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Newsletter 30th September 2015
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October 2015 Market at Camphill Village

Camphill Monthly Market

by Craig du Preez

Sunday 4th  October 10am – 2pm

Camphill Market will be back in its usual spring and summer grounds this month, around the shop, cafe, cosmetics workshop and bakery. The lovely open space with its rustic jungle gym and swings is perfect for family entertainment and there are plenty of fun activities for everyone to enjoy.  There will be farm animals to meet and greet, and guided horse rides for the little ones.  A choice of games and equipment including volley ball, a basket ball hoop, frizbee’s balls, twister, a jumping castle are on offer for families who want to burn off some energy.  And we will also hosting boere sport for those looking for a challenge.
Two magical musical performances will be entertaining us at this market. The amazing vocal talents of Urita and her band “Seekers of the truth” will be weaving their captivating harmonies. Followed by the talented  Faye & Wren, a mesmerizing folk duo that will be gracing Camphill for the first time.

As always at Camphill Market there is plenty of safe parking, a large variety of exciting stalls and vendors, and of course our own delicious organic products to take home with you.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Directions & contact details
Directions: From the N1 take the N7 towards Malmesbury, travel approx 35km.
At the sign “R304 Camphill Village / Atlantis” turn left, drive another 4,5km and we are on the left. 

Email or visit 

Contact 021 571 8600 & 8641 on market day  
Camphill Village Music Festival 2015

Camphill Village Music Festival

by James Sleigh

We are all working very hard to make our festival on the 31st of October a great event. Make sure of you get your tickets - available now from Webtickets

Read more about our fabulous line-up, including Beatenberg and Just Jinjer, here -

And ‘Like’ the Camphill Village Music Festival Facebook Page to keep up with news of fabulous competitions to win tickets, meet Beatenberg in person and more.
Pre-Festival painting weekend

Pre-Festival Painting Weekend

by Craig du Preez

Pre-Festival Painting Weekend by Craig du Preez
Last weekend a group of volunteers led by Donald Barnett and the Mamma Gogo initiative came to lend us a hand preparing the grounds for our forthcoming music festival by painting the fence around the area. A serendipitous connection of events and links led this team to so willingly donate their weekend to Camphill Village.

Photographer, Rene Maritz won tickets to our first music festival last year and has been a loyal supporter ever since, introducing Donald to Camphill soon afterwards. Donald immediately got involved and regularly organises musicians to play at our monthly Market.  His team for this occasion included Rene Maritz, Janine Coomer Davidson, Karin Brumer, Mikki O’Brien Payne, Dylan Posthumus and James Rose-Mathew.

It was inspiring to see such a diverse group of individuals throw themselves into the task and observe the joy and camaraderie that quickly developed between them. I was once again reminded that everything is connected and that nothing is more beautiful and vast than the human spirit.
In thanks for their efforts, the team were treated to a weekend stay in Fynbos cottage and a tour around Camphill with some scrumptious Camphill goodies thrown in.

Many thanks go to Andre from Maracor Malmesbury who kindly donated the 60L of paint needed and  brushes. And of course heartfelt thanks to all the team who gave so generously of their time and effort
For Rene’s account of the weekend and more pictures:
What is normal?

What is "Normal" in Camphill?

by Antoinette Fountain-Leeming

People tend to think that the mentally disabled are "different" from the rest of society.
I beg to differ.   Yes, they have learning difficulties and become anxious far more quickly than the rest of us, but “different” they are not.

Running a group home teaches one that they are as normal as they can be in their situations. They also have the same feelings and emotions as everyone else: they cry when they feel sad or rejected, or have a fight with a friend; they ask for advice when they are confused; their laughter, when they are happy, is one of the most beautiful sounds a group home leader can experience.

There are times when they can drain one, but there  are also times when one is so uplifted by a breakthrough that it carries one through the day on eagle’s wings. These wonderful times are in the majority.

We are a family here in Camphill. We might live in different houses but our little village is united in the love of family. Everyone knows everyone else. There are quibbles and spats, hard work, parties and plays, inviting a friend home for lunch and visiting other houses.   Our community is more harmonious than most communities in general society.

Probably the only “abnormal” behaviour one would ever see in Camphill would be when the house leaders get together for an evening, and laughter and general silliness prevail while we let our hair down and relax in the company of others who carry the same responsibilities 24 hours a day.

CAMPHILL ROCKS!!!  -  and we’re as normal as everyone else.
Ottoman Slap visit Camphill VIllage West Coast
Ottoman Slap visits Camphill

by Janine Strumpher

Much to the delight of our residents, three of the members of Ottoman Slap came for a visit to Camphill Village. The winners of the Ovation Award at the 2015 Grahamstown Festival, they also won over the heart of each person they came into contact with at Camphill.
When they arrived, we did a quick tour of the farm followed by lunch at one of our houses. The atmosphere was full of excitement as everyone introduced themselves to these very talented, very friendly celebrities. Autographs were collected and all questions were happily answered by our delightful guests.

James, Marissa and Simone became instant friends of Camphill and we cannot wait to get re-acquainted at our coming music festival, if not sooner. Thank you for taking the time in your busy schedule to come spend a wonderful afternoon with us.

See Ottoman Slap live at Camphill on the 31st October
See Ottoman Slap live at the Camphill Village Music Festival 2015 on the 31st October!
St Francis play at Campill Village
St Francis Play

by Max Xhloanie

Ever since Camphill was established, theatre has been one of its forms of expression. This year for our Michaelmas play we were honoured to be directed by our founder, mother and mentor, Renate Sleigh. The play is all about the appreciation of nature.

As we all know, life at Camphill has been built around its beautiful natural setting, in the arrangement of the village, the farm fields and the work in the garden. All these years we've been nourished by nature itself.
The characters are played by residents, co-workers, volunteers, and employees in the spirit of containing and interacting with the beauty of nature.

We were honoured with a writer, in Renate, who has a powerful heart to direct her wonderful work. In her words: The Saint Francis play shows Francis, one of the great Christian men, who works with the impulses of Michael, courage and strength, and of Raphael, who brings healing to men, animals and the whole of the earth. In our time we need to recognise the spirit world again: our individual angel, the archangels, who are time spirits and guide the world for certain periods, and then hand the task on to another archangel. At the moment we are living in a Michael age: in a time of great change, incredible suffering and lack of honour.

We have to call on the angelic world for help ...
Camphill Rose Geranium Deodorant

PRODUCTS: Rose Geranium Deodorant

by Craig du Preez

With spring the rose geranium plants are fragrantly blooming in our gardens, but their gorgeous scent is available year-round in one of our most popular cosmetics products. Our best seller in the health stores and wellness centres of the Western Cape is our Rose Geranium Deodorant.  Made with love and care, the essential oils have wonderful natural benefits as well as a captivating aroma.

When applied, the rose geranium deodorant helps to balance the secretion of sebum, clears oily skin, and assists in combating cellulite and poor circulation.  Rose geranium also has a balancing effect on the nervous system and helps to relieve depression and anxiety.

What more can we say. Give it a try!

For the nearest stockist of our products, please contact us on 021 571 8600 or email

Camphill Africa Meeting in Hermanus
Camphill Africa Meeting – Hermanus

by James Sleigh

Sharing a light moment in a break during the Camphill Africa Regional meeting. Every six months, representatives from the various Camphills in Africa meet to discuss common goals.
Thomas and Mtunzi

by Craig du Preez

Thomas and Mtunzi are a dynamite duo that have captured our attention, hearts and minds. They are both residents of Pine Close House and have been bosom buddies since Mtunzi moved into the house in July this year. Whether it is work or a social outing, where one is found the other is undoubtedly not far behind.  They can often be found walking together laughing, playing and sharing greetings with passersby.  

"It, is really cute" says Jisu their young co-worker. "They are always smiling and joking around in the house and helping the other residents. Thomas loves to sing and Mtunzi loves to listen."

They both work in the garden and love the fresh air, sunshine and bird life. Each takes turns to lead the other or take the supportive role. One day Thomas is in front, the next it is Mtunzi. When the one is sad, the other is there to cheer him up. We suspect this friendship will last through thick and thin and it is beautiful to see how they have both blossomed in each other's company.
Gianna Lucia Steinberg - young co-worker in Camphill
The beginning of a new year

by Gianna Lucia Steinberg

I am 18 years old and I come from the amazing German capital Berlin. So, from far, far away. I finished high school this summer and wanted to take a gap year working on social issues. And so, here I am.
It was the 28th of August when I arrived at the airport in Cape Town, where someone would wait for me. But I didn´t know who this person was or what they looked like. When Ninja found me after a few minutes I had already started to think: “Ok, nobody is waiting for me… and now?” I was very glad when she took me to the Village and MY house.

The first person that I saw there was Marian. She talked to me at a speed that I couldn´t imagine that it´s possible to speak so fast. After Marian’s nice and warm welcome speech (of which I understood only half), I finally met my new FAMILY. It was lunchtime. So, all the Residents were just running around in the kitchen and fetched their plates. I wasn´t hungry, but enjoyed sitting at the table in front of a plate full of tasty looking food. And it was very nice, for sure. I was in the house for the first time, so I had to bless for us. Bless… what, how, whom?!? That was my first culture shock.

In the following days Lee and Alistair did everything to welcome me in the new family as well as they can, and they did a marvellous job, but the eggs didn´t taste like “normal” eggs, the feta didn´t taste like “normal” feta and the weather wasn´t how I thought it would be. After a few days, I settled in very well, important reasons were the welcoming and heartfelt hugs by Alex and the wonderful laughter from Cedric.

In the last few weeks I also found out that there are party nights with the other young co-workers and amazing rugby evenings with the whole family.

All people in the Camphill community make me smile every single day and I am so glad to have the opportunity to find out what is waiting for me in this year to be discovered. I am more than happy to tell you all about it when you come to the shop where I work.
Rex Metelerkamp Camphill Village33 Years in Camphill

by Rex Metelerkamp

I came to Camphill at the beginning of 1982. I stayed in Ferry House with Gladys and Roland Shaeffer, then after three years I moved to Rooikrans with Michael and Diane. From there I went to Grover with Renate and Julian, before I moved to Bokmakierie with Val and Coenie, and from there to Pine Close with Ursula. While I lived with Rosemarie in Sunset, she went on a three month holiday and Christopher and Ever Dry stayed with us.

After I lived with Ellen in Rooikrans, I went to Fynbos together with Wim and Damion. When I lived in Malachite with Paul and Merle we had chickens walking around in the house and they used to worry me with their noise so much that I also made a lot of noise. So Merle told me to close the chickens into their box at night and let them out in the morning. I did that and the result was that one of the cockerels got so frantic to crow outside that it trampled all the chickens dead. Merle was so upset about it, I had to move to Sunset in May 2001 and that is where I have been now for fifteen years.
The Gift of a Normal Life

by Janine Strumpher

Here at Camphill Village West Coast people with intellectual disability live a full, creative and fulfilled life and have the opportunity to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. Let’s take a glimpse into everyday life here with this lovely slideshow.

What we take for granted, is for many a gift. With your help we can help more people with Intellectual Disability have the “GIFT OF A NORMAL LIFE” and in Passenger’s words: “if we all light up we can scare away the dark”.

If you are interested in sponsoring a resident please view our Sponsor a Resident page on our website for more details -
What’s happening

Some important Camphill dates and events are fast approaching :

Saturday 31st of October  -  Our second Annual Music Concert. If the success of our first one is anything to go by this one is going to be much bigger, showcasing amazing talented artists from around South Africa.
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