Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of former White House lip woman Kellyanne Conway, is breaking news about the President’s health on TikTok. Meanwhile, Dad’s political action committee is cranking out YT videos to stop Mom’s boss. Americans cannot get enough.


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John Prine - “How Lucky”

The President’s COVID Joyride Has the Family Divided vanityfair
“Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign. The phone on Fred’s desk was set up so that it could only dial out to his secretary.”

How James Beard Invented American Cooking newyorker
The gourmet’s real genius wasn’t in his recipes but in his packaging. He knew how to serve up the authenticity that his audiences craved.

The New York Dinners We Thought We’d Have Again esquire
Soon we’ll walk through what’s left of our city and remember not just the food, but the faces of those we dined near.

Pay-for-Play Was Banned From Radio — But Texts Reveal It May Still Be Thriving rollingstone
Among the 2,500 text messages obtained by Rolling Stone, several suggest a link between airplay and record label payments.

Venmo Launches Its First Credit Card theverge
Not a bad idea, but the card graphics leave a lot to be desired. 

Robin Givhan Reset the Boundaries of Fashion Writing cultured
"How did you develop your observational skills?" I'm speaking on the phone with renowned culture writer Robin Givhan, fashion critic for The Washington Post, in late July. I'm so curious about her methods that I don't realize I've presented a question that sounds rather like something a student in Journalism 101 might formulate.

Balenciaga Shows That Great Fashion Doesn't Have to Be Escapist gq
Demna Gvasalia's latest collection reckons with a dark, chaotic moment for fashion.

Beware of Diego Schwartzman, a Tennis David in a Sport of Goliaths nyt
Schwartzman is among the shortest players in elite tennis, but at this unique French Open, he has become a brutal opponent.

Trello co-founder Michael Pryor on pandering to power users, skyrocketing numbers, and the spectre of Microsofttheregister
Get to 100 million customers, 1% pays $100 a year, and bam! $100m business

Microsoft Thinks You’ve Been Missing Your Commute in Lockdown wsj
‘Virtual commutes’ on Teams aim to rebuild the boundaries between work and home life, and signify the tech firm’s move into corporate well-being.

Toward a new Bauhaus: How a Century-Old Design Movement Could Help Save The Planet
The Bauhaus, a wildly influential design movement in 20th-century Europe, has new relevance in the 21st century: as a model for fighting climate change.

The Iconoclast Remaking Los Angeles’s Most Important Museum newyorker
Will the new LACMA building be Peter Zumthor’s masterpiece or a fiasco?

Aphex Twin Live at Limelight NYC MID 1990s soundcloud

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