, especially all the customers I have a bond with. All our customers are very friendly and helpful. 
Ann MomsenAnn Momsen (1950)

An interview by Ninja Geissler

I was born in Johannesburg as the youngest of 4 children. I was very sick as a little child and only started school when I was 9 years old.

In 1969 I came to Camphill for my trial visit. My parents came as well to see the place. I stayed in Pine Close for two weeks.

I went back to Johannesburg and joined the village permanently in 1970. My first house was Grange and I worked in the ‘Dolls workshop’ in the morning and in the egg room in the afternoon.

I remember having my 21st birthday here in the village. I lived in Aquarius and my Dad came from Johannesburg and invited the whole village out to the movies. We drove in big buses and still had cake and something to drink.
I have been doing crafts since I came to the village, dolls, baskets and knitting. Now I am retired in the afternoon but I still knit at home. I like it very much.

In the morning I still work in Acacia, I make salad and cut up the vegetables.

I am very happy but I would love somebody to show me how to write emails on a computer.
What’s happening

Some important Camphill dates and events are fast approaching :

Saturday 31st of October  -  Our second Annual Music Concert. If the success of our first one is anything to go by this one is going to be much bigger, showcasing amazing talented artists from around South Africa.
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