Open House Winners

And the Winners are...

First, many huge thanks to everyone that came out for the Open House! It was a crazy day, but we had a lot of fun.  OK, so here are the Raffle Winners!

Nosing Glasses:  Alan Graves, V Frangus, Frank Yates,Steve Pope, and Travis Allard
Tee-Shirts:           Duane Stoddard, Courtney Speechley, Harry Wiley, and
                              Susan Cunningham

And the Grand Prize Whiskey Aging Kit goes to... Angel Bussiere!

Whoo Hoo!! Winners, just bring an ID to the distillery during normal business hours and we will gift you.

A Touch of Maple

OK, the last recipe involved some work, so this one is dirt simple, and delicious! Just mix the following:

2 oz Beat 3 Whiskey
1 tsp Maple Syrup from your friend with the Maple trees (adjust to taste)

That's it!  Just stir it then maybe add an ice cube.

Distillery News

One last big Thank You to Shannon for sharing her wisdom and keeping us sane during the Open House.

Distilled Gin Batch #1 and 2
and White Whiskey #2 and 3 are available.  We just dropped off some Whiskey at the state Liquor Warehouse, so restaurants are now able to order Beat 3.  As soon as possible, we'll take some Djinn Spirits Gin in also. Got a favorite mixologist in state?  Ask them to come up with a drink and we might just feature them on the website.
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Drink responsibly...please.
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