Took my first airplane ride in some time. LGA–ATL and back. As strange as travel has become, it felt good being out there, seeing everyone.


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How Long Gone anchor
In #091 @themjeans & @donetodeath chat about their spreader date at Hollywood hotspot Delilah featuring a breakdown of their clientele, menu, and user journey. They consider a pivot to Cameo after receiving multiple requests, Bill Burr hosting SNL, they compare themselves to horses, the troubling shape of Pete Davidson’s skull, and how a certain bar from rapper YG became a Gen Z mantra.

Rolling Stones – “Bitch” (Live, Texas, 1972) youtube

Is N.Y.C. ‘Over’? These Brand-New New Yorkers Don’t Think So nytimes
Thousands of Americans move to New York each year, many of them seeking a fresh start. Even a pandemic couldn’t totally stop that.

The Pandemic Sparks a Real-Estate Gold Rush in Upstate New York newyorker
As social distancing continued into the summer and infection rates in New York declined, city dwellers became desperate for a break from urban quarantine.

James Murdoch, Rebellious Scion nytimes
Increasingly uncomfortable with News Corp’s politics and profit motives, Rupert’s younger son chose chickens and sheep over Fox, and insists he doesn’t watch ‘Succession.’

The History of The Pivot Table, The Spreadsheet’s Most Powerful Tool quartz
Pivot tables are the quickest and most powerful way for the average person to analyze large datasets. No coding skills or mathematical brilliance are necessary—just the ability to point and click your mouse.

Party Like It’s 1929! airmail
Americans are finagling their way around international-travel bans and decamping to Europe, where the living is (comparatively) easy.

Take a Virtual Ride Down Sunset Boulevard with Ed Ruscha artnewspaper
Before Google Street View, there was Ed Ruscha. In 1966, the Los Angeles artist first drove along the Sunset Strip with a motorised camera mounted to the back of his truck, using it to photograph the entire street in a manner that uncannily predicted today’s online mapping technology. 

Noah Clothing's "Jolie Rouge" Video thrasher
Milic, Michel, Hjalte, de Keyzer and more from the Noah fam hit the streets of NYC and the streets hit back. Slam, smile, repeat. 

Sheriff Shrugs Off Alleged Whitmer Kidnapping Plot, Suggests It Might’ve Been Citizen’s Arrest talkingpointsmemo

Trump campaign ready to unleash thousands of poll watchers on Election Day politico
“Volunteers have also been trained on how to intervene if Republicans appear to be engaging in intimidation tactics.”

Is ‘Vote Fashion’ Effective—or Just a Pointless Fad? wsj
From Michelle Obama’s ByChari necklace to LeBron James’s ‘More Than a Vote’ gear, fashion and accessories emblazoned with the word ‘vote’ are inescapable. But do they work?

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