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Welcome to Week 4 of the Boat Club Bulletin, our weekly email during this period of lockdown while the club remains closed.

The Big Interview with Carlos Miranda has been added to our YouTube channel and can be viewed by clicking here.

Get to Know Me

This week we turn our attention to the newest sport in the club, kayaking, as well as highlighting a tennis player who is grace personified on a court.

Name: Alex Rea
Age: 16
Sport: Sprint Kayak

1. When did you start your sport?
I started kayaking roughly 2 years ago.

2. Who was your first hero or inspiration in your sport?
My first inspiration was the current Olympic Champion Liam Heath - probably because of his sheer size and strength.

3. What is the best thing you enjoy most about it?
I enjoy the racing against other people whilst also getting to go to loads of different places at the same time.

4. How often do you train or practise at the Belfast Boat Club?
I’m at the Boat Club training 13-14 times a week including water, gym and stretching sessions. In an average week I would have 3-4 gym sessions, 5-6 sessions training on the water, and 3-4 sessions for core, recovery, and stretching. I fit all these in by training before and after school as well as Saturday mornings.

5. What is your best achievement to date?
Probably being the fastest 15yo for the K1 200m in IRL and 2nd fastest in UK over the last season with my best result at the British Canoe Sprint Championships held in Nottingham. (K1 means a Single Kayak - K for Kayak and 1 being the number of people in the boat.)

 6. What are some of your goals for the next five years?
My goal is to represent GB at the 2024 Olympics. 

7. Who do you have around to support and coach you?
Currently my most support comes from my parents as they are my main source of travel to the boat club and also my coach, Kieran Dews, plays a big role in my training. 

8. If failure was not an option what would you love to achieve in your sport?
I would love to be a multi-Olympic champion and to be a role model for the youth in kayak. 

9. What are some of your other favourite sports or hobbies?
In my spare time I play golf and one of my main hobbies would be sleeping (If that counts as a hobby). 

10. Why would you recommend your sport to anyone else reading this?
It’s definitely a challenge and you get to travel the world meeting new people.

Name: Suzanne McGuigan
Age:  52
Sport: Tennis

1. When did you start playing your sport?
I started playing tennis age 9. 

2. Who was your first hero or inspiration in your sport?
My 1st hero was Bjorn Borg. I loved his Donnay racquet and his effortless style.

3. What is the best thing you enjoy most about it?
Now I would have to say the thing I enjoy the most about tennis is being out in the air and being with my friends. When I’m playing I forget everything it’s my safe haven. 

4. How often do you train or practise at the Belfast Boat Club?
I practise 2/3 times a week, nothing like what I used to as a junior. 

5. What is your best achievement to date?
My best achievement is winning the Irish Junior Open under 18 Doubles and getting to the singles final. 

6. What are some of your goals for the next five years?
Not sure if I’m being honest about goals in the next 5 years, but possibly representing Ireland again in the World Championships.

7. Who do you have around to support and coach you?
I don’t have a coach anymore but the Boat Club is one big family and we all support each other.

8. If failure was not an option what would you love to achieve in your sport?
To be invited to the Wimbledon veterans invitational doubles and play on the hallowed turf. Of course, win it too!

9. What are some of your other favourite sports or hobbies?
I love brisk walking and watching rugby at all levels. 

10. Why would you recommend your sport to anyone else reading this?
Tennis is a sport for life; it’s great for fitness and keeping supple. Friendship is the main one though and as I said before, it’s one big family.

Coming Up This Week...

This week we are offering plenty of ways to keep fit, active and entertained:

Fitness Classes

Monday 11th - Sunday 17th May
Liv is not taking live Pilates classes this week, but will be adding exercises to her social media channel.

Hatha Yoga           8:00pm

Workout                From 2pm

Hatha Yoga           12:00pm

Hatha Yoga           10:00am


Yoga with Paddy - One class free per week. E-mail Paddy to register.

Workout - with one of the coaches showing you a routine you can do anytime that suits.

We hope you can find something suitable to help keep you moving and active.

NEW - Special Offer for Members

With no Pilates this week from Liv we have negotiated a special deal for a three week programme of classes from an internationally respected trainer who lives in Hollywood. Stuart has already signed up for the course which costs £39 for the whole thing but is being offered to members for only £30 for the three weeks.
Join Alexandra Sikiniotis (AKA Fitness Mama Instagram @fitnessmamauk), for a comprehensive timetable of classes ranging from yoga to bodyweight conditioning. These will be delivered via Facebook LIVE but will remain available after for those who missed them or wish to revisit.

The timetable has been put together to encourage mental and physical fitness, incorporating life coaching, pelvic floor workshops, nutritional guidance and meditation along side the workouts. Suitable for both men and woman- “To live is the rarest thing ever, most people simply survive..” Oscar Wilde.

The 3 week course starts tomorrow on Tuesday 12th May.  To book in, please contact Alex by email and quote Boat Club in the subject heading.


Stuart's Weekly Quiz

Stuart’s QUIZ continues every Tuesday at 8pm for just over one hour. Connect to this via Stuart’s personal Facebook page.  Last week's quiz can still be viewed by clicking here.

Cooking Lesson

Delizia are running another LIVE cooking class this Wednesday at 11am. This week you can learn how to make sourdough bread.  To take part members will only need 3 ingredients: Flour, salt & water. 

If you have any further ideas for content you’d like to see from the Boat Club Bulletin or on our social media pages, or if you would like to nominate a member to be profiled as part of the Get To Know Me interviews, just get in touch with Stuart to make your suggestion. Many thanks once again to all our members for your continued support.  If you have any queries relating to your membership or the club in general please e-mail

We are in this together.

Gayleene's Nails & Beauty

Gayleene’s Nails & Beauty is run by Gayleene Deans in the Boat Club and she has only been there for a few months but offers a wide range of beauty services. Anyone wishing to support her at this time and have a relaxing treatment to look forward to when we reopen can purchase vouchers - all information is on her Facebook page.


Also don't forget that Delizia are still running a takeaway service with their delicious Italian menu of fresh produce. The latest menus are below. 
They are also selling vouchers too which are worth £30, but only cost you £25.
These can be used when they open again at the restaurant or for take-away or a cooking class.
View Delizia's Takeaway Menu

Healthy Eating

Finally we have a wonderful member named Ellie Gordon who is 15 years old and is part of the rowing section. She has set up a page on Instagram named Ellie’s Healthy Kitchen and a website, so Stuart interviewed her to find out more:

Why did you decide to start the Ellie’s Healthy Kitchen Instagram page?
I absolutely love food and nutrition so this was simply an opportunity for me to share my recipe ideas.  I also wanted to demonstrate that a healthy lifestyle can be adopted without dieting, cutting out certain food groups or being made overly complicated. 

What type of content are you showing?
My content is exclusively food related.  I like to post pictures of my favourite meals along with ingredient lists and recipes, often based on the theme ‘Unhealthy made healthy.’

Who is the page aimed at?
This page is aimed at absolutely everyone who has a desire to eat well and seek inspiration for healthy recipes.

Has this made you love cooking and baking even more or did you always have an interest in it?
My love and passion for cooking and baking has definitely grown massively. The great thing about it is that there’s always something to learn and a new recipe to be discovered.  

Being a teenager isn’t easy to avoid the high sugar or very caloric meals, especially in groups of friends.  Do you find it easy to stick to a healthy regime?
I have trained my tastebuds to enjoy a wide variety of flavours and healthy foods.  I like to think ahead and ensure the fridge and cupboards are full of the right ingredients. On a daily basis I cook and prepare most of my meals and I take a packed lunch to school. I will allow myself to indulge every once in a while, whether it’s pizza, ice cream or frozen yoghurt.  I believe that you need have the occasional treat in order to make a healthy diet sustainable and well balanced.

Is your page really just for teenage athletes or can anyone of any age or athleticism get inspired?
Initially my page was aimed at teenage athletes however, this is no longer the case.  It is for anyone out there no matter how old you are, what size you wear or what fitness levels you have. 

Is doing a nutrition course or even a degree to become a dietician part of your plan?
Currently I am not planning on taking a nutrition course or becoming a dietician.  At the moment my career ambitions lie within the field of law.  However my enjoyment of food and interest in nutrition will always be a huge part of my life.   

How do you find your diet and fluid intake affects your own performance in rowing?
I find that my diet and fluid intake affects my rowing performance significantly.  Rowing is an intense sport requiring both endurance and power.  It is therefore vital that I am ‘fuelled up' properly before every session and that I drink enough before as well as during training.  I always like to experiment eating different foods before training in order to see which fuels me up most (currently it’s protein pancakes). 

Are your parents and siblings supportive of this venture?
My parents and siblings are really supportive.  We as a family enjoy our food and a lot of my inspiration is mainly from my mum and dad’s cooking. They have taught me an awful lot about nutrition growing up and I probably wouldn’t have discovered this passion if it hadn’t been for them.  My sisters are always ready to try my foods and give me plenty of critique if necessary! 

What’s your favourite meal for one whole day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks?
Protein pancakes with fruit and a glass of orange juice or an iced coffee. This pancake recipe was inspired by Vicky Thornley (Olympic Rower) and is made using banana, spelt flour and cacao powder and eggs)

‘Easy pizza’ made from wholemeal wraps, homemade tomato sauce topped with chicken, olives, mushrooms, onions and red pepper

Plant based chilli served with rice and topped with avocado, red pepper, spring onions, cheddar cheese    

Protein packed homemade frozen yoghurt topped with fruit and drizzled with 1 square of melted dark chocolate, or simply a handful of frozen blueberries.

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