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College Recipe Cafe Weekly Update

Hey <<First Name>>.

Canada Day was earlier this week (July 1st) and I celebrated it at a barbecue with a few friends. The food was great and so was a drink I tried called a "Rocket".

I had no clue what a Rocket was until a buddy of mine mixed one for me. It’s simply beer mixed with Smirnoff Ice - really refreshing way to enjoy a summertime beer!

Favorite Summer Dessert

I also have a new dessert to enjoy this summer - Homemade Lemon Gelato. When I was in Italy, I often finished the day with a bowl of frozen lemon gelato! So I was pretty excited on Thursday when I learned how to create an easy homemade version.

To make it, you simply whisk together lemon juice, lemon zest and sugar in a bowl with a pinch of salt. Then you whisk in low-fat plain yogurt to make it creamy in a healthy sort of way.

Gelato is often stored in containers that look like large loaf pans, so I followed suit and used my regular-sized loaf pan to freeze my lemon-yogurt mixture. The loaf pan spreads the mixture out in a thin layer which helps it freeze quickly. Once frozen it’s easy to access with an ice cream scoop (see pic and recipe below).

As refreshing as a "Rocket" with less unpleasant side effects if I happen to overdo it.

Hope the sun is shining where you are this weekend! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next Friday!


Brent -

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Lemon Gelato

Lemon Gelato

Makes:2 helpings  Time:10 minutes to make (couple hours to freeze)


1/4 cup sugar
Grated lemon peel from 1 lemon (about 1/2 tbsp)
Juice from one lemon (about 1/4 cup)
Pinch of salt
2/3 cup low-fat plain yogurt

Tip: When grating the lemon peel try not to grate the white rind below (it's bitter).


  1. In a bowl, whisk sugar, lemon peel, lemon juice and salt until sugar dissolves.
  2. Whisk in yogurt.
  3. Pour mixture in a loaf pan or bowl. Cover with plastic wrap and freeze until firm, about 2 to 3 hours. Keeps for 5 days.
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