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Newsletter 31st March 2016
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Camphill Village Country Market - April 2016

April Market
Sunday 3rd April 10am – 2pm

by Craig du Preez

Come experience the best of what Camphill has to offer at our country market on the 3rd of April. Come and enjoy the great food; family entertainment and wide variety of stalls in the fresh clean air and sprawling grounds of Camphill Village West Coast.

We open the floor at 10:00 for a Biodanza introduction and demonstration held by Ren Skyclad. We will also be offering two inspiring classes for natural and alternative health enthusiasts from our Bakery and Cosmetics enterprises (see below for details).

Faye and WrenOur live performance for this market will be Wren Hinds & Faye Oaks with their enchanting lyrical harmonies and soulful acoustic folk music.

If fresh is what you are after, this is the place to be. From our own amazing selection of herbs, fresh produce grown right here at Camphill to our dairy and bakery products made to perfection or our range of natural beauty products, there is something for everyone. 

Can’t wait to see you there.

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left.

Email or visit

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day
Camphill Classes

Camphill Classes

by Craig du Preez

This market we have two new classes on offer for those who want to try their hands at making their own products the Camphill way. Choose between baking with sourdough and blending essential oils. Both start at 10.30 on market day and will last about 1 hour. Each class is limited to 10 people and costs R150.

Please book to make sure of a place by phoning Craig on 021 571 8607. On market day to enquire if there are places still available, come to the bakery or cosmetics workshop before 10.30.

Essential Chemistry:  Introductory class
We introduce some of the basics of blending essential oils for therapeutic use. This class explores the benefits of using essential oils to improve the health of you and your family. You will make two therapeutic blends that you can take home and enjoy with your family.

Topics include: identifying key aspects/ general properties, effect and medicinal use, synergetic effect, blending and applications.

Slow fermentation and traditional methods/hand-crafted bread
This class introduces you to Camphill's concepts, approach and methodologies in creating products that both assist and nourish the body.  This guided tour through our bakery and Camphill philosophy promises an interesting perspective on eating and living well.  Participants will be baking a loaf of sourdough bread and will receive a portion of Camphill sourdough to take home as starter for their own future baking.

Topics include: what is slow fermentation and “real”  hand–crafted bread; what is a sourdough and why sourdough; how to knead bread and why the kneading is so important.
Big Issue article

Camphill is a “BIG ISSUE”

by Janine Strumpher

Please get your copy of the Big Issue and support this fantastic initiative, Camphill features in a lovely article “Building with Sunshine” written by Leroy Glam. Leroy spent a day with us at Camphill, where we took him around to the enterprises and to meet the residents.

Go buy a copy and see what he has to say.
CAR - Camphill Africa meeting - group

Starlight Concert, Star-bright People

by Janine Strumpher

Chris Martin and Tess de Kock were invited to the very prestigious FNB Starlight concert. On arrival there was champagne and a picnic hamper with the loveliest eats to satisfy the appetite. An evening spent under the stars listening to the sounds of world famous South African artists.

The light classical concert under the stars was directed by Darren Hayward and accompanied by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, under the creative baton of Maestro, Richard Cock. South African born soprano, Pretty Yende had us all in goosebumps with the pure notes of her beautiful voice. Hugh Masekela and his trumpet were “telling” stories of struggles of the past and other talented artists entertained us till after 11:00 o’clock at Vergelegen wine estate.

Thank you Cathy and Bronwen! Chris and Tess enjoyed their evening under the stars with the stars, their favourite being the colourful traditionally dressed township youth choir.
Chris and Tess at Starlight
Renate SleighWorkshop on disabilities

by James Sleigh

Two weeks ago all the enterprise leaders and assistants, together with management, held a workshop with Renate Sleigh. We looked at the challenges, but also the gifts that each person with varying disabilities brings to our respective workplaces, and how we as managers could best work with these challenges, but also enhance the gifts, while producing our products on a daily basis.

Renate described various polarities, and explained that all of us experience some leaning towards these. In the case of people with intellectual disabilities, these polarities can be more extreme. The one polarity, is when people are very stuck in themselves. The challenge is to motivate them. The opposite of this, is when people live outside their centre. In this case, people are often very sensitive, can feel what you are thinking and feeling, and are very susceptible to emotions.

Downes syndrome people bring a heart quality to the workplace and those around. They are kind, generous and warm and but often easily distracted.

Renate also described the large and small-headed people - those who are the thinkers, and those who are the doers. The challenge is to stimulate the thinkers into doing more, and slow down the doers to enable them to evaluate what they are doing. The beauty of having both these types in the workplace, is that we are able to complement each other and assist each other in developing more wholeness.

While working with people who are facing many of their own challenges is a challenge, it also has many rewards and gifts. To treat each individual with respect and dignity and acknowledging the abilities (strengths) and disabilities (challenges) within you is a great place to start.

The workshop was a wonderful experience for all, and we were able to share the challenges and also the joys of working with residents. All left feeling enriched and eager to learn more.

Arnold VermeulenA Powerlifting champion working in our dairy

by Elma Anderson

Last year, Arnold Vermeulen joined our dairy team as dairy assistant.  Little did we know at the time that this humble young man was the South African Powerlifting Champion in his weight category in 2015.

While attending a Powerlifting competition in 2012, Arnold (who the late Hennie Maree referred to as the “mannetjie”) noted that light weight competitors successfully lifted huge weights.  This was his start in Powerlifting.  The same year he competed at provincial level and won his first title in 2013 as the Western Province Bench Lifting champion in his category.  

This year Arnold competed on national level on 17th March at Potchefstroom and broke the South African Dead lift record raising it from 205kg to an amazing 215kg!  With his second attempted he lifted 206kg.  He also won a bronze medal in the power lifting section.  

Although he only formally trains twice a week, he spends his days lifting buckets and churns of milk and yoghurt.  Diet is extremely important for his training; he eats 6 eggs per day and drinks an additional 2 eggs, and we believe that our yoghurt gives him the extra edge on his competitors.  His whole family is now hooked on Powerlifting and his father is now also competing on provincial level.   

Arnold is married, has 2 small children and stays in Camphill Village.  His son is 2 years old and also starting to do squats with his nappies on and will most probably follow his dad’s footsteps one day.  

Arnold we commend you for your dedication and hard work. You deserve to be proud of your achievement, as we are proud of you. Congratulations on your new record.
Planting in tunnels
Tunnel Vision - part 2

by James Sleigh

Our tunnels are now completed! It was all hands on deck planting the first 912 tomato plants so that we could still catch the season. These have all been planted and strung.

We are now planting 912 cucumber plants. We will post an update in the next newsletter.
Planting in tunnels
Tunnels filled with plants
Planting herbs
Planting herbs is a little like ...

by Maria Plappert

... playing god!

Creating space for something new, enabling new growth and greenness in Camphill’s herb garden really does feel a bit like being a creator.

Starting off with weeks of preparation, tearing the overgrown plastic out of the net house, digging for never ending tree roots and trying to keep all the little plants alive in this summer’s heat, it did not always feel so divine, and still with the right vision in sight it all worked out.

Finally we can start planting new organic herbs to provide the village and our customers with fresh herbs, as well as supplying our cosmetics workshop where they are further processed into teas, soaps, herb salts and other wonderful products available at Camphill.

Initiating the project, it felt so good seeing others join in; young co-workers, residents and garden staff working together as a team.

Many of us have forgotten about the medicinal power of herbs. Adding specific herbs to dishes can activate the human organism and lead to increased health and balance. Take mint for instance, widely known and used, but did you know about the belief of herbalists of the older days? It is said to relieve cramps, assist the breathing processes, balances the heart and strengthen the memory and the immune system.

As this is only one example, there is much more to learn about those little plants in our garden. If you want to make use of their power, feel free to order herbs like Basil, Mint, Thyme, Oregano and Rosemary at Camphill’s garden or visit us at the monthly market!
Planting herbs
Equitherapy - The magic of horses

by Maria Plappert

There is a reason why horses attract more people than other animals. On the one hand it is their strength and power, on the other hand their sensitivity and lightness when those majestic creatures gallop through the sand. Because of this they are perfect for therapy. Spending time with a horse can help learning how to lead, how to appreciate the power of the moment and find balance physically and psychologically.

“They lift me up, I don’t know how to explain that feeling!” says Karen, who has been joining the weekly equine therapy with Annemarie at Dassenberg’s rescue centre for three years. She loves spending time with the horses, especially with Shebo, the one she takes for outrides now. For a few weeks now Shebo is coming to her straight away when she enters the paddock – it is those little moments, which make the magic.  Earning the trust of a horse is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

It is not only Karen, who has learned so much from and with the horses: Freddy loves taking Bounce out for a ride, Johanna A. you can find dreaming in her horse’s feeding pot or drawing her darling. Johanna M. likes to enjoy the peace of the place from a distance, Anke comes every week to give her love (and apples!)  to the big brown ones and Jenny is always near her little Tulula.

I had the privilege to join the residents in the past months, seeing them learn and develop – those were some of my favourite hours, seeing the happiness animals can create in human souls. I myself can feel all the stress falling off my shoulders and settle in the very moment, while spending time there. Therefore I want to thank Annemarie for making this possible for Camphill and for her wonderful work with the animals!
A free Biodanza class at our monthly market

by Craig du Preez

What do a school teacher, a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, a poet, an artist, and anthropologist have in common?

Amongst the multitude of possibilities, I’m sure we can all agree they all contribute to the enrichment of our experiences in life.  I am convinced that is exactly what Rolando Toro had in mind when he came up with Biodanza. The name itself is a synergy of words meaning dance of life and it is now practiced in over 54 countries in a myriad of cultural and personal development spheres. It is designed as a system for self -exploration, expression and development.  Through the use of guided music and movement it is said to deepen self-awareness, encourage a deeper connection and understanding of the world around you.

The Participants are taken on a journey of exploration through movement, rhythm and freedom of expression. It aims to disarm them of natural fears and anxieties, fill them with joy and playfulness, leading them to a state of calm and connection with both themselves and others in their environment.  

According to Ren Skyclad, a well-known Cape Town based community event and corporate Biodanza facilitatior,  “The benefits of a Biodanza class are that you will leave feeling happy, relaxed and in communication with people again. There is also major biochemical and neurological rebalancing happening in the body – all contributing towards a sense of well-being. For many people, these changes progressively lead towards profound positive changes in their lives. People have found through this that their self-assurance grows, stress levels reduce, communication improves and their relationships just get better.”

Camphill is having a free Biodanza introductory class and demonstration held by Ren on Sunday the 3rd of April at 10:00 am at our incredible country market!
Buy Camphill products
Why buy Camphill products?

by Craig du Preez

That is a good question... In this busy and increasingly aware lifestyle-based society, why buy Camphill Products over a slew of visually appealing, well marketed, certified organic products from any number of growing suppliers.

I went out to a few stores and spoke to the staff and owners and customers about our products and this is what they had to say.

They love the taste of our dairy and bakery products, they also loved the smell and feel of our cosmetics range. Customers believe the products are superior and are a natural, healthy option that nurtured their body and assisted them in creating a healthy body and mind.

Many of our customers are well aware that Camphill is a working farm, that we promote a healthy lifestyle within, first and foremost, that we supply the village first and then our market and distributors. That we are committed to a holistic lifestyle, creating products that are natural, healthy and untreated or altered as little as possible.

One thing I know is that we are as passionate about our products as our customers are. We pride ourselves on making quality products that complement each other as well as a healthy lifestyle. That we are committed to creating a brand that not only serves the community but aids us in being sustainable. 
Leap year birthdays - Craig & Bill
Leap Year Birthdays
by Janine Strumpher

Can you believe that Camphill celebrated two leap year babies’ birthdays this 29th of February. Our very own water guru, Uncle Bill, turned a full 20 (80) and cosmetics’ Craig turned 9 (36) years old. From all at Camphill we are wishing you many happy leaps to come.
Holiday wishes
by Antoinette Leeming

When it comes to holidays we try our best to make sure that ALL our residents are able to have time away from Camphill.   This includes those residents who have no family or sponsors to accommodate them.

We are asking if anyone has – or knows of someone who has – a holiday cottage which we could perhaps use as a holiday venue for our less-privileged residents. Or would you be happy to take them along with you for a weekend or holiday?   It would, of course, be out of season – so as not to clash with the owner’s vacations.

We would really like to grant the wishes of those residents who never get a chance to go on holiday.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for holiday accommodation for our residents, please contact Antoinette at Camphill on 021 571 8600
Thank you to ...
by Janine Strumpher

Luxury Hotels International – Protea Hotel
We were in desperate need for beds as ours are quite old and our maintenance department can only perform miracles to a point. I contacted our dear friend at Protea Hotel to ask if they have beds that they no longer use or have written off. What a lovely surprise when she contacted me with the wonderful news that they are donating 10 brand new beds, mattresses and mattress protectors. Thank you to all at the Protea Hotel Group, our gratitude will be felt every night when 10 residents put their heads down for a good night’s rest in their soft comfortable beds.

Protea Hotel - beds 

Hollywood Sportsbet
Thank you for the full soccer kit you have donated. Our soccer team are firstly going to look the part and now be able to recognise their team mates on the field. Look out for the Camphill soccer team in their yellow and purple kit, the goalie is sporting in Orange.

Soccer strip

Thank you Tracey from Brands Ahead Promotions for the two boxes full of caps and shirts, the farm team are especially grateful for the wide rimmed sun hats for protection from the harsh sun.

Douw of Alfa Valuations for the boxes of chicken we received over the festive season.

Patricia for the curtains and fridge, Ossie, Linda, Karen and Mrs Victor for the linen, clothing and shoes.

Lala thank youSponsorship:
Dear Steffi and your economic fellowship, thank you for your offer to sponsor a resident. Through your act of kindness you are changing the life of Lala. Words cannot describe joy this gift brings to all of us.
Sponsor a Resident

by Janine Strumpher

We have embarked on a drive to find a sponsor for each resident who has no family or financial means. Without Camphill Village they would be on the streets where people with special needs are often victims of abuse and manipulation and at risk even within their own families and/or communities.
And without financial assistance we cannot continue providing this place of safety.

Living at Camphill Village West Coast gives people with intellectual disability the chance to live a full, creative and fulfilled life, to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. The life that we take for granted, is for many a gift. However we can only do this when financial support is found for the individuals.

If you can help, or know of Individuals or Companies we can approach please contact Janine Strumpher on 021 571 8600 or e-mail

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