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Newsletter 25th October 2015
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Camphill Village Music Festival 2015

Camphill Village Music Festival 2015

by Craig du Preez

There is less than a week until the Camphill Village Music Festival 2015 and we could not be more excited. This event promises to be a feast for your senses with an amazing line-up of the cream of the South African Music scene: Beatenberg, Just Jinjer, Ottoman Slap, Bootleggers, Swallowers of Time and more, with HemelBesem as MC.

Gates Open
Our gates open at 11am on Saturday.

Band Line-Up
13h00 - MC Hemelbesem intro
13h15 – Swallowers of Time
14h15 – Vision Records Artists
15h00 – Bootleggers
16h00 – Ottoman Slap
17h00 – Just Jinjer
18h00 – Beatenberg

Food & Drink
You can also look forward to award winning wines, an SAB tent and specialty craft beers.... plus of course FOOD glorious FOOD.

We’ve invited some of the best food trucks from around Cape Town to join us for this event.   So you can savour superb coffee and banquets  from Café Bon ; delectable fusion cuisine from the French Afrik Bistro;  the best in organic meats from Scandalous, spicy treats from El Gringo and a taste of the east from Wahine to mention a few.

There will be a big screen up in the bar area, so that rugby fans can catch the action and we’ll have a kids entertainment area set up with games, toys and a petting zoo, so there really is something for all the family.

This event is our big annual fund-raiser, so you are supporting Camphill Village and the work we do, while enjoying some fantastic music and a memorable family day out. Make sure of you get your tickets - available now from Webtickets


Read more about our fabulous line-up, including Beatenberg and Just Jinjer, here -

And ‘Like’ the Camphill Village Music Festival Facebook Page to keep up with news of fabulous competitions to win tickets, meet Beatenberg in person and more.
Mon Ami Food Truck

No Camphill Village Market in November

by Craig du Preez

There will be no Camphill Market on the first Sunday of November as we are all gearing up for the Camphill Village Music Festival happening on Saturday the 31st of October.  But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out....

Our Music festival is set to be a momentous occasion with great live music; amazing food, wonderful people, kids’ entertainment, a big screen for the rugby, as well as all the things you have grown to know and love about our beloved market.  So what this really means is that you get to enjoy your Camphill time on Saturday instead. 

Come and join us in support of Camphill. It’s a day not to be missed.

Our next Camphill Village Market is on Sunday 6th December.

Can’t wait to see you there.
Solar Energy Camphill Village

Solar Project – Phase 2

by James Sleigh

We are very excited to be launching the next phase of our solar electricity generation project on the 31st of October. The inauguration will be the official turning on of 60KW of solar power, which will reduce our non-renewable energy consumption by 60KW. This translates to a saving of about R9 000-R10 000 per month, plus of course reducing our carbon footprint substantially.

Our maintenance team, under the guidance of Peter Sieckmann, has been on the roof for the last couple of weeks, braving the sun and elements whilst installing the components. They are all tanned and lean and look like they have been on holiday on a tropical island.

We are very grateful to Rays of Hope, who have orchestrated the big picture, and the other donors, First Solar, SMA, Schletter, Sieckmann Engineering, Birchmeier, Kubler, BAE, Q3, Dehn, UfE and Leschaco, who each contributed a valuable part to this puzzle, working together to create this incredible project.
Music Festival poster pasting!

Painting the Town Blue

by Janine Strumpher

Armed with posters and buckets of flour glue, our MD James and his daughters Tess and Amy plastered the Camphill Music Festival Posters all over the City Bowl a couple of weeks ago.

So if you see a poster, smile and know how it got there. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. Well done Sleighs!
Paint Cape Town blue!

Gerard's birthdayGerard’s Birthday

by Craig du Preez

Gerard Sampson, a much loved resident from Aloe house, recently celebrated his 51st birthday. It was a day filled with joy, adventure and much fanfare.   His birthday wish was a fun filled day, out and about on the town.  Like many of us he wanted to have a great meal, take a walk on the beach and do some shopping.

It started off with Gerard dressing to the nines and a nice thirty minute coastal drive to Melkbos for  lunch. He chose the Spur in Melkbos because it is right across from the beach.  He ordered a massive 500g T-Bone steak, followed by strawberry cheese cake. The staff lovingly sang- “Happy birthday, superman is getting old”.

Fully satisfied we headed on down to the beach and then went hunting for DVDs,  Gerard’s favourite vice. After he’d had his fill of shopping, we headed back up the coast to Camphill.  Smiling from ear to ear he sat with the others in the lounge recounting his adventures.
It was an amazing day and I am glad I had the opportunity to share in it with him.
Fred at CamphillHorse Riding

by Fred

I enjoy riding. When I do ride, it makes me feel good. Horses are nice friends to have and to look after but it is very sad when they die, then you miss them a lot, but that is life.
Maureen Lambert Camphill VillageMaureen Lambert

Interview by Ninja Geissler

I was born in Johannesburg and until first term in grade two I went to a normal government school, later on to Red Hill, a private school. After I finished school at the end of grade 10, I went to Green Oak Collage for two years where I learned to type. I also did a course in Domestic Sciences where I learned to sew and cook.

When I was finished with college I helped my father at “Goldschmidt and Lambert” in the office for about 7 years until they closed down.

The next few years I stayed at home because I was not well.

I had three trial visits at Camphill but it never worked. I finally managed when I was 38 years old and in the beginning it was only Julian and Renate who were able to handle me.

I worked in many workshops: Dairy, Bakery, Weavery, Dolls workshop, Pottery, Cane workshop, Spinnery. I also lived in many different houses. My favourite workshops were the weavery and the spinnery.

Now I am semi retired, in the mornings I help on four days in Huis Ten Bos and on Thursdays Renate, and in the afternoons I am at home helping there, and visiting my friend Alexander in Ferry House.
The Gift of a Normal Life

by Janine Strumpher

Here at Camphill Village West Coast people with intellectual disability live a full, creative and fulfilled life and have the opportunity to develop their abilities and contribute to their community. Let’s take a glimpse into everyday life here with this lovely slideshow.

What we take for granted, is for many a gift. With your help we can help more people with Intellectual Disability have the “GIFT OF A NORMAL LIFE” and in Passenger’s words: “if we all light up we can scare away the dark”.

If you are interested in sponsoring a resident please view our Sponsor a Resident page on our website for more details -
What’s happening

Some important Camphill dates and events are fast approaching :

Saturday 31st of October  -  Our second Annual Music Concert. If the success of our first one is anything to go by this one is going to be much bigger, showcasing amazing talented artists from around South Africa.
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