Trial by Media is a new six-part Netflix docuseries executive produced by George Clooney that revisits high-profile court cases where the media played an outsize role in the eventual outcome. 

The first episode focuses on the “talk show murder.” In 1995, Jon Schmitz shot and killed acquaintance Scott Amedure days after Amedure revealed his crush on Schmitz in an episode of The Jenny Jones Show. The murder, and the overwhelming amount of press and discourse surrounding it, pumped the breaks on “ambush television,” a genre that thrived in the 90s. The most popular and outrageous being The Jerry Springer Show, but there were countless—The Maury Povich Show, Montel Williams, Donahue, etc. The premise often focused on surprise or embarrassment: you are the father, you have a child, your same-sex friend has a crush on you, etc. As time wore on, the gag became more ridiculous and cruel. Racy escapism for the stay-at-home Mom and latchkey kid set. 

This genre was the runway for the reality TV that we binge watch now. Today, it’s not so “gotcha!” focused, the casting and editing are much more sophisticated, and the participants more willing. As ever, so many stand ready to exploit themselves for their 15 minutes or seconds. Whether it’s in a courtroom, a sunny island, or gauche house, we can’t get enough. It’s been 25 years and it is not slowing down one bit. 


ps. We debated linking Trial by Media because of our Netflix distain. But here you go.

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