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Greetings friends!
Here are a few of our highlights from the past few months...

<<  In September, One Lamb was featured during Nairobi Chapel's Church service which was broadcast live in 8 countries in the region. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness on the work we're doing and have many new partners come on board.
To watch the video click here
Wordy Wednesdays
We have been so blessed to have Mrs. Ruth Kimani, a Special Education teacher, dedicate her Wednesdays to help some of the children learn to read - they are between 10-17 years old.
A bright light ignites in the children's eyes, smiles and contagious enthusiasm as they keenly become familiar with the sounds and symbols that had eluded them for so long. What a miracle to behold - especially since reading is a great foundation to build other skills  on that can keep girls out of prostitution as they grow.

Holiday Camp Goes Fruity
During our holiday camp this past August, the theme was "The Fruit of the Spirit". Each day included a verse, song, story, art/craft and discussion about the particular fruit - love, joy, peace, ... all the way to self-control. 
The children enjoyed the activities and would bring their friends and siblings to join the fun which included outside play, reading books and the highly anticipated snack before going home.


One Lamb Joins ICAP
In May of this year, One Lamb was honoured to join 300 people from over 60 countries at an amazing conference hosted by the International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP).  We gathered in Green Lake, Wisconsin for a time of learning, networking and sharing our experiences in the field - great lessons that One Lamb is putting into practice one step at a time.
The trip also provided an excellent opportunity to update some of our partners and engage new partners both in the US and Canada.

We sincerely thank all our amazing partners who support us through prayer, encouragement and resources.
We are truly grateful and continue to thank God for you.