Public speaking is hard. Your mind tries to focus on the words and substance, but you can’t shake the heightened awareness that people are watching your every move, processing it all while you rattle on. 

Your lizard brain gets it, and starts dumping fight-or-flight into your bloodstream. It’s hard to deliver a solid performance with your heart pounding. You might need a beta blocker to keep the train on the tracks.

But politicians have loads of practice. They live for this stuff. Teams of nerds work debate-prep weeks in advance. 

And yet, public speaking remains the great equalizer. Because sometimes, all that matters is that a giant fly landed on your pure white hair helmet, and held on for two whole minutes.


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How Long Gone anchor
In #089 @themjeans & @donetodeath chat with Ana Andjelic, an executive strategist specializing in brand-driven businesses. She’s from Serbia, living in New York, but currently on vacation in Mexico City. They chat about puffer coats, COPS, growing our hair back, Serbian cuisine, Mexico City scene report, hot guys selling burrata, the erasure of icons, why Ikea is cool, Bushwick Birkins, fake Cartier, and how we can be better storytellers (for brands.)

Porches - “I Miss That” domino

Eddie Van Halen, grinning guitar god for a rock generation, dies at 65 latimes
With a road-battered guitar, lightning-quick fingers and a welcoming good-time grin, Eddie Van Halen and his band Van Halen may have been just what the 1970s needed.

‘S.N.L.’ Had a Live Audience. It Went Home With Paychecks nyt
Reopening guidelines implemented by the state of New York prohibit the public from attending live television shows — unless the show pays its crowd like cast members.

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If you examine any mainstream fashion trend closely enough, nine times out of ten you will find at least three prominent Black women who did it first.

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If you haven’t seen Emily in Paris, it follows a plucky social-media strategist on a European sojourn. She has a job she loves, but her colleagues—drawn crudely in nearly racist pencil strokes—are alienating-ly chic (I suspect they have a vicious WhatsApp group devoted to her brash Americanness).

New study shows how Trump and the RNC duped traditional media into covering mail-in voter fraud niemanlab“The misinformation is coming from inside the house, and mainstream media is spreading it.” ● How the media has abetted the Republican assault on mail-in voting cjr

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FB is sad that iPhone users will be offered the option to block personalized tracking when opening an app.

Official Code of Georgia Annotated now a Github Repo boingboing
“Some of you may remember that the venerable State of Georgia sued my organization, Public Resource, for having posted the laws of Georgia on the Internet (and they even accused me of a ’practice of terrorism’ in their complaint!). Well, it took some serious time, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in our favor.”

Enjoy Your Meal—Quickly. Restaurants Introduce Time Limits wsj
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Instagram’s Shift From Photo Diary to Next-Gen Shopping Mall voguebusiness
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Claudia Conway Isn’t Your Hermione Granger intelligencer 
As for Claudia herself, the real villains are her parents — yes, both of them. George is a rare species, a Republican with the common sense to abhor Donald Trump. But that’s a low bar to clear, and the celebrity he revels in helped push his own daughter into the spotlight.

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