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Newsletter 30th November 2016
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Camphill Village Country Market - December 2016
December Market
Sunday 4th, 10am – 2pm

by Craig du Preez

Come and join us for Camphill’s biggest market of the year and our last market for 2016.  This is your opportunity to stock up on your favourite Camphill goodies, fresh produce, bakery, dairy and natural cosmetics products at Camphill prices.  There is also a great selection of handmade gifts, candles, wooden furniture, jewellery , clothes, bedding,  books, art, gardening equipment and much more to see and buy.
Jean and TamaraEntertainment:  This month's magical musical performance will be brought to you by the popular duo Jean and Tamara who always hold the crowd spellbound with their beautiful melodies and captivating voices. 
Santa: Of course Santa Claus would not miss an opportunity to be at Camphill’s Christmas Market so he will be around with a couple elves to take photos with all the boys and girls who’ve been good! Plus there will be tractor rides,  Camphill tours and our playground and jungle gym is always a favourite. 
Food:  Our cake and coffee stand is always packed with delicious indulgent treats and cakes made here at Camphill with the best possible ingredients and as much of Camphill goodness as we can squeeze into them. Our lunch stand brings you delicious and wholesome meals fresh from our garden and store.  Our vendors will as always be offering a great selection of snacks and foods such as shawarmas, breakfast rolls, burgers, boerewors rolls, pancakes and fresh juices.

Can't wait to see you all there. Camphill Market - come experience it!

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left.

Email or visit

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day
Off the Grid Music Festival at Camphill
Off the Grid - Music Festival 25 February 2017
by Janine Strumpher

Okay Party People, here’s the much awaited line-up for “Off the Grid”, starting the day with the Hip Hop sounds of newbie Aikhona, some very local lekker flair. All time favourite Rockers Bootleggers are back, the sounds of one of the most versatile and talented guitarists in South Africa Albert Frost. The soulful indie folk music style of Majozi will brighten any stage. And Indie band Jackal & the Wind makes emotion and sound tangible. Back due to popular demand Freshly Ground needs no introduction. Keeping the stage alive as MC will be the lovely Marguerita Freeks.

Diarise the 25th of February 2017 for your best party ever!

Book your tickets now -
Camphill dairy herd
Healthy and Happy cows
by Rudi Malan

High quality pastures are key to high milk production in grazing dairy herds. To eliminate the seasonal fluctuation in the quality and volume of natural grazing at Camphill we started establishing kikuyu pasture under irrigation to provide year-round, good quality grazing for our dairy herd. The plan is to increase the area planted to pasture as funding becomes available to eventually grow the herd to 100 animals.

For the cows, living and grazing on the pasture all day and night is better than living in confinement facilities or dry lots. Eating grass is the best way to establish rumen health and to increase intakes. Cows that graze on pastures are cleaner, and they develop fewer foot and lameness issues than cows that live on concrete. When cows eat grass on pasture, they are also more likely to have good reproductive health, udder health and cleaner milk. I happen to think that the milk tastes better when the cows are pasture fed.

For your health, it is hard to overestimate the value of eating grass-fed dairy products. When cows eat a grass based diet, it changes the fat profile in the milk. The fat profile is the sum of all of the total fats and the proportion of the different types of fats. Grass fed cows have higher proportions of omega-3 fats in their milk.
Our farming practices are based on old-fashioned principles. We have a bull that is part of the herd, so reproductive cycles are natural. Our calves stay with their mothers until they are two months old, after which they are weaned. Each cow has a name, and they are milked by our residents, with patience and love.

Our products can be enjoyed, guilt free!
Sowing pasture and tomatoes
Masterplan Update
by James Sleigh

Our tomatoes are ripening now. Our crop looks great, we have approximately 18 tons of tomatoes in our greenhouse. Our cucumber crop has been wonderful. We are harvesting over 150 cucumbers daily now and supplying many shops and organic distributors in the Western Cape.

The next step big step on our road to self-sustainabilty is to build up additional grazing for our cows for the summer months. With our new borehole now supplying the village with water, we have more water available to irrigate. We have just planted two additional hecatares of kikuyu pastures.
Camphill herb garden
A New Leaf
by Mishka Smith

Our beautiful and bountiful herb garden was started earlier this year by a young co-worker named Maria. She laid the foundations for what is now a flourishing garden. Since her departure, the garden has continued growing swiftly under the care of Veronica Mandisa.  It now produces lavender, rosemary, hibiscus, thyme, lemon thyme, marjorum, oreganum, lemon balm, basil, parsley, and five types of mint. Most of our ever growing stock is used by the cosmetics workshop to make delicious teas and herb salts, and nourishing soaps.

We are hoping to expand the garden to include other types of herbs and to be able to provide for outside costumers as well.
Camphill Agulhas holiday
"Dis vis-skriklik lekker op L'Agulhas"
by Esme Jedidja

This year we are taking three groups of our residents to Agulhas on a well-deserved holiday.
The first group were: Sylvia, Thuliswe and Ursula. They collected sea shells, went for beach walks and enjoy watching the sea. Sylvia swam like a dolphin and enjoyed her time at the sea so much that she was heartsore to leave.

Our second group consisted of: Ricus, Ekhard, Sydney and young co-worker Zander van Eeden. They are an energetic group of young men who decided not to waste one minute...They explored the pools amongst the rocks, asking questions about the different species of marine life. They climbed the lighthouse, walked all possible trails, visited Spookdraai and enjoyed the stingrays which came to feed at Struisbaai harbour. After each day's activities they had worked up healthy appetites.

It is wonderful to see how much our people appreciate every moment of life. Asking questions about the two oceans that meet at the most southern tip of Africa, wondering how many ships sank around the southern tip of Africa etc.

From the 2nd of Dec - 9th Dec the 3rd group will visit Agulhas. Barbara, Sandra and Rosheen will have their turn.
Thank you so much to Andries and Alet Louw for the use of their cottage with the welcoming name of: "Krot van Genot".
Self advocacy
Self Advocacy Workshop
by Ninja Geissler

On November 2 2016, three of our residents attended the Western Cape Forum for Intellectual Disabilities accompanied by Ninja and Lime. An interactive and inspiring day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Rikus - Ibis and Egret
"This is the second time I went and I really liked meeting again with different people from Camphill Hermanus. We discussed how the outside world works and their abilities, as to how many abilities and talents we, as Intellectually Disabled people have."

Eckard - Ibis and Egret
"I enjoyed the company and met residents from Alexandria as well as Sunfields here in Cape Town."
"I learnt about their feelings and heard what they had to say. I spoke about my family."

Paul - Malachite
" I had a very interesting day. I look forward to going back next year again. The drumming session was very good and I was happy to be at a place where we could speak up about ourselves. "
Sponsor a resident
Sponsor a resident this Christmas – even if just for a day
by Janine Strumpher

Christmas is a magical time. It tends to bring back happy memories of family gatherings and charming traditions that have been passed down through generations. Christmas carols, gift exchanges and family feasts are just some of the lasting traditions that make the season one of the world’s favourite holidays. Christmas means something different to every person, but everyone appreciates a home filled with loved ones, food to enjoy, and a of course a present.

These are things we often take for granted. Please spare a thought this season to some of our residents who would have none of the above if not for Camphill Village. Your support is needed, please sponsor a resident, even if it is just for Christmas day.
Working Life
by Max the baker

Being respected and accepted for who you are is one of the greatest gifts in life. Camphill is able to  cater  for those various disabilities with equality of opportunity, drawing out ability from any  disabilities because of the passion and love that that has continued for years and years. Also because of  the structure which creates living and work opportunities for the people we cater for, just like any other normal life. A world that lives and believes in each other’s ability,  is a world that wakes up  with a smile, no matter what the circumstances.

Service to humanity is service to the life we live.
Protea Market
by Craig du Preez

Camphill was invited to attend a market on Friday the 25th of November by one of our generous and valued donors, The Protea Hotel Group. As part of their CSI, they held a market at the Protea Sea Point. Their staff and Camphill were invited to sell their products to the head office staff, hotel staff and guests from the hotel.   Organized by Debbie Lloyd and Nicalene Van Vuuren, this small but busy market was a wonderful experience for us.  The Camphill staff and products were so well received, everyone was friendly and very interested in our products.  Our natural soaps, liquid soaps and shampoos were the best sellers, the bakery sold a lot of bread, as well as their delicious granola.  

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank Debbie, Nicalene and the Protea Hotel Group for their wonderful support.  It is people and companies like this that lift our spirits and spur us on when the going gets tough.

Thank you.
Camphill Naturals Gift Packs
by Craig du Preez

It’s that time of the year again when the holidays are getting closer and you are searching for that special something for that special someone who you love so dearly.
You are looking for something that they’ll love, something to make them feel special, something that they can use, something that will make them look and feel great..
Don’t worry … Camphill Naturals is here to help!

We have some great Gift Packs on offer this year. As always our products are made with the best food grade products, healing oils, pure essential oils and botanical extracts.  At Camphill Naturals we endeavor to combine the best of natural personal care, the power of botanical extracts and the benefits of aromatherapy.

Option 1
150ml Body Lotion; 250ml Liquid Hand Soap / or 250ml Shower Gel; 120g Natural Soap, 20ml Jojoba Oil, 35ml Deodorant, 10g Lip Balm - Price R250.00

Option 2

Includes a 100ml Body oil, 250ml Liquid Hand Soap & 120g Natural Soap - Price R150.00

Option 3
100ml Body Oil, 250ml Liquid Hand Soap, 10g Lip Balm, 250ml Shower Gel, 120g Natural Soap, 150m Body Lotion - Price R270.00         

Option 4
Includes a 200g Bath Salt, 30ml Body Oil, 10g Lip Balm, 35ml Deodorant / 250ml Shower Gel - Price R170.00

Option 5
Camphill Specialty Tea Box, Contains 20 bags in total (4 units of each Camphill Tea)
Includes: Vitamin, Herb, Three Mints, Chamomile and Sleep. - Price R90.00

Please place your order now at or ring 021 571 8600
Camphill yogathon
Yogathon Fundraiser
by Janine Strumpher

What an awesome experience at Yoyoga studio in Claremont on Sunday, big thanks to Alez for organising all the prizes and drinks and Grant for assisting. Thanks to the patience of the two lovely yoga teachers and to all who participated in the Yoga marathon. Your support of this wonderfully organised event in support of Camphill and our Off The Grid music festival is greatly appreciated.

A few of us are struggling to laugh and breath after completing our sun salutations, but it was great fun. We’ll definitely be doing another one, Alez well done and another thank you.
Warren Chem - thanks!
Thanks to Warren Chem
by Craig Du Preez

Christmas came early this year for the giddy staff of Camphill Naturals.  Even more surprising, Santa delivered to us on a warm spring day in a shiny truck with a big green emblem on the side. In a truck that belonged to Warren Chem Specialities Pty (Ltd).  

So what exactly did they give us for Christmas? Mr Graham Warren and the staff of Warren Chem donated  650 kg of pharmaceutical grade beeswax to Camphill Naturals and we are over the moon  about it. We use it for our lip balms, body butters and creams. We will also soon be producing smokeless beeswax candles. This gift will allow us to create a new revenue stream. Keep an eye out for Camphill Candles in future, all thanks to Warren Chem Specialities Pty (Ltd). 
Thank yous
by Janine Strumpher

Holiday in Agulhas - THANK YOU!

Holiday in Agulhas

Huge thank you to Andries and Alet Louw for once again making your lovely holiday cottage in Cape Agulhas available to our residents. Housemother Esme has taken residents who never get the opportunity to go on a lovely holiday by the sea for a fun and ice cream filled couple of days.

Helen says thank you

Helen and her new hearing aid – Esme Jedidja
For a long time I had to write in large letters on paper to communicate with Helen. Helen took Drama Therapy with me for a couple of years but as her old hearing aid gave a lot of trouble, it became more and more difficult for Helen to hear. She became depressed and shut herself into her own quiet world. At the group home where Helen lives, she had to sit and watch while her friends were talking to each other or playing games. When Helen could still hear she’d participated in all activities.
What a wonderful surprise I had when I walked into the lounge of her home and found a totally new Helen. She was talking non-stop and with a wonderful bright smile explained to me about the donors, Lions Help to Hear and Audiologists in Action, who were so very kind as to make it possible for her to hear again!
Helen and I are looking forward to 2017 when we are going to go on with her Drama Therapy. And believe me, she loves to act! Thank you so much on behalf of Helen for your kindness of heart. You gave her life back to her. May you be blessed for your kind deed.
Helen: “I want to say thank you to all the good people who made it possible for me to hear again. And a big thanks to Dr Eloise. Christmas really came early for me this year”

Lions help to hear and Audiologists in Action
Lions Help to Hear has been run by Clive Fox since 1995, together with Audiologists in Action. The project has brought in over 40,000 hearing aids from Lions UK; hearing aids are harvested locally, as many people will not throw them away but hang on to them until they find someone (like Clive) who will happily take them  to be cleaned, tested and reprogrammed for specific hearing loss and new ear moulds as often required.
If there is anyone reading this article that has new/used/broken hearing devices and batteries then please contact Clive at or 072 159 0028. Lions Help to Hear aims to assist those who otherwise cannot afford a hearing assessment or an aid. There are strict criteria which must be met in order to qualify.

“We are delighted that our project has been able to improve Helen’s quality of life”

Thank You:
Bob and Claire – kitchen supplies
Hilary – Curtain Rods and Curtains
Pat – Bric a’ Brac
Inga – Books, CDs, DVDs and kitchen goodies
Anne-Marie – Donation to purchase feed for the cows

Poem by Brian BirchMy Daily Blessings
by Brian Birch

Oh Lord when I grow weary,
Please help me to remember each and every day,
To count my blessing, and not my crosses
To count my gains
And not my losses.
To count my laughs and not my tears.
To count my joys and not my fears.
To count my health, and not my wealth.
And most of all.
To count on God and not myself.
How to Donate
by Janine Strumpher

Our PayPal account is now in operation; there are now three ways to donate cash to Camphill Village West Coast.
  1. Our PayPal account is now fully functional if you would like to use this option - Click Here
  2. EFT – Camphill Village Standard Bank Malmesbury Acc: 082 399 204 Branch: 050507 Swift: SBZA ZA JJ
  3. Foreign donations can be made through a NPO in your country and a tax certificate can be issued, please contact Janine to discuss for more info.
NB! Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, we would like to thank everybody that supports Camphill, remember without your support we cannot continue the work we do. We provide a safe normal life for people living with intellectual disability.
My School Card
My School Card

Support Camphill Village with a MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet card.
Every time you shop at Woolworths, Waltons,, ToysRUs and several other partners, a percentage of the amount goes to your MySchool beneficiaries.

If you don’t already have a card the application form is available on our website here.

If you already have a card, update your profile to include Camphill Village West Coast as one of your beneficiaries.

You can have up to three beneficiaries per card, so can support us at the same time as your school or other favourite charity.

Thank you – every little bit makes a difference!

Please click the Facebook link below to hear about weekly updates happening at the Village and you can also follow us on Twitter

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