It’s a lovely 59° in anarchist jurisdiction New York City today. Might link up with the comrades later. Roam around the demilitarized wasteland. Get a coffee. Sit in the park.


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Cults - “Spit You Out” sinderlyn

The Long Golden Age of Useless, American Crap lithub
Like Mr. Death, Americans have approached the marketplace of goods with a combination of world-weariness and openmouthed credulity. The promise of endless supplies of new things, ever cheap and accessible, has captivated and enchanted. And the risk is low, since any one thing doesn’t seem to cost all that much.

Who wants to buy a video service no one watches? vox
After six months and $1.8 billion, Quibbi wants a new owner.

$6,000 For an ‘Aladdin’ T-Shirt: The Exploding Movie Merch Market wsj
In recent months nostalgic collectors have gone mad for vintage shirts and hats promoting beloved films of the 1990s.

Luca Guadagnino Gets Concrete About His Languid New Teen Drama, We Are Who We Are them
The director’s new HBO series explores teenage ennui, rebellion, and the blurry nature of young identity. He tells us what attracts him to stories about young people, how he captures the mess of life, and why he loves poet Ocean Vuong.

Losing My Religion electronicbeats
Michelle Lhooq gives the unofficial account of New York's club scene in the 2010s, a pivotal moment when the city went from DIY underground to club superpower.

Strolling Peckham With Writer Raven Smith condenasttraveller 
Our favourite South London neighbourhood has an ever-growing list of cool restaurants, rooftop bars and exciting gallery spaces. Here, contributing writer and local Raven Smith takes us on a tour of his favourite spots – from a secret garden to London's most-famous car park and some of the city's best tacos.

This unheard Steve Jobs tape is part of an amazing trove of tech history fastco
When Steve Jobs demoed his NeXT computer at a 1988 user meeting, Charles Mann was there to record it—along with dozens of other talks by computing pioneers.

Reimagining ‘Wildflowers,’ Tom Petty’s Haunted Triumph About a Failing Marriage latimes
“Wildflowers” isn’t a lost album, or a compromised one, or a hidden gem. It sold 3 million copies on initial release. “YouDon’t Know How It Feels” became Petty’s highest-charting single since “Free Fallin’.” But it also seems to stand outside the rest of Petty’s catalog.

How LinkedIn Became Facebook for Dads mel
Although it pretends to serve a loftier purpose, LinkedIn is just as full of crap as any other social media platform.

If Justin Bieber’s Wife Is Really So Great Then She Deserves Better Songs Than This stereogum
And contrary to the boy-II-man arc he was aiming for, Bieber’s borderline-codependent posture made the album feel infantile, a perception reinforced by a lead single called “Yummy.”

Floragatan 13 Curated By Acne Studios boutiquemags
On the occasion of the unveiling of the new Acne Studios headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, A Magazine Curated By presents Floragatan 13 Curated By Acne Studios, an architectural and design survey of this exceptional building and its contemporary usage as a fashion atelier and corporate office.

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