TONIGHT at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, we debut How Long Gone Live from the Mad Decent Protocol studios in disgusting downtown Los Angeles. 

Part live podcast, part variety show. Pop culture. Internet stuff. We even have a special guest joining. Must-see appointment viewing!

Stream it here on TWITCH (lol).


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How Long Gone anchor
In #086 @themjeans & @donetodeath chat with Jonah Weiner, a writer from New York currently living in Oakland. He’s written for Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, NYT and more. He’s also known for penning the infamous newsletter Blackbird Spyplane, which delivers unbeatable fashion recon, and interviews everyone from Chris Black to Andre 3000. They discuss what the EDM equivalent to Trump and Biden are, Bay Area founder fashion, almost getting in a car accident with Travis Scott at the wheel, why Drake picked out his Calabasas mansion, the pros and cons of newsletter writing vs traditional media, and a peek behind the scenes of Blackbird Spyplane.

Romy Madley Croft - “Lifetime” youngturks

Chris Wallace Calls Debate ‘a Terrible Missed Opportunity’ nyt
The veteran anchor conceded he was initially “reluctant” to step in during the Trump-Biden matchup. “I’ve never been through anything like this,” he said.

Mourning the Autumn in New York City That Could Have Been newyorker
What if, once the city had made it through the worst of the pandemic, we’d refused to settle for less in every area of our lives?

The Moonlight Confessions of Stevie Nicks latimes
“I want to be able to pull up those black velvet platform boots and put on my black chiffon outfit and twirl onto a stage again.”

Media Election mediaelection
Friends at Area 17 launched a piece examining today’s news cycles, and the danger of candidates “programming” the media in their favor through distraction and diversion.

Verizon scrambling to unload HuffPost as losses mount nypost
“While HuffPost brings in between $45 million to $50 million a year in revenue, its annual expenses are between $60 million and $70 million.”

How Much Does It Cost to Go Number One? paper
Few things can galvanize stan forces quite like the elusive pursuit of a Billboard No. 1. In an online ecosystem where numbers are everything — and views, streams and sales are vital clout currency — topping the charts is the ultimate flex for both artist and fans. 

Teenage Engineering introduce The Magic Radio teenage-engineering
Have you ever wished you could instantly rewind when listening to the radio? This thing continuously memorizes everything you listen to on an endless looping tape.

The Only Music Critic Who Matters (if You’re Under 25) nyt
Anthony Fantano reviews albums and songs on his YouTube channel, The Needle Drop, bringing an old art to a new medium — and perhaps ensuring it has a future.

Fear of the Indoors grubstreet
Can we really trust our fellow diners enough to head back inside?

Can Podcasts Improve Our Well-Being? newyorker
I strongly doubt it! 

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