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Camphill Village Westcoast Newsletter – Aug 2014

Camphill Village Country Market 

Sunday 7 September


An unforgettable family experience!

Join us on the 7th of September and enjoy:

Camphill’s range of fresh produce & herbs 
Scrumptious freshly baked bread from our bakery  
A delectable selection of cheeses & yoghurts from our dairy
A range of healing & pampering products from our cosmetics store

Our ever popular crafts & charity shops
A tantalising variety of stalls and offerings 
Tractor rides, colouring-in and entertainment for children
Afternoon Lunch/ Tea & Cake served at The Bayleaf Cafè
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “Camphill Village” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left. 
Email: or visit 
Contact: 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day  


The stage for the music festival is being built, the wild flowers are coming out, the line-up of bands is ready, and tickets sales are coming in daily. It’s time to go online and buy your tickets. Tickets are R100.

Here is the link

Unfortunately we have had to limit the number of tickets we have – so please act soon to avoid disappointment! We will also be selling tickets at our monthly market – on Sunday the 7th of September, in case you are not familiar with online sales.

On the day of the 24th of September, our gates will open at 11:00am. There will be a market, with food and drink stalls, and also many other stalls. The bands begin at 1pm and the festival ends at 6:30pm, so you will all be able to drive home in daylight. We have eight bands playing. The concert will be outdoors, on grass amidst the spring flowers. There are some trees which will offer shade.

For more information, you can contact Janine on 021 571 8600

Camphill AGM - Saturday 13 September

We invite you to attend our AGM on Saturday 13th September 2014 starting at 10am in the Community Centre at Camphill Village West Coast.
The theme for the AGM will be 50 Years of Camphill Village.
Our auditors will present the financial report, we will go through the statutory procedures, and a number of people will share anecdotes of the last 50 years, and we will share our vision for the years ahead. We look forward to seeing you.
Please RSVP for catering purposes to,
or  Tel: 021 571 8600.

Life Skills Training Workshop

Life skills are a common human need. However, we often fail to equip people with intellectual disability with certain life skills, either because we don’t know how to convey the message or because we are sometimes embarrassed or are in denial about the individual’s need for such skills.
A group of five staff recently attended a three-day, excellently run workshop at the WC Forum for ID. The course dealt with many essential life skills as well as human sexuality. In the course we were given communication as well as resource materials to be able to assist residents to, for example, identify the difference between “confidential, private or secret” and “public or open information.” This extends to the difference between “private” parts and non-private parts of the body, including what is acceptable to touch where it is acceptable to be touched. There are also exercises to teach people how to say NO if they feel uncomfortable, unsure or unsafe.
The human sexuality component of the course taught participants to communicate about sexuality, without embarrassment, in different ways and using accessible language and visual aids.
All in all, a very worthwhile course, thoroughly enjoyed by all the participants and imparting much needed and very useful communication skills so that we are better able to meet the life skill training needs of our residents.

Women's Day at Camphill

by Janine Strumpher 

It is August and the month to celebrate our women,  the women who work in Camphill...the women residents, grouphome leaders, care-givers, staff,  the women board members, the young volunteers....
It is a beautiful sunny morning and Camphill is as far as the eye can see dressed in pink. All the ladies of our Village gathered at Bayleaf Coffee shop to enjoy tea, some lovely treats and a friendly chat.
We opened and thanked all of our Goddesses for their contribution to this world. Followed by a beautiful poem read by Mignon reminding the ladies of their beauty, strengths and the friendship and love shared in our Village. Bayleaf was filled with laughter, enjoyment and chocolate cake. 
A special thank you to Francois at Bayside Woolworths and ............. at Pick n Pay Malmesbury for the treats.

Farewell to all our Young Volunteers

What were their expectations; what was their motivation to join us a year ago? What have they gleaned from their experiences in our village? In as much as they met the village, they also met themselves. This is the essence of a gap-year: to hold ones breathe before embarking on a career. For many of them it was a life-changing encounter, for some it gave them a new certainty as to their talents – not one of them left un-touched by the humanity of our residents.
We thank them all for enriching also our lives – and we wish you well on your life-paths.

Hamba kakuhle, Tot Weer Siens, Fare Well from all of us in Camphill Village


by Ninja Giessler 

Graham is 76 years old and joined Camphill 37 years ago. The first House Graham lived in was Acacia where he stayed together with the Jackson family. He worked in the weavery and collected the eggs from our chickens, which also needed to be sorted according to size.
Since Graham joined the village he has moved house about 11 times – the only houses he has never stayed in are Aloe and Pine Close. Graham loved to look after the garden of whichever house he lived in and when he had to move he would still, for many weeks or even months, on a regular basis go back to his old house to water the plants that he planted.
Graham loves to ride his bike and would probably still ride it today if it wouldn't be broken. For many years Graham has been a dedicated Server for the Christian Community and attends the services still today.
“I was not well when I came to the village, my medicine needed to be changed. I'm fine now, I have no more hay-fever and I didn't have any cold this winter”

Camphill Village is Branching Out

by Lee Adams 

The occupants of Rockrose house were left feeling rather “stumped” after hearing a tree mendous crash. On venturing outside they stood “rooted” in fascination at the sight of the bough... broken.

This was one of the many Stone Pine trees planted by Ruth Ecker during the 1960’s. She had come to Camphill from Germany and she started a Nursery and the first school here in Camphill. We shall not “pine” over why or how the migh”tree” hath fallen...I “wood” even go  “out on a limb” and say that perhaps the time had come to turn over a new leaf...

Thank You to Theo

Thank you Theo for the donation of your Kalahari Ferarri to Camphill.

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