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School Leader Monthly Briefing

July 2020

As we move towards the end of term, we know that schools and academies will have staff as well as students who are leaving to move on to new adventures. As school leaders at this time, marking these moments will be so very different from the events and arrangements you have made in the past – but no less important; no less special! At the DBE we say, ‘Goodbye’ to Neil Revell as he takes up a headship in September – and so we thank him for his work and we thank those of you, or your colleagues who are leaving for the depth of care you have brought to your role and for the difference you have made to the lives of the children you serve.

Here, we share with you the blessing of Bishop Nicholas in The Big Leavers Service 

Leavers; be encouraged!
Remember that God goes with you, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
Remember the story of The Gardener:
And take care in your lives for proper sowing
Be adventurous!
But put down deep roots within the wisdom of God’s love
And may you stand for what is right
And may God bless you wherever you go and in whatever you do!


In this monthly briefing you will find:
1. Updates from Salisbury Diocesan Board of Education, Church of England and The CofE  Foundation for Leadership
2. Re-storative, Re-covery, Re-set - Thinking forward to September
3. Courageous Advocacy and Social Justice
4.Worship Resources including links to Growing Faith in Households #Faithathome
5. Updates and Links Relating to Religious Education
6. Personal Spiritual Leadership
7. CPD and information from local and national providers
8. A final message from our advisers


The Big Leavers Service - The Cathedral, DBE and RISE Theatre thank all involved in the Big Leavers Service, which at the time of writing has had 1,018 views.
The video is still available on the Cathedral's Youtube page to view until the end of the summer term (Thursday 23rd July)
The SDBE Partnership Service Agreement and CPD Offer -is being mailed out to schools this week. Course offer will be a ‘blended’ approach across the year as we take forward some of the learning of this season. Autumn term course provision will be virtual. We look forward to the partnerships we continue to build with you as we support you in your work to lead your unique church school.
RE PSA Courses are going local! When you book on to your PSA RE course in the autumn and spring have a look at the list of hub lead practitioners and the areas they cover, so that you register on the most local course to you. (Content is the same across all courses and we are delighted that community and independent schools are able to buy in to the RE and Collective Worship support we offer, via the PSA – do share the good news into your cluster or MAT)
Collective Worship and Faith at Home - new material and resources for Schools, Parishes and Households to use this term have been developed with resources for school leaders here; parish/church leaders here; parents here. If you have not used them yet, they are still useful for next term and we encourage you to signpost them to clergy and to reflect on how you might involve pupils in your school in the planning, leading and evaluating of collective worship from September.
Next academic year, The Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership team are running half-termly virtual Faith at Home network sessions for school and church leaders. Do share with clergy colleagues and click here for details of courses, or join Lizzie Whitbread in the Forums and training as outlined in our PSA offer.
Grief, Bereavement and Loss - New material called ‘Never the Same’ has been written for the Church of England Website. Click here for church leaders and here for parents and families. They link to the suite of resources to support school leaders here.
CofE Professional Qualification for Headship is a nationally recognised NPQH, rooted in the CofE Vision for Education with its focus on Church School leadership and vision.
Cost is £1650 and there are bursaries available.

The application window for cohort 4 (starting December 2020) closes on 5th November 2020. 
Please do share this into your school team and across your cluster or MAT.
Listen to participant experiences in this Video.
Read about the programme here.

Join an online session with the Programme Lead and some past participants to find out more about the difference the CofEPQH could make to your leadership development.
Register to attend a CofEPQH Find out More session now:
September 24th: 4pm here
September 24th: 8pm here 

The SDBE is looking to build a network of colleagues across the diocese to be ‘leadership champions’. If you are interested in finding out more, or could offer to be a mentor for an aspiring leader, please contact
Networks: CEFEL  will restart delivery of all their  Networks  in the Autumn, beginning online. We encourage all school leaders to join the open networks which are held monthly. Put the dates in your diary here.
The DBE is delighted to announce that a significant number (more than half) of our Middle and Secondary Schools are involved in exploring a CEFEL-led project between RE and Science departments which launches in October – as part of this they will have subsidised access to the National Secondary Leaders Network (NSLN) via the newly-formed South West Hub. For information click here.
In response to DfE guidance for schools planning for September, Derek Holloway has written guidance to schools for RE, Collective Worship and After School Clubs which you can read here.
Goodness and Mercy Website is launched A website to support Church of England Schools refining their preparation for the provision of Relationships and Sex Education going into next year. Rooted firmly in the Church of England’s Vision for Education, the website links to guidance on how to run consultation and gives support for staff training.
Supported by a Sarum St Michael’s Education Charity (SSMEC) grant, the website has been written by Katy Staples, Schools Adviser for Bristol Diocese and author of “Valuing All God’s Children” (2017) and co-author of “Love and Sex Matters” (2011). It provides a wide range of support materials, including possible lesson activities and Knowledge Organisers and Progression Grids, staff training materials and examples of ways to structure parent consultation and Governors meetings. All of this is available free to download.
The DBE model RSHE policy will be available for schools to use in September.
The Church of England Education Office has written guidance material to support your planning and you can read it here.
Communication of Good News Stories!
Twitter and the Website - We are always keen to share the School News Stories that are rooted in your school’s Christian Vision. This includes news about ways you are Working Together with your parish or further afield.
This week we are pleased to share a creative example from Wiltshire and an example of a pupil’s generosity from Dorset. Read about how Stratford-sub-Castle School has used an Art Project to bring the school community together in Peace, Love and Joy here. Read about Scarlett’s gift of her hair here. Read what other schools have been up to here. If you have a vision-centred story you would like us to share, please contact
A new Instagram Account sdbeworship – With a focus on posting images and stories linked to worship and prayer; we are keen to link to all church schools with an Instagram account.
To follow us, click here.
If your school has an Instagram account, please follow us and we will follow you back!
Our Facebook Account is called HeLP_Regroups – Please share all your work in relation to Religious Education here.
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Words such as ‘recovery’ or ‘restorative’ curriculum abound as we plan for the future, and while these are important, there is, as Andy Wolfe mentions in the most recent CCC mailing, a real merit in also considering the word ‘renewing’. There are core things emerging in this time that are the green shoots of the future – a future we do not yet know – and one we need to confidently and creatively walk towards together. It is only however through sustaining our vision, as the core of our leadership approach that we can make the wise, hopeful decisions needed at this time.
The image above was shared by Lizzie Whitbread in a recent training with clergy and school leader colleagues. It encourages us to use this time to reflect upon what we have tried and should be left in ‘this season’; what we have missed and must re-start; what we have not missed and should cease doing in order to make room for what we have learned and should take forward.
Books to Talk About – As you are thinking about how literature can enrich the curriculum from September, why not look for stories that encourage thinking about courageous advocacy and social justice, or bring opportunity for spiritual encounter or reinforce that God values each and every one of us (eg Valuing All God’s Children)? For a blog on a picture book list for Year Six click here
BAMEed: (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Educators) have produced a list of podcasts and videos which they  regularly update here.
For example, if you are looking for diverse reading suggestions for young adults and children then BAMEEd recommend following Twitter folk such as: @thisisbooklove @WiderReads @LetterboxLib @BooksRound and @TinyOwl_Books.  
Alternatively, they have highlighted resources recommended such as via: this reading list poster, this virtual library, this video of a child’s book about racism by Jelani Memory, Books for Keeps, this article, this reading list, this list from Penguin, and this collection.
We need to take actions to help children and young people to:
  • Believe that they are worthy of love, belonging and connection.
  • Feel safe enough in their relationship with us to be vulnerable.
  • Know that they are enough.
  • Empower them to know that they are able to make changes.
This is summarised in a video from Brené Brown here.
Something to listen to: Have you heard Joshua Luke Smith’s spoken word piece ‘Check your blind spot’ – to listen, click here
And here is a primary school collective worship video with an approach to helping younger children think about how all lives matter, based on the story of ‘The Lost Sheep’
Alfred and Shadow – a short 8minute video about attending to our emotions here and a short video about self-criticism here and being scared here.
Growth MindsetThis video from 2015 (RSA animated) provides a reminder (and possibly an introduction for parents) to the work of Psychologist Carol Dweck regarding a Growth Mindset. The actions that can be taken to support children and young people to develop a Growth Mindset are as follows:
  • Praise process instead of talent i.e. praise effort, strategy, persistence and progress/learning.
  • Demonstrate that failure is part of learning e.g. use the language “not yet.”
  • Teach about the how practising skills changes the structure of our brains.
  • Convey the value of effort, learning and struggling with new things.
  • Model all of the above with regard to our own learning.
The following videos here (3mins – How we Learn – synapses and neural pathways) and here (6mins Austin’s Butterfly) can be used with children and young people, or families.
Chartered College reading on Recovery Curriculum including research pieces can be read here.  These resources may be a potential starting point to help you reflect on this area and what approaches you may wish to consider taking in your own school. Critically, though, they will not provide an ‘answer’ to what is a very complex challenge. Some of the articles will also present opposing viewpoints, and ones which may contradict your own viewpoint or experience. They will provoke thought, debate and discussion.
For the summer ‘Impact’ newsletter click here and to read the news and blogs click here.
Six Masterclasses on Curriculum Thinking 15th and 16th October (ticket £70 includes free book and recorded content) Hosted by Tom Sherrington, John tomsett and Mary Myatt, speakers include Christine Counsell, Lavinya Stennett and Bennie Kara. Click here.
For when singing is allowed again! - Over the past 14 years the charity has been helping schools connect with one another through RE & PSHE singing projects. Here’s an example of a Year 6 Transition lesson.
‘The ethos of PopUK is to convey to children of faith or no faith, that God is the source of knowledge, truth, love and hope. Each of our songs introduces children to this understanding, giving teachers the freedom to develop the Christian themes to the extent their context permits them. The songs address a wide range of issues, including how we are each loved, how we are called to value and respect all people and the world we live in, how to forgive one another and how to have hope and aspirations for the future.’
Ian Hunkin's latest free online CPD offer 'What About When it Goes Wrong?' continuing his excellent CPD series to support teachers/leaders working with young people who have experienced trauma. You can find thefull session here
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Images of Hope – photography competition to help the homeless
The charity Alabaré are looking for stunning images with the theme 'This is my hope', with all proceeds from the competition going towards supporting their work with the homeless and vulnerable.
The competition is now open for submissions from amateurs and professionals alike, with entries closing on 3rd August 2020. A selection of the images will feature in a week-long exhibition and 2021 calendar.
One of the competition’s esteemed judges, Tim Booth commented:

"My hope is that at the end of this we will be fitter and stronger, better able to cope when the challenge comes and that perhaps this time of pausing has edged us towards a new way of thinking. Not just about our species, but also how we interact with the planet we inhabit."

Alabaré supports 1000s of homeless and vulnerable people every year across the South West of England and Wales. Hope is an integral part of their front-line work with the most vulnerable people in our communities.
More information here.

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Prayer Spaces have developed the first of a series of prayer activities for use in a ‘socially distanced’ classroom. These will be posted on the website soon. If you’ve been working on anything similar, please share with us at the DBE and with Prayer Spaces themselves.

In the meantime, new resources for families and households who are still at home are here resources/ideas for setting up a leavers prayer space can be found here.

Our very own Bishops Cannings School Prayer Space here
Picture News - Has been producing weekly packs up until the end of term. They have aimed to include extra home-learning and virtual assemblies during this time and they are pleased to share that the virtual assemblies will be continuing in the new academic year. Picture news has launched their online shop. Initially launching two products, a display set and their brand-new intervention resource.

To order their new products, please visit:
Wintershall passion play – whilst this could not go ahead in the usual format this year, the team have started to put up short clips from previous years that could be useful for collective worship or for RE. The resources include some interviews with the actors and short clips. Click here to view on their website, or here for some on YouTube.
Creationtide and Harvest –  How might you work with your parish to do something together in the autumn linked to Creationtide? Thinking of an outside community prayerspace? – see Bishop Karen’s focus here. Bath and Wells have produced a ‘Bible Chat Mat’ themed for Harvest that has been popular with families and schools. Click here. The Church of England page on The Season of Creation is here.
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NASACRE: A statement relating to justice and diversity in RE:  "Religious Education and Collective Worship in our schools provide opportunities for reflection on justice and diversity around these sensitive issues. Whilst NASACRE has always worked to promote greater inclusion of diverse voices in education, we recognise that there is more to do, and this work needs to be done with greater urgency. As your local Agreed Syllabus Conference sets your local syllabus for religious education, there is important work to be done reviewing your current curriculum, checking it is fit for purpose, and ensuring Black Lives Matter is within it. The NASACRE Executive has always sought to reflect the diversity of its membership and to encourage member SACREs to review their membership to ensure they are fully representative of their local diversity. Historically NASACRE has been at pains to provide space for a range of voices to be heard in our meetings, our membership and in our conferences; we recognise there is more to do and commit to working to challenge inequality, racism and to hear the voices that are frequently silent or ignored." 
You can find the full statement here.
And don’t forget that many museums and galleries have lots of resources online – try these:
  • The British Library here
  • The National Gallery:here 
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum:here
  • Westminster Abbey resources, including online tours and downloadable lessons etc! History ideas are included here too of course: here

Inter Faith Week 2020, 8-15 November

SACREs have been important in celebrating and promoting Inter Faith Week since its beginnings. 2020 will bring new challenges as a result of Covid-19 but how might your school get involved this year? A virtual tour of places of worship? A video conference with SACRE members, members of faith communities and inter faith groups?

Please share your ideas on Facebook or by email to your local Hub Lead Practitioner or to

You can find more information about the Week at The Inter Faith Network has produced a resource for Primary schools, aimed at teachers in upper Key Stage 2, which explores inter faith activity in the UK. The resource has a teacher introduction and four units that can be used to explore inter faith activity, looking at issues such as dialogue, social action and sport. Each unit has a series of hyperlinks that link teachers and pupils to actual projects across England with a series of possible tasks to assist learning. It can be found here.
New HMI Leading on RE for Ofsted took up role in April. Read about him here. Richard is well-known to the RE world through his work on curriculum. NASACRE looks forward to working with Richard in his new role to continue to promote excellence in the study of religion and worldviews.
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Looking for something to read? We love Hit the Ground Kneeling, written by the newly confirmed Archbishop of York. It is a beautifully simple book, which turns upside down ideas such as busyness as a status symbol or needing to exert power over others. Rather it takes a contemplative approach to leadership, using stories and anecdotes to illustrate a different way of seeing leadership - leadership which lasts. Highly recommended as a summer read!
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Or for something to watch and explore online by Brene Brown click here


FFT KS4 AND KS5 RESULTS SERVICE (AUGUST 2020) - FFT will be running a full 2020 results service for secondary schools in August and September.

Schools will be able to upload the results awarded for GCSEs, the equivalent non-GCSE qualifications and A-levels in late August. 

On 13 August and 20 August, FFT will be live-blogging this summer’s results, and adding the latest data to their results microsite. You can follow them on Twitter, to see all of their analysis as soon as it comes out.

These results will be used to populate all of the usual FFT Aspire dashboards and reports to provide a full analysis of 2020 results in September for use within school (and not for any external accountability). To read more about their offer and how to make use of their provision click here for their July newsletter.

Ways that some schools/academies are approaching September pdf document here
Whole School SEND - The Whole School SEND Consortium is delivering the Department for Education SEND Schools’ Workforce Support Contract and a randomised control trial funded by the Education Endowment Fund. It brings together schools, organisations and individuals who are committed to ensuring that every child and young person with SEND can maximise their potential. 
Click here for the home page and here for a free webinar for NQTs on ‘Preparing for your first term in the current context’ at 10am on 24th July.
Erica Wolstenholme is the South west Regional lead for Whole School SEND, she works as a SEND adviser to schools in the Olympus Trust and as a lead SENCO for a group of schools within a hub in South Gloucestershire.

OFSTED - Schools have been informed that Ofsted will be carrying out a phased return to inspection, starting with an interim period of visits during the autumn term. They intend to resume full inspections in January 2021, and are keeping the exact timing under review.
For maintained schools and academies, visits will not result in an inspection grade or judgement. Ofsted will publish a brief letter that establishes the context of the visits and what leaders agree are their next steps in resuming pupils’ full-time education.
Visits will look at how leaders are managing the return to full education for their pupils, including considering ‘blended learning’ (on-site/remote education) and safeguarding.

To read in full click here 
NSPCC - Normally at this time of year the NSPCC would be coming in to school to share their “Speak Out, stay Safe” assembly and workshops with the school. As this is unable to happen they have produced an on line assembly which we have been sharing with the 7-11 year olds in school but would love you to share with your children at home. The assembly focuses on anxiety, including the worries that children are facing during the coronavirus crisis, why they may feel anxious or worried and ways they can be supported. To view the assembly click on the link here.
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Finally, SIAMS Inspection Update - Joy wrote to all school and MAT leaders this week to share Nigel Genders’ letter informing schools that there will be no SIAMS Section 48 inspections for the remainder of 2020 and that information will be shared once the Coronavirus legislation enables these to take place. Joy’s letter included the following paragraph:
“We strongly believe the flourishing of Church schools in this diocese, whilst affirmed by inspection, is far from dependent on it. In these complex times the work you are doing every day, serving your children and their communities, is the most exceptional outworking of Christian vision – this is seen and valued. We look forward to working with you in the new academic year; before then, however, I hope as this incredible academic year closes and you enter the school summer holiday, you are able to enjoy a time of rest, peace and refreshment – the need for this I doubt has never been greater. All of your friend’s here at the SDBE thank you for all you have done and continue to do for the children and young people in your care.”
Nicola and Linda
Nicola Coupe
School Improvement Adviser
Tel Direct Mobile: 07469 857 670
Tel Emma at SDBE Office: 01722 746953  
Linda Rowley
School Improvement Consultant
Tel Direct Mobile: 07971 294146
Tel Anna at SDBE Office: 01722 746943
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