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October 20, 2014
Dear Prayer Warriors,
We have been called upon to assist several in the last few weeks in health issues.  I believe it was the last week of September when the 19 yr. old daughter, Nallely, in the family next door was upset that something had happened to her mother.  I went quickly to their house and the younger brother was holding his mother as they apparently were getting into the truck and she passed out.  I assisted the teens in getting her into the truck and instructed them to get her to the local hospital.  I followed in my car and stayed with them till their father, Ubaldo, arrived from his job.  By that evening she was home and feeling much better.  We visited with them in their home.  Their married daughters were there with their husbands and Bro. Eric was privileged to share scripture and pray with Ubaldo & his family.  Pray for this family and their salvation.
We asked for prayer for Fidelia a few months ago because her life had been threatened.  It seemed to us that the threat had subsided. However, she has recently been attacked twice by her husband. Once in public when he tried to choke her.  There were some friends close by and they stopped him. Last week Monday, he saw her about a block from where she is living and threw acid in her face.  After both attacks she reported to the police.  They informed her that they could not do anything unless they see the attack happen.  Please pray for her.  We have counseled her about what to do but she does not follow that counsel.  She is so fearful.  Her daughter gave birth to a baby boy this week and she did not go to the hospital with her because she was afraid of seeing her husband there and being attacked again.  Therefore I took Cielo and the baby’s father to the hospital and stayed with Cielo all night Wednesday and all morning Thursday.  Jordon was born at 8:57 pm Wed. evening. Hector saw his son for the first time for only a few minutes, then was not allowed in the room except during visiting hours on Thursday, one hr. in the AM and 2 hours in the late afternoon.  We have counseled this couple several times.  Please pray for Hector and Cielo and their new baby, Jordon.  They both have been saved but are not being faithful to the Lord.  This entire family is affected by all that is going on between Cielo’s parents. 
There is a lot of indifference here in Allende concerning our Lord.  People don’t seem to care one way or the other about serving Jesus.  They come to church when the mood strikes them.  One local pastor has said that he believes that the people are seared over with a hot iron.  However, since the Lord called us here, there evidently are people for us to reach.  Also, you don’t always know when a seed planted grows in someone’s life.  In my own experience the lady whose testimony convicted me of my lost condition did not realize it at the time.  About 15 yrs later I had the privilege of telling Mrs. Sharon Anderson what her testimony meant to me.  Read my testimony at (It is after Eric’s testimony.) We will continue to serve the Lord to the best of our ability until Gabriel sounds the trumpet.  Praise the Lord!
We have one man in our church that has grown a lot in the Lord over the years.  Victor has told his family that he will not do things with them that causes him to miss any service.  He has a disability but is capable of taking care of himself though he does lives with his widowed mother.  His brothers and their families treat him like a child, but he has grown strong and is becoming very faithful.  Praise the Lord!  Keep Victor in your prayers.
We want to say thank you to all of our prayer and financial supporters.  Always remember that you all have a real part in all of our victories.
Because He Lives,
Bro. Eric, Timothy and Aunt Jane
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