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We're moving!

Beginning August 29, Neighborhood Partnerships will be located in the Marquam Building, 2501 Southwest 1st Avenue #120, Portland, OR 97201. We invite you to come by and see the office. With its proximity to freeways, accessibility from all quadrants of Portland and ample parking we hope you enjoy it as much as we do! We will have an open house on October 7, 2 pm - 5 pm. Please save the date, more details to follow.

Please note, we will be largely unavailable August 26-28 as we move.  Email will likely be the most effective way to reach NP staff. 

Meet Derrick Taruc

When a new person joins the NP team we ask them a couple of questions so we can all get to know them better. Derrick Taruc is the Database and Program Support Specialist. Derrick joined Neighborhood Partnerships in July 2016 to support the Oregon IDA Initiative team.

For starters, tell me a little about yourself
I am a new transplant to Portland, Oregon, having moved from Southern California. I am loving my adopted city and all its offerings: beautiful weather, great public transportation, a slower-paced lifestyle, and, of course, my new position at Neighborhood Partnerships. Before joining NP, I worked for a small web development company that helped local governments, nonprofits, and membership organizations with their online technology needs. Before that, I wrote about music, art, and fashion for various publications, printed and online. On the light side of things, I like to read history and sci-fi/fantasy books, listen to public radio, and go to the occasional experimental, noise shows in dingy, underground venues.

What does opportunity mean to you?

As an immigrant, I feel that I am intimately aware of the importance of opportunity. Opportunity is having access to the resources you need in order to achieve what you want, whether that resource is knowledge, training, money, or even personal networks.
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Looking for Reasons to Attend the RE:Conference? Here are 3.

Dr. Crystal Hall, professor at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance in Seattle, has recently been working with the White House to test the practical application of behavioral science in public assistance programing. Dr. Hall’s work has focused on the impact of scarcity on behavior and decision making within the context of poverty. Dr. Hall will tell us about lessons she and the White House team learned from designing and adjusting programs to better account for scarcity and human behavior.
Laura Choi, Senior Researcher, Community Development, at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, will talk about how the asset building and affordable housing fields can work together to strengthen families, communities and the nation. Ms. Choi has a great deal of experience researching issues aimed at improving economic opportunities for people with low and moderate incomes. We are excited to hear her rallying cry for our collective efforts!
Bob Friedman, Founder and Chair Emeritus of our national partner, Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), is really excited about the potential here in Oregon! Mr. Friedman will help us reflect on Oregon’s leadership in asset building policy and identify ways to continue to demonstrate that leadership in the years ahead.
Stay tuned for more to come on each of these exciting speakers and many others!

Make CSAs Work For Your Community

The Oregon Asset Building Coalition is still hard at work finalizing the details of a Children’s Savings Account platform for Oregon. It’s clear to us that the success of Children’s Savings in Oregon will depend on community-based organizations across the state. They hold the trust of the communities they serve.

We’ve heard this from our focus group participants – they are more likely to engage with a program through an organization they already know and trust. Word-of-mouth referrals are really powerful in building relationships. Research done by our national partner, EARN, confirms this idea – the most effective way to engage program participants is through contact with trusted partners.

So we asked our Steering Committee, “how will you leverage the trust your communities have in you to make sure that families participate in the Oregon CSA? And, vice versa, how will you leverage the CSA to build on current programming or create new opportunities for your community members?“ Ideas generated by Carlos Garcia with Hacienda CDC and Stephanie Sampedro from Innovative Changes are worth highlighting.
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Housing Alliance gearing up for 2017 Legislative Session

We know the housing crisis has spread to all corners of our state. In small towns and big cities, vacancy rates have dropped, rents have increased, and there are no affordable places for people to call home. We can and must do more to help our communities address housing needs. We know how to create solutions from preventing or ending homelessness to protecting tenants to building more units to creating homeownership options. The Housing Alliance has an agenda that is shaping up to address all parts of the housing continuum, and we're going to need you to help us accomplish our goals!
The Membership met on Friday, July 22nd to hear updates from each of the Housing Alliance's workgroups (Homelessness; Tenant Protections; Development & Land Use; Preservation; Homeownership; and Mortgage Interest Deduction Reform). Each workgroup is working on proposals for 2017 that cross the spectrum of new resources, new tools, and strengthening existing laws. We will be heading to Salem to share our solutions to the housing crisis with Legislators, and we want you to be with us.
It's not too late to join the Housing Alliance, start attending a workgroup meeting on an issue your organization feels strongly about, and help us shape our requests to the Legislature. Our next membership meeting is August 29th in Salem! Join us!
Email Alison or Jenny with questions or to find out more today.

Oregon IDA Tax Credits: Stock Sales Will Be Open September 7-9 With Changes

Earlier this year, we tried a stock auction. Thank you to the more than 50 people who contributed $2 million at tax credit rates that ranged from 60% to 70%. We heard in conversations with donors, CPAs, and financial advisors that the auction process made it difficult to plan ahead and that the process itself was cumbersome. We have changed the stock and mutual fund donation procedure to respond to that feedback.

The next opportunity to donate by stock or mutual fund will not be an auction.

We have developed a new procedure for stock and mutual fund donations for the Oregon IDA tax credit in 2016:
  • $2.5 million worth of credits or remaining available credits (whichever is greater) will be available to stock and mutual fund contributors.
  • The tax credit rate for all stock and mutual fund contributions will be 67%.
  • Beginning September 7 at 8 am an online form will be available to the public on our Oregon IDA Initiative website.
Read more about the changes on the Oregon IDA blog

ICYMI: New "Reclaiming Government for America’s Future" Research

The research, conducted over more than a year, tells us that the path to empowerment begins by talking about a country that is both “for the people” and “by the people”; acknowledging that we currently don’t have the say in government that we’re supposed to have; highlighting how people have acted to make changes; and that there are tools for every single person to do more.

By guiding the conversation about government from one of helplessness to empowerment, we can begin to make the change that comes from residents having more say in our laws and how we spend public money.
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