The laptop feels funny now. It’s not as satisfying. 

Nobody’s mobile.

Like all laptops, it's a bit uncomfortable, which is normally fine, because I‘m on the go, and being mobile is number one.

But now, being in one place, the 12” Retina Macbook with the bad keyboard feels silly. Like, What am I doing? Why am I treating myself this way?

Perhaps personal performance would improve with a high performance machine. 


Perhaps it’s time to live truly desktop first.

Everyone working all day from machines at home… wanting a little speed… more screen realestate… stepping up set design, curating the bookshelf.

Maybe you hold steady. Stay mobile-first. But develop a signature audiovisual videoconferencing aesthetic.

Wow I think you’re right. 


* * *


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* * *

Live forever.


Build to last.

* * *
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