New evidence required

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) now requires additional evidence verifying that the existing heating or hot water unit was eligible to be upgraded under the VEET Scheme and has been permanently rendered inoperable. 

Applies to: All water and space heating/cooling activities
Effective: 21 February 2017

What you need to do

1. Recycling receipt

Collect recycling receipts for the decommissioned unit


2. Photos

Take geo-tagged photos of the decommissioned unit

These must include:
  • One photograph demonstrating that the unit has been permanently rendered inoperable, and
  • One photograph clearly showing the brand, model and serial number of the decommissioned product.
The photos must:
  • Be clear and in focus
  • Include any relevant markings
  • Include a date stamp showing the date the photographs were taken
  • be geo-tagged (ie Include the latitude and longitude coordinates).

Configure your phone to geo-tag and date stamp

Please ensure you have turned on geo-tagging (this varies depending on what type of phone you are using, but it is often called a Location tag or Location Services).

Prior to doing another job, please send us a test photo to

New assignment forms

New assignment forms are available to download from our web site here:

How to submit to Ecovantage

Please email your photos and recycling receipt to

Compliance Certificate reminder

A reminder that all decommissioning details must be written on the Compliance Certificate.
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