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Issue 29: February 2019

ET Guest Issue



         IN THIS ISSUE:
  • Editorial
  • Visit report from Vogon Jelfs
  • Alan's Event News
  • Woodland Resilience for GP's: June 10-11
  • New video: Future Conversations
  • Book Blog: An ET view of Earth
  • Bonus Blog: Need a new Angle? Try Souls Journey
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Dear friend,
As human life gets ever more bewildering, I thought some outside perspectives might come in handy. As I don't know any extra-terrestrials, I've used imagination (Vogon Jelfs) and channelled sources (Bonus blog). Remember that GSOH is a great aid to resilience!
With blessings

Earth Visit Report

from Prostetnic Vogon Jelfs

To: Controller, Zone 581, LIP Group. (Less Interesting Planets)

Your Greatship,
I grovel before you as I make this report. This is the scheduled 50-year update on my visit to Earth in 1969.
Your Greatship will recall that in 1969, the outlook here was promising. Many people were thinking about quality of life, there were global initiatives for sustainability, and the superpowers were talking about peace and disarmament.
At that time we began our experiment with Technological Dominance, to discover if humans could withstand the manipulative, addictive power of Vogon technologies: the internet, social media, mega-materialism. Our decision to channel our interventions through a few crazed politicians and self-obsessed entrepreneurs has proved very effective. To read on click here.


Alan writes: the resilience workshops for hospital doctors at Hazel Hill Wood were the most satisfying groups I was involved with in 2018. I'm delighted to be part of the team hosting a Resilience Immersion for GP's at the wood, June 10-11. Working with Westminster Centre for Resilience has been a delight, and we have a good combined sense of the special stresses which medics face, and how learning in and with Nature can help them. Please pass this info to any GP's you know. For full info, click here.

Book Blog:

The Only Planet of Choice: An ET view of earth

Are the mysteries of life on earth explainable from other planets?

Someone once said, when you try to understand a situation, start with the probable, move on to the unlikely, and if need be, look at the almost incredible. This book may feel to you as if it is almost incredible, but it may offer us some truly helpful insights.

This book was channeled, between 1975 and 1994, by an American woman, Phyllis Schlemmer. It contains a series of conversations between a group of human questioners and a group of spiritual guides with a universe perspective, called the Council of Nine. This may well sound bizarre, but hang in here for a few paragraphs…

If you can suspend disbelief, there are some helpful insights about the challenges of life on Earth, from an interplanetary viewpoint. The Council explain that “This planet is one of the lowest that a soul comes to, in order to learn a lesson. The tragedy is the density of this planet… beings get trapped in this stickiness.” To read on click here.

If you would like to see more quotes from the book before deciding to buy it, you can find a selection on the website of Palden Jenkins, who helped to edit the first edition here.

Event News

Climate Change Consciousness 20-26th April
, a major gathering at Findhorn Foundation.  See more at   Alan will be leading a workshop: 
BEYOND RESILIENCE The future outlook calls for more than resilience - perhaps Deep Adaptation. We’ll explore how to help those most impacted (e.g. resource-poor nations and disadvantaged communities everywhere), through community building, spiritual resilience, and Nature. Alan will offer insights based on his project, Seeding our Future, which explores these issues for individuals, community groups and public services.  

Woodland Resilience Immersion for GP's JUNE 10-11
The impact on GP’s of prolonged overload, and the stress of facing ever-rising demands with shrinking resources, needs creative responses. This Woodland Resilience Immersion offers a different way to gain new insights and skills, to raise your resilience and nourish your wellbeing. See more here.

Seed Festival
, Hawkwood College, Stroud. July 20-21
Alan is leading two sessions at this years Seed Festival at Hawkwood.  See: 

GROW YOUR OWN HAPPINESS: Wisdom From Nature Imagine cultivating your wellbeing as an organic gardener tends their land. This session in Hawkwood's magical market garden shows you practical ways to apply organic growth to yourself: for example, composting stress, nourishing your roots, valuing your wild margins. It draws on Alan's twenty years' experience creating an organic farm and the conservation woodland at Hazel Hill Wood. See
TOOLS FOR COMMUNITY RESILIENCE In the years ahead, strengthening local communities will be crucial. This is a chance to learn from many communities through Alan's research, and share your insights. We'll explore practical approaches drawing on Alan's Future Conversations project, which is running pilot programmes around the UK using facilitated conversations and skills training to help communities handle both local issues and climate change. See

Sept 6-8: The Odyssey of Manhood
Men are often trying to reach a goal, or figuring out what to aim for. Maybe as we get older, we see that the journey is significant too. This weekend is a chance to explore these themes in the fellowship of men, and supported by a magical 70-acre wood.
For flyer click here and see more at



This spring, the Future Conversations team expect to start pilot programmes of 6-8 conversations in several disadvantaged communities around the UK. To see our new, short video, click here. For a blog on the project click here.


 Bonus Blog: Need a new angle on life? Try the soul's journey

Would your situation make more sense if you know you’d chosen it?

If you share my belief that there’s an upside to most problems, where’s the gift in the way life is getting ever more confusing, and reliable information is harder to find? Maybe it’s prodding us to see life from a quite different perspective: as the soul’s journey.

It can be illuminating to imagine that we have a soul which exists before us and chooses this human lifetime, and the family we’re born into, to provide experiences and learning which it needs.  Believing that the challenges in our life have a positive purpose has helped me hugely, and stops me feeling like a victim of circumstances. However, finding the positive aspect can be tricky! To read on click here

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