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It’s that time again: The semester is drawing to a close and with it the second Playtime Festival. From 13 to 25 January, we will present pieces that have been in the works over the last few months. Playtime brings together contributions from Jazz, Rhythmics, Composition, Sound Arts, Music in Context, Opera, Research, Classical Music and everything in between. We hope you can join us for what promises to be a colourful and diverse festival!

Selected events are described below. For the complete programme, see our Festival app, which will help you to plan your visit.

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The HKB Music Team

Sound Arts: Installations and concerts for à suivre #36

The Sound Arts students will present their semester projects and bachelor’s theses in the form of sound installations, video recordings and performances – filling every corner of the house and transcending stylistic boundaries.

Fri, 17 January: installations from 17h, concert starting 20h
Sat, 18 January: installations from 14h30, concert starting 17h
HKB, Large Concert Hall, Papiermühlestrasse 13d, Bern (Google Maps)

SSA-Guitars: Simon Steens Andersen’s works for guitar

Just a few doors down we will take an adventure-filled journey through the innovative sound world of composer Simon Steen-Andersen. HKB student Francesco Palmieri on guitar will be accompanied by the Ensemble Vertigo directed by Lennart Dohms.

Fri, 17 January, 17h / Sat, 18 January, 15h
HKB, Chamber Music Hall, Papiermühlestrasse 13a, Bern (Google Maps)

Composition and Théâtre musical: An evening of premieres

Students will present pieces they have been developing and rehearsing over the last few months. These range from “short” to “long” miniatures created individually or in groups. The evening has a flexible format with an aperitif break.

Wed, 15 January, 18–23h
HKB Ostermundigenstrasse 103, Bern, Auditorium (Google Maps)

Young musicians on PreCollegeNight Classical & Jazz

The PreCollege of the Swiss Jazz School will be a guest of the PreCollege Bern HKB! Groovy bands and classical soloists will share the stage for the evening. Featured will be young students from both schools playing musical gems in various styles.

Thu, 16 January, 19h
HKB Ostermundigenstrasse 103, Bern, Auditorium (Google Maps)

Music and Movement (Rhythmics): Festival d'hiver

This year’s Winter Festival will open with a special concert: a performance of piano compositions by Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, better known for the rhythmic method he developed than for his music. Next up will be music theater pieces for children and adults, and afterward soloists will present their final projects.

Mon–Sat, 13–25 January
Various locations in Bern and Biel/Bienne

Jazz Project Week: Varied concerts at Sonarraum U64

The Jazz Project Week will present a fascinating spectrum of current projects in the Jazz Division, also offering insights into their creation. Listeners will be treated to brand-new compositions, collaborations between students and lecturers, solo, duo and trio projects by students, and much more at the evening concerts.

Mon–Fri, 20–24 January, 19h30
Progr, Sonarraum U64, Speichergasse 4, Bern (Google Maps)

All events and concerts of the Music Division

Bern University of the Arts
Music Division
Ostermundigerstrasse 103
CH-3006 Bern

Images: Atelier HKB

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