The breathless coverage of the Trump Virus was to be expected. A dozen MAGA ghouls have it now—no surprise given all the hugs & handshakes at the Rose Garden Super-Spreader. Number one on Merriam-Webster? Schadenfreude.


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How Long Gone anchor
In #088 @themjeans & @donetodeath discuss Jason’s new Substack post about smoking, restricted eating habits, the new SNL episode, Chris’ lifelong refusal to enjoy the comedy of Jim Carrey, Trump getting COVID, how cool people are cool, what makes Red Scare work, and a recent adornment to our social media profiles.

Simon & Garfunkel - “Keep The Customer Satisfied”

Trump Infects America nymag
“The Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, both announced that they had tested negative for the virus today. But viewers who suffered through Tuesday’s presidential debate in Cleveland will recall watching as the president shouted at Biden across the stage, in an enclosed space, for 90 minutes.”

As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay price for ‘stupid’ approach wapo

NYT: How America Bungled the Plague youtube
A year ago, the United States was regarded as the country best prepared for a pandemic. Our government had spent nearly two decades strategizing for a doomsday scenario. So what went wrong?

The Futility of Rolling Stone’s Best-Albums List newyorker
“There is also a persistent perception of Rolling Stone as a stodgy institution standing on hard-line rockist ideals that seems tough for some to shake—it’s the magazine that gives Bruce Springsteen five stars for everything, that championed U2’s invasive iPhone experiment as the best album of 2014, and that will find any excuse to write about the Beatles.“

Why Philip Guston Can Still Provoke Such Furor, and Passion nyt
Guston’s Ku Klux Klan paintings are but one facet of an incendiary artist’s storied career, stretching from social realism to abstraction and back.

Cop Rock: How ABC Created the Strangest TV Musical Of All Time mentalfloss
Yet as the suspects are marched out of the house, the show immediately proves it’s a different beast than Hill Street Bluesor L.A. Law. For the gang then breaks into an N.W.A-lite rap titled "We Got the Power."

Hockney’s Normandy Invasion airmail
The artist’s most recent work, inspired by his sojourn in the north of France, goes on show this month at Paris’s Galerie Lelong.

Kim Gordon: No Icon rizzoli
An edgy and evocative visual self-portrait by musician and artist Kim Gordon, indie-underground cultural icon and muse of style for four decades.

On Long Island, a Beachfront Haven for Black Families tmagazine
In the 1930s, a group of trailblazing African-Americans bought plots for themselves in Sag Harbor, establishing a close-knit community that’s spanned multiple generations.

The New Localism thesociologyofbusiness
“Once commonplace, then anomaly at the time of mass brands, personal relationships in food retail are making a comeback. There is a new wave of food companies (and influencers) who are building their business around wanting you to know who they are, where they come from, and what they are about.”

The Sackler Family’s Plan to Keep Its Billions newyorker
Although the Sacklers may now be social pariahs, the family’s money—and army of white-shoe fixers—means that they still exert political influence.

Fashion … or Fascist? The Long Tussle Over That Fred Perry Logo guardian
The polo shirt has been sported over decades by pop stars, football fans, ska-lovers and gay revellers, but now also by the far-right Proud Boys.

Thom Browne Spring 2021 Women's and Men's Collection thombrowne
in a dream of bronze, silver, and gold ...
a tailored ode to sport and sportsmanship ...
a vision in wool, seersucker, cotton, and cashmere ...

How The Hit Music Podcast ‘Song Exploder’ Became a Netflix Series latimes
The TV adaptation is the latest evolution of a music podcast that helped define the genre when it was launched in 2014.

Stewart Lupton - “Unreleased Trax” bandcamp
Someone cracked the vault and found new material (including a Bob Dylan cover) from the legendary Jonathan Fire*Eater frontman who died in 2018. 

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