New photo evidence required

The Essential Services Commission now requires a PHOTO OF ALL REMOVED LAMPS AND CONTROL GEAR in a pile or recycling container. This is required for all new jobs submitted from now on.


It is critical that you take these photos prior to removing the old equipment from site as they must be geotagged and date stamped.

Where to submit the photos

In Runabout submit the decommissioning photos against this question:

Note: Using this question to add bulk decommissioning photos is a temporary measure. Within the next few weeks we will update Runabout to ask specifically for these photos in a separate question.

How to submit multiple photos

You may need to submit multiple photos against this question (eg terminal block photo, metal recycling receipt and decommissioning photos). To do this:
  • Tap  to take subsequent photos.
  • When complete, check that you have all necessary photos by swiping across your phone or tablet to see all photos in the group.


New on-site help 

You can now access on-site evidence requirements from your phone or tablet. For example, if you've forgotten what you need to write on the CoES, you can simply look it up on your phone.

Go to on-site help >
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