10 February, 2020

Hi Everyone!

God bless you richly in our Savior Jesus!

On Saturday morning I learned from our Apple store that our trusty, six-year-old MacBook can't be repaired anymore. I've joked in the past that it must be a cat since it's had so many lives, but we've finally squeezed the last breath out of it. I'll be purchasing a replacement this morning, and with it, some needed updates re: hard drive space and video editing software. With the new computer in place, we'll return to our regular schedule tomorrow morning at 4:15 AM Eastern Time.

I had hoped to bring you our special, "crowd sourced" devotion for today from last week's emails and Facebook posts, but after working on it over the weekend, I just couldn't put it together on my iPhone the way it deserved to be presented and I didn't want to shortchange the messages that so many of you shared. I'll be preparing it with the proper software and a/v equipment later today so that you receive it in the morning.

I'm way past ready to be back with you each day - be sure to tune in tomorrow for some great time in God's Word together! I can't wait!  Grace to you in our Lord Jesus Christ, and have a terrific day.

Joy to you,
Pastor Paul
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