Trump's tax returns won’t move the needle. It’s not a surprise. Elaborate tax avoidance is a badge of honor for many.

One eye-opening figure is that The Apprentice brought in $427.4 million, including licensing and endorsement deals—a big number that shows his personal brand success dwarfs actual business acumen. 

Lastly, as a tip for the Biden debate-prep team… tomorrow night… consider leaving out the tax stuff. Set aside “the issues” and focus on making better dumdum jokes. Clown on Trump relentlessly like it’s Wrestlemania. Have fun with it! As a surprise, have a nurse come out and draw blood, conduct a drug test, live for the nation. Let’s see what gear these grandpas are on.


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How Long Gone anchor
In #085 @themjeans & @donetodeath talk about shoplifting, Marc Maron living in Jason’s neighborhood, podcasting your way through a drug relapse, their attempt to bring back appointment television, Chris’ upcoming plant-based meal plan, why being a DJ is better than being a writer, and Chris makes the argument that Hole is a better band than Nirvana.

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On Wednesday afternoon, when a Kentucky grand jury announced its decision regarding Breonna Taylor’s killers, photographer J.D. Barnes was watching with a crowd in Louisville’s Jefferson Square Park. “You heard audible gasps,” Barnes said. “It was just disbelief.”

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