Artist's Entrance gets a makeover!

This year I wanted to breathe some new life into my 2014 series, Artist’s Entrance, featuring live performances and on-stage interviews of emerging talent... my questions, their stories & stuff.

Because you're an email list subscriber, we wanted to make sure you got a sneak peek of this awesome new feature before anyone else, so be sure to turn up the speakers and enjoy! 

Below you'll find a link to the brand new home of Artist's Entrance, where you can surf through each episode (binge watching recommended! 😀) 

Where should you start? 

You can start anywhere you'd like, but why not start with Episode 1!

This episode takes you inside the songs of Richard Goldman. Newman and Goldman have been friends since the 1970’s. “Richard is a great songwriter and I thought many of our fans might enjoy a night devoted to him. He’s also a copywriter. A lot of movie and TV show posters out there have his taglines.”

Take me to Artist's Entrance
Enjoy and let us know what you think of the new & improved Artist's Entrance! - a treasure trove of stories, songs and maybe even something unexpected! 
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