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I've been collecting images for years. It's another expression of (what was) my natural tendency to hoard. I used to tear pages from my Vogue and W magazines and tote them around in thick binders. Even after all these years of moving around, I still have those dusty binders.

I was a huge tumblr fiend but that petered out upon the advent of instagram.
Before I started my company (a time known as BSA) and realized that instagram was a tool to hock my goods and flirt with my boys, I used my insta as a modified tumblr. And then, of course people would freak out about not crediting or asking the artist for permission; it was all too much.

After a few years of collecting screenshots while scrolling through insta, I decided to compile them in one place that I could reference, for inspiration. The account was initially just for me. I would quickly post pics, not worrying about the artists name and credit etc. It was my golden tumblr days all over again! People somehow found out about this account and I'm just waiting to get in trouble for posting other peoples images (narc culture, etc) but I'm enjoying it while it lasts.

Attached you will find an accumulation of images; some my own pics, the rest, found on weirdo instagram accounts with like 4 followers.  I collect pics that make me feel something. Images that take you to a different time and place. Most of them are chaotic and excessive, some are cozy and twee. A lot involve food and vacations I would like to take. 

My inspo account is called @reminder_of.


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