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Newsletter 27th May 2016
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Camphill Village Country Market - June 2016

June Market
Sunday 5th June 10am – 2pm

by Craig du Preez

Tired of the chilly weather and being cooped up indoors over the weekend already? Not to worry, Camphill Country Market has moved to its winter premises at our Community Centre, providing a toasty experience inside, with plenty of outdoor space too, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the fresh country air if the day is warm and inviting.
What's new this autumn: We have increased our food stalls as well as our offering within the coffee shop making sure your taste buds are tickled; your belly is warm and full of delicious Camphill treats. Our gardens are bursting with fresh greens and herbs for your family to enjoy and help keep away winter colds. Our bakery has been hard at work creating a new selection of products for you to enjoy on those chilly days. Our cosmetics have a lovely selection of bath oils and pamper packs to keep your skin warm and protected this season. All the more reason to brave the winter cold and stock up on our nutritious and pampering products.

Chris Dry pianistThis month’s live music performance will be by the one and only Christopher Dry on piano treating us to his lyrical mix of folk songs.

As always we offer safe parking and kid’s entertainment.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left.

Email or visit

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day
Masterplan for the development of Camphill Ecological Center of Excellence (CECE)
by Dr Kris Drabik and Dr Katrin Emmrich of Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope (RoH) is a German NPO actively engaged in socio-ecological projects in South Africa since 2002. We fully support CVWC in its quest for securing a self-sustained future and towards this objective has implemented projects such as the 60 kWp PV solar plant or the two farming tunnels.

RoH and CVWC have closely cooperated since 2012 and jointly form the drivers of a dedicated program, which - in the mid-term with a time horizon of 5 to 8 years - targets to make CVWC the Camphill Ecological Center of Excellence (CECE) based on socio-ecological principals and , by enhancing and distilling the expertise gained over the past 50 years. CVWC will serve as a living model for low carbon footprint operation as well as for food security and sustainable land use. CECE will be based on technological development but also harness knowhow collected in the region in the past, aligning itself with the objectives of the agricultural sector as set out in the Framework for the Development of the Western Cape.

Our jointly developed Masterplan is a “living document” providing the framework for a structured and coordinated approach for planning, design, implementation and operation of projects at CVWC and targeting:
  1. To allow a coherent and structured implementation sequence along defined priorities and with the most efficient use of funds combining – where feasible - work items or avoiding their duplication (such as could be the case in multiple mobilizations for civil works)
  2. To allow the preparation of specific Project Briefs containing conceptual designs, cost estimates and time tables for the proposed undertakings
  3. To provide donors with options and detailed information for their potential involvements in any of the proposed infrastructure development projects

Our Masterplan is compiled with the active participation of the residents, the management, staff and enterprises of Camphill thus safeguarding that their needs and expectations are fully understood.

Subsequently, suitable projects are defined, prioritized and – once implemented – they will eventually lead to the elimination of CVWC’s dependence on external donations. The experience gained will be shared within the region, the nation and beyond. The main building blocks of our Masterplan are summarized as follows:

Masterplan diagram

The successful execution of the Masterplan objectives can be expected due to the presence of:
  1. Physical resource:    Land, Infrastructure, Water, Energy
  2. Work force:         Residents, Staff, Volunteers
  3. Know how:         Technical & Managerial expert support (local as well as international)
  4. Financing:         Own cash flow, Donations in cash and kind
This introductory presentation will be followed by more detailed descriptions of the specific topics and activities.

CECE depends on external (private or corporate) support in the funding of each of the identified projects and welcomes any donor assistance towards their realization.
Master Plan for our Centre of Excellence
by James Sleigh

The Camphill Masterplan that we have been working on together with Rays of Hope, has been a huge assistance in helping us focus our energy and direction. We have managed to find funding for a new borehole, as well as the pipeline to our water tower, which will help to unlock the water required to set much of this into motion.

We have broken the large master plan into about 100 bite-sized projects, which will really help us take strides forward in our quest for sustainability, and are looking into various ways of finding funding for these, including crowd funding.

The priority projects (each of which has been broken down into mini-projects) that we have now set are:
  1. Establish 14 x 1H camps of lucerne and kikuyu under irrigation for our dairy cows
  2. Creating a lake out of our old clay pit, so that the market and music festival area will be on the banks of the lake. We also intend to stock it with fish and develop a campsite alongside it
  3. Upgrade our cool room and invest in packaging equipment for the garden produce
  4. Create a firewood enterprise out of our alien clearing programme
  5. Upgrade equipment in our enterprises to help streamline their productivity
  6. Upgrade the group homes, to make them more comfortable and enjoyable
  7. Build an office block - so that all admin staff can work from a central place and not spread out around the village like we are at the moment
If anyone has expertise in any of this fields, or would like to contribute to any of, or part of these projects, please contact Janine on
New borehole at Camphill Village
Our New Borehole
by James Sleigh

After scraping through the worst drought in 100 years, we have very kindly been sponsored a new borehole. This borehole, which is being drilled at Malachite, will then link to the water tower, thereby helping with our water security, and allowing us to irrigate pastures and more gardens and orchards, all part of our unfolding plan.
Working out in the Camphill gym
Tunnel Vision 3
by James Sleigh

Our organic cucumbers are now ready and being harvested, our tomatoes are not far behind, and our salad packs are becoming increasingly popular. We are really proud of our crops - they taste like vegetables are supposed to taste! 

You can order from Wild Organic, Ethical Co-op, or selected retail outlets in Cape Town - please see
Camphill organic produce
Camphill Goodness
by Craig du Preez

This month Camphill’s enterprises are overflowing with fresh organic produce, delicious handmade treats and pampering natural cosmetics just for you.   In preparation for the cold autumn and winter months to come we have been hard at work creating products to nourish body, mind and spirit.  Stock up with Camphill goodness this autumn!

Items on offer:
  1. Organic  Cucumbers R10 Each
  2. Organic Spinach R10 per bunch
  3. Organic Lettuce bags R15.00 Each
  4. Organic Sweet Potatoes R 10 per KG
  5. Delicious Camphill flavoured yogurts R33.00 per litre. Strawberry or Chocolate.
  6. NEW: Scrumptious Bakery Country Rusks with pumpkin seeds R35.00 for 500g
  7. Pampering Bath and Body oils for skin protection R65.00
  8. Ladies’ pamper packs for that special lady R150.00
The Worm Farm
by Maria Plappert

"It may be doubted whether there are many other animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world as these lowly organised creatures."  
Charles Darwin
They work in never ending shifts and create what is black gold for us gardeners; the worms in our new worm farms turn our kitchen waste and manure from the cows into most fertile humus for the garden.

Maybe you never thought about giving these little brown creatures much attention? If you look closely there is so much fascinating to learn: They have 5 pairs of hearts, breathe through their skin and can increase the soil’s water storing capacity up to 350%!

What we get in return for carefully looking after them is amazing. Castings harvested from the buckets are full of nutrients and microbes which make artificial fertilizer unnecessary. The “worm tea” increases growth, health and immunity of plants and is wonderful for all the new seedlings we have started to grow in Camphill’s herb garden.

All you need is a bucket with holes for drainage, your kitchen waste and some dry organic material and you can get your own farm going, preventing more carbon dioxide from turning into methane in our landfills and adding more organic matter to our increasingly poor soil.
Tree felling at Ferry House
Tree Felling
by James Sleigh

Each time the wind has blown, we have held our breath, as a number of old pines and gum trees have threatened to crack and fall on Ferry House, the shop, and our water tower.

We are really grateful that we received funding to have these taken down, and Krige Tree Services have spent two days here, with climbers scaling the trees and taking them down piece by piece. It has opened up the landscape, and we can now whole-heartedly look forward to the rain-bearing north-westerly storms.
Alien clearing
A Board Member’s job is never done
by Janine Strumpher

Whether it is making vital decisions, offering sympathy and guidance or just getting down and dirty to do some alien clearing,  (you were spotted by the paparazzi Sandra!) they all do us proud. This is a shout out to our Board Members, we praise you for the wonderful job you do for all of us here at Camphill Village. Your guidance and unconditional carrying of duties, your diligence in keeping this organisation going.

What drives a person to voluntarily give up your precious time and your years of expertise in accounting, law, communication, social work and engineering? (Yes, proudly all of these are our Board members).  I can honestly say our board members do all of this out of the love and goodness of their heart.

Rob, Ray, Sandra, Cordelia and Carol we thank you.
Camphill's Got Talent
Camphill and Friends have Talent
by Justus Günthermann

Another year, another chance - the Camphill Talent Show 2016 is coming! After its success in the last two years we are proudly presenting the next opportunity for everybody willing (and brave enough!) to show their special artistic skills on stage.

On the 22nd of July in the Community Centre, the audience will get to see performances in different musical categories. One of these is our singing contest: in this competition we want to find out who has the most beautiful voice and conquers the hearts of the crowd with their song. For everybody who would rather show their energy, there will be a dancing competition. Additionally, if you prefer performing in company, you can display your talents in a group performance. Another feature this year will be our art exhibition, in which residents can enter their own paintings and drawings.

To further raise the competition, our friends from the Orion and the Camphill Village Hermanus will join us with their best dancers, singers and artists. In between we will get to see the amazing acts of various professional performers and the young-coworkers. So come and admire all the artistic treasures that Camphill Talent Show has to offer!
Ascension day walk
Ascension Day Walk
by Eastlynne Nelson-Tansley

On Monday 2nd May, a public holiday after a busy "last of summer"" market, we wondered whether we could muster up the energy and enthusiasm to walk..... up a hill

About 50 of us gathered near the Bay Leaf café and after a short chaotic bit of organising and gathering, departed for the Hill.

The air was clear, fresh and crisp! Some walked and others leapt. Some drove and those that crept laughed out "Look, how far we walked!"

And just look where some of us did reach... The very very top of the Ascension Walk Hill.
Justin at NASA in the USA
My Holiday in America
by Justin Hertbert

Gee!! What a great time I had in Orlando. We went to see Disney World and Disney Hollywood Studio, there are now more rides to go on and more things to do and loads to see. It would be great if Malachite had a Hollywood Studio..haha!! And also the JFK Space Kennedy Centre, Wow! What fantastic things they had there, a real shuttle on display.

Washington was grand too, the best time in that place is coming soon, I’ll let you figure it out for me. it was the best for me, my most important interest in my life is the Washington Movies. I can say I was really there. I saw the White House too and other stuff from a hop on ,hop off bus.

New York was also great. Times Square was very busy, so crowded.

Me and Brenn walked down Times Square and we saw four police armed with MP5 Assault riffles, what a sight! And we saw the Statue of Liberty, we were in a ferry on the river, and we went to the top of the river, and we went to the Empire State Building..very very high!

So a birthday holiday that is a Trip To word! What a treat, myself, Brenn, my Dad and Wendy, the four of us were in the USA!
Eat all you want!
Sigi's jamWe’re Jamming!
by Craig du Preez

This month’s success story is Ziggy’s Jam Store, owned and run by Ziggy Maass, an independent resident of  Camphill’s Sunset House.   “It all started two years ago out of a love for jam, “ Ziggy said. “The shop just didn’t keep as much variety as we would have liked. So we decided to make our own.”  Her jam stall is now a fixture at every Camphill market, with a steady and loyal customer base and sells marmalade, plum, custard apple, apricot and crab apple jams amongst others.
“Production is seasonal and It took a while before I got the recipes right, but now I have a good handle on production.” Ziggy proudly explains how the whole operation takes place in the house kitchen. She purchases sugar from the shop, receives bottling stock from existing customers, has labels made, sterilizes and  preps everything herself.

Most of the money from sales goes into buying equipment and stock for the stall.  “Sometimes I find it difficult to cut the pieces of fruit evenly and I’m saving up for a nice food processor. Apart from bottles that’s the only thing I really need.”   I asked Ziggy what is in it for her and where she sees it going?  Ziggy said she loves being able to save for more things to make the jam, she just loves making the products and interacting with her customers. She loves nothing more than a satisfied customer who comes to buy again. “The next stage is moving into pickled goods,” says Ziggy. We can’t wait, Ziggy.  
The next market is on Sunday the 5th of June. Be sure to stop off and try one of Ziggy’s delicious jams.
Alex and ThuliAlex Josephs
*15.11.1982 -
Interview by Ninja Geissler

I have two older half sisters, Luanne and Verona, but they were not in the children’s home in Durbanville where I grew up. I went to school at Alta Du Toit, a bus from the children’s home took us there every day. There was sometimes a lot of fighting in the children’s home and that was not nice. I sometimes helped in the house with cleaning or in the kitchen.

I shared my bedroom with three friends, that was good.

When I turned 18 and was finished with school the people from the children’s home brought me to Camphill. I liked it and came for a two week trial period. I am glad I came.

I am working on the farm, do a lot of milking and just moved to Malachite, that is a good house for me.
Lauren lives in my house, she is like a big sister to me and her parents invited me already twice to their house for a weekend, at Christmas and Easter. I liked it a lot and I want to say ‘Thank You’ because I appreciate it a lot.

I only have one more wish, to see my real family again.
Swiss Easter
Camphill off the map?
by Janine Strumpher

Santa Claus got lost and we had Christmas chocolates in February, and then the Easter Bunny’s GPS was off so our Easter eggs were delivered in May.

Thank you Pia & Heinz from Switzerland for the lovely Easter Eggs, whether the Easter Bunny was late or not the delicious shiny Easter eggs were enjoyed by all. They still tasted delicious after their long travel  :)
How to Donate
by Janine Strumpher

Our PayPal account is now in operation; there are now three ways to donate cash to Camphill Village West Coast.
  1. Our PayPal account is now fully functional if you would like to use this option - Click Here
  2. EFT – Camphill Village Standard Bank Malmesbury Acc: 082 399 204 Branch: 050507 Swift: SBZA ZA JJ
  3. Foreign donations can be made through a NPO in your country and a tax certificate can be issued, please contact Janine to discuss for more info.
NB! Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, we would like to thank everybody that supports Camphill, remember without your support we cannot continue the work we do. We provide a safe normal life for people living with intellectual disability.
Understanding Intellectual DisabilityA New Book on Intellectual Disability
by James Sleigh

A new book has recently been released and is available from the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disability

This handbook brings together the expertise of over twenty practitioners working in the sector. It provides information and supports best practice on a range of important issues related to the rights of people with intellectual disability.

It includes topics such as development and the child with intellectual disability, self-advocacy, inclusive education, living options, sexuality, mental health, challenging behaviour and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If anyone would like to order this book, they can contact the Western Cape Forum on 021 510 4686.
Thank you to ...
by Janine Strumpher

Heinz & Pia Kubler – Easter Eggs
Deprtment of Social Development Atlantis (Sevierro) - Linen
Shelley Foster – Donation in honour of Mrs Ailsa Brennan
Sponsor a Resident

by Janine Strumpher

We have embarked on a drive to find a sponsor for each resident who has no family or financial means. Without Camphill Village they would be on the streets where people with special needs are often victims of abuse and manipulation and at risk even within their own families and/or communities.
And without financial assistance we cannot continue providing this place of safety.

Living at Camphill Village West Coast gives people with intellectual disability the chance to live a full, creative and fulfilled life, to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. The life that we take for granted, is for many a gift. However we can only do this when financial support is found for the individuals.

If you can help, or know of Individuals or Companies we can approach please contact Janine Strumpher on 021 571 8600 or e-mail

Take a break from your busy day and watch this beautiful slideshow about life at Camphill -

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My School Card

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