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Issue 32: July 2019
The Light-Hearted Issue


Feature Blog: Choosing your Wellbeing: Learn from Extremes
Events Update
Resource: Getting Centered Amid Confusion:The Treeheart Process
New Video: On an Unforgettable Journey
Book blog: The Book of Joy
Update: Business and Deep Adaptation: Some progress
Bonus blog: AD2030: The National Elf Service

Dear friend,

As we glide or collapse, into the holiday season, we may be unable to take a break from all the worrying situations we face, but we can choose, repeatedly, to focus on the blessings of life, and raise our resilience. So I hope this issue helps you (and me!) to enjoy the Summer.

With best wishes


Feature Blog:
Choose your wellbeing, learn from extremes

Insights from a Woodland Resilience Immersion for GP's


This is embarrassing for me to admit, as a resilience expert, but I have been struggling to sustain my own wellbeing and morale in recent months. The combination of huge, apparently insoluble problems on the climate change and political fronts has really ground me down. However, I came back from co-leading a resilience workshop at Hazel Hill Wood for GP’s feeling quite perked up. My mother’s adage, “there’s always someone worse off than you”, is certainly true of GP’s. Figuring out what could help them with such ongoing, systemic stress was a challenge, but I learned a lot for myself. To read on click here.
The Steam Train On an Unforgettable Journey

I hope you nourish yourself by doing things you love with friends. Here's an example from my summer last year.



I am gathering valuable contacts, ideas and colleagues in my patient exploration of how to help businesses, and consultants working with them, to engage with climate change, and specifically with the Deep Adaptation approach. If you would like to know more, or if you're interested in potentially contributing, you can see more at my website: 


The Book of Joy: Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu 

Lasting Happiness in a Changing World


This deep and delightful book, published last year, became an immediate best-seller worldwide. The wisdom of these two great men in their eighties is surprisingly fresh and practical.

Douglas Abrams, who compiled the book, shows how modern research offers similar pointers for human happiness to the Buddhist and Christian teachings this book explores. This book offers a lot of useful insights from all three sources, illustrated by many vivid recollections from the dramatic lives these two men have led. To read full blog click here.


The Odyssey of Manhood, A few places remaining!
6-8 SEPTEMBER 2019
Men are often trying to reach a goal, or figuring out what to aim for. Maybe as we get older, we see that the journey is significant too. This weekend is a chance to explore these themes in the fellowship of men, and supported by a magical 70-acre wood.
For flyer click here and see more at

Deep Roots and Seeds of Hope: Gather wisdom for the winter season and the growth beyond: A Sahmain Celebration
1 - 3 NOVEMBER 2019
New Year retreat at Hazel Hill with Agatha Manouche and Alan Heeks.
As we reach the end of the cycle of the year, it helps to appraise the depth of our roots in every sense, and connect to the slowing vibration of Nature, remembering the legacy of our ancestors whose spirits are so close at this time. This weekend is a unique chance to explore this theme with Agatha and Alan, who have been living in this way with Hazel Hill Wood for over 20 years. More details soon see 

Nature is good for you - hold onto your seats!

A massive study led by the university of Exeter, with data from 20,000 people, has shown that time in Nature promotes health and wellbeing. So now you'll just have to stop those special health regimes of long hours in front of screens that you have worked so laboriously to set up! In fairness, the study did offer the insight that we need at least two hours per week in nature!

Getting Centered Amid Confusion: The Treeheart Process


Life and work get more confusing year by year, and that’s unlikely to stop in future. Spending time in Nature is a great way to reduce its stress and find clarity, but what do you do when you have to make a decision, in your workplace or at home, within the next few minutes? The Treeheart process can help you do exactly that.

I have been creating and running a woodland retreat centre for the past 27 years (, so it won’t surprise you that I personally find trees a great source of strength and clarity. However, it has been very satisfying to see that the same is true for hundreds of people who visited this wood over that period. 

You don’t need to be anywhere near a physical tree to do the Treeheart process, but it does help to visualise a tree before you start. Perhaps you have a favourite tree that you visit sometimes, or a picture of a tree on your wall… to read on click here.



In December 2029, the UK’s National Health Service shut down permanently, without any protest. It had been replaced by the free of charge, private sector National Elf Service, now emulated across the globe.
Central to the NES is the personal Elf app which everyone has on their mobile phone. This monitors its client’s health through micro-sensors in their underwear. The Elf has advanced psychology of persuasion software, to nudge its client into healthy behaviour.
Because the Elf attunes so well to it’s client’s temperament, it becomes a trusted and influential friend, a leader among the many bots and apps we now engage with daily. Clients can choose their Elf’s personality, for example: To read on click here...


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