As we begin to wear masks everywhere we go for the foreseeable, how we communicate with our eyes is changing. Society will be testing how to express love, respect, interest, boredom, honesty, intimacy, and encouragement with just our peepers. 

Will we see a rise in novelty colored contacts? Maybe 8-balls, smiley faces, and the popular but creepy “white.” The late 90s and early aughts trend once reserved for alternative radio rock fans could make a comeback with the TikTok set. Glasses could get crazier, people testing the limits of good taste with statement frames to telegraph personality since we can’t see them smile or frown. Lipstick is over, eye shadow is in. 

Are eyes really windows to the soul? We are about to find out. 


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Father John Misty - “Please Don’t Die” subpop

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Though it declared bankruptcy earlier this month, in the early 2010s the American company was riding high thanks in part to its ubiquitous slim-fitting Ludlow suit.

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“The most basic thing people will be looking for is: Am I going to be safe? That said, the fact people want to come to that space means they are going to buy. They have made the effort" 

Series A5: Skyline by Erin D. Garcia erindgarcia
Each variation, painted in vibrant layered acrylic, uses gradient lines of color to explore alternate realities within the boundaries of space.

Jeffrey Katzenberg on Quibi, an unmitigated disaster that everyone saw coming, except the people who bet $1.8 billion on it being a success. nytimes
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