Time Flies...

Catching Up!

I guess time flies when you're busy schlepping malt and mopping and bottling and mopping and expanding operations...and mopping. But it's OK - we're REALLY GOOD at mopping now! The Krupnik release went beautifully last November! Our new soul-warming liqueur was just in time for that winter that

We're really pleased to see our products spreading. Here's a map of New Hampshire locations. And we're even in a few Massachusetts locations too! Oh, and check out Amy Zavatto's coverage of us in Serious Eats!

The Last Word

Our favorite mixologist, Patrick Andrew (Tek-Nique in Bedford) introduced us to this one. It's a prohibition era drink that is...amazing. Luxardo has the dense flavor of how Maraschino is supposed to taste. Chartreuse is made with 130 herbs (makes me tired just thinking of making that...), so it's a lot of flavor. Add the robust flavor of our gin and, well it is exquisite. Try one.

1oz Djinn Spirits Gin 
1oz Luxardo Cherry Liqueur
1oz Green Chartreuse 
1oz lime juice 

Shake all ingredients over ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a Luxardo Cherry.

Distillery News

We currently have all 4 products in stock for your sampling pleasure. Drop by and take a tour, or just catch up with us. We've done several really fun private tours too. (Who knew the Merrimack Chamber of Commerce were such party animals?) Our Spirits-101 and Whiskey-102 classes continue to be a hit. And stay tuned. We're developing a Cocktails class in conjunction with Speaker's Corner for late June. Shoot us an email if you're interested!

June Events:
 6 - Spirits-101 Class
20 - Father's Day party! (more to come)
20 - Whiskey-102 Class
tbd - Speaker's Corner Cocktail Class

And why yes, that is a fork-lift. Thank you for noticing.
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Drink responsibly...please.
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