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Issue 34: December 2019
Clarifying the BIG questions


Events Update
Feature Blog: Six big questions for our times
Leading Through Storms: deep adaptation for business 
Food security for local communities
Deep Adaptation: a spiritual exploration

Volunteer building week at Hazel Hill Wood
Bonus Blog: Book review - Perfidious Albion

Dear friend,

You may feel as I do that the outlook is stormy on many fronts: economy, ecology, politics, climate change...However! I believe there is plenty that we as individuals and communities can do in response. In this issue, I'm sharing my views on the big questions, and ideas on what we can do. Whether you agree or not, I'd love to hear your views! 

With best wishes


Feature Blog:
Six big questions for our times 
and some ways to explore answersman looking over mist


Have you ever had the experience of wandering, lost in the mist, and emerging to find you’re at a vantage point where you can see where you are, and where you want to go?
That’s the place I’ve reached recently, and I’m sharing my perspectives in the hope that they give you useful insights or provoke you to set me right!
Over the years I’ve found ways of progressing through confusion that have helped me here. Although human nature dislikes living with uncertainty, I’ve learned to bear with that discomfort, and wander while holding a question in mind. This leads to useful insights coming to me: a ‘chance’ meeting, a newspaper feature, a dream, a wild new idea.
The six big questions below have been slowly brewing and taking shape for several months, and I especially thank the many contacts whose views have helped this process. To read the blog, Click here

Leading Through Storms

Deep adaptation for business

Regular readers will recall that I've been exploring how to help businesses respond to climate change for the past six months. I now have a couple of initiatives on the move, including plans to offer a ten-month community of practice learning programme for business and other organisational leaders, plus consultants who support them. For more info, see Leading Through Storms

Food security for local UK communities

What can we do to prepare for problems? 


In his work on Deep Adaptation, Jem Bendell is clear that disruption to food supplies is the most likely first major impact of the climate crisis on the UK, and that he expects this to cause major societal disruption in the next 5-10 years. I have been exploring this issue with various contacts, inclduing local growers. For my initial thoughts, view my blog.

 Deep Adaptation: A spiritual exploration


In these bewildering times it can be helpful to step out o the turmoil in order to nourish yourself, find a bigger viewpoint, and find fellowship on the journey. 
That's what this weekend retreat at Hazel Hill Wood offers, on March 20-22 next year, with myself, Jaqueline Farr, and Karim Hadden. For full details click here. 


A book review: Perfidious Albion

If the word dystopian isn’t in your vocabulary, you may want to add it, since it is so relevant for our times. Dystopian means a view of the future that’s negative or dysfunctional – the opposite of utopian. You may not be surprised to know that there’s been an upsurge of dystopian fiction recently. To read full blog click here.





FEBRUARY 1st 2020

A 1-day workshop in Bridport
With Alan Heeks, Linda Heeks, John Harley

This is a chance to explore different ideas of what the soul is, and various ways to contact it. The day will be a shared, experiential journey using a range of processes . Click here for more info.


February 17-23, 2020

At Hazel Hill Wood. Hosting team includes Alan Heeks.
Help us finish a low-impact building, and enjoy workshop sessions on sustainability, low-impact construction, eco-forestry and more! To find out more, click here


MARCH 20-22 2020
DEEP ADAPTATION: A Spiritual exploration
Hazel Hill Wood
With Alan Heeks, Jake Farr, Karim Hadden
Deep Adaptation is the term used by Jem Bendell to invite us to face the radical changes climate change will bring within the next decade. This weekend retreat at Hazel Hill Wood will focus on the spiritual aspects: seeking purpose, healing, mutual care from a bigger perspective. More details here

May 12-14 2020
A workshop co-lead by Alan Heeks, including sessions led by Jem Bendell. You can book this as a stand-alond event, or as the first part of our ten-month programme for business leaders, Leading Through Storms. See more here.


 Volunteer building week  at Hazel Hill Wood


Our first new building since 2008 is now in construction! The Hideaway is a low-impact building to expand our sleeping accommodation. If you'd like to join Alan plus a couple of professionals to have fun finishing the building, join us Monday-Friday February 17-21, Friday-Sunday Frbruary 21-23 or for the full programme. More details here 


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