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Dear Prayer Warriors,
Let me give an update on Fidelia.  She acts on her fear.  We have shared Scripture with her about trusting the Lord and not being fearful.  I know this is hard but through experience we have had to do this.  She took a bus to Mexico City.  We told her it was not right to go but she went anyway.  She has a friend there but could not get in touch with her the day she was leaving.  She left in spite of advice that she had asked for, but unfortunately did not follow.  She was not able to reach her friend and had to spend the night in the bus station alone.  She managed to get her return ticket paid by someone here in Allende and came immediately back. This all happened on Nov. 2nd.  Now, today the 17th she is returning to Mexico City.  This is a 12 hr. bus trip. Please keep her in your prayers. 
We have another lady in our church, Paulina, who wants to be faithful and has been for several years.  Right now her son is on a job out of town for 2 – 3 months.  His wife is not at all concerned for their 5 children all between the ages of 1-7.  This leaves grandma (Paulina) with the responsibility of them and she also has to care for her husband who had a stroke several yrs ago and is wheelchair bound.  Pray for her.  She comes to church when she can but with the 2 younger grandchildren it makes it very difficult.  She has agreed to let the 3 older ones come to church on Sunday mornings.  Pray that they will come even if she and the younger two can’t. Bro. Eric and I go to their home on Monday evenings and Eric shares the Word with Alfonso and Paulina.  He is very receptive of us.  This evening while we were there before Eric started sharing Scripture, Alfonso pointed to Eric and then to the Bible.  He wanted to get started!  PTL!

Just a note for another prayer request.  Some of our supporting churches are having financial difficulties and as a result have temporarily dropped support.  Please pray for them and for us.  The Lord knows their needs and our needs but it always helps to have our prayer supporters sending up petitions as well. 
I was invited to bring the devotion at a ladies group in El Cercado on Friday, 14th of Nov.  The lesson that I gave was on Ps. 37:1-9.  It was a blessing for me to write.  Pray that it blessed those precious Christian ladies as well.  They are the legacy left by Bro. John and Wanda Casias. 
Thank you all for your prayers and support.  You are a real blessing to us. 
Bro. Eric, Timothy and Aunt Jane
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