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Greetings Friends,
Here are a few of the wonderful things
happening at One Lamb this season...
   Carina's Giant Step                                 Haven of Hope
March 5, 2015 was the day Carina* took a step into her brand new life. After overcoming numerous obstacles to get her placed in a safe home, Carina was lovingly welcomed to this home-school in Naivasha. Her closest sister, Rita*, joined her a few days later.
In this wonderful clean open space surrounded by breathtaking views of distant mountains, so different from the overcrowded slum they left behind, Carina and Rita no longer have to worry about being frequently "sold" to supplement the family income. We truly thank God for this miracle rescue.
*not their real names to honour their privacy

Many girls who have been sexually exploited have no safe place to go for their healing and restoration. We are in the process of changing that.
A very generous member of our home church, Nairobi Chapel, is letting us use this lovely house to set up our
Care and Restoration Program.
Some friends of One Lamb donated furniture, appliances, clothes and various items for the home. The home is undergoing repairs and will need a few more adjustments and equipping to make it conducive for the Program. This is our biggest step to date and we need lots of
prayer and resources to make it successful in positively transforming lives. We welcome you to join us...

>> Please watch this space for ways to get involved and progress updates or email us at >>
Freedom Flies High...

March 2015 also marks 3 years since we started
Freedom 40**. Every month we give the girls at Undugu School a pack of sanitary towels. On distribution days the girls love it when guests come talk to them about life and faith – a wonderful opportunity to remind each girl of God's great love for them.
**Freedom 40 is our sanitary towel distribution program which started when we learned that many girls in the slums resort to “sex for money” in order to buy such supplies.

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We sincerely thank our precious friends for faithfully supporting us through prayer, encouragement and resources - we thank God for you and bless you.


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