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A reason to celebrate!

BioMedBridges reaches its half-way point

BioMedBridges is an ambitious project: about 100 colleagues in 9 countries are working hard to achieve interoperability of data and services across ten European research infrastructures and the range of different scientific communities they serve. Half way through the project, at the end of year two, this is a great time to celebrate a few of the achievements.

Moving closer to data integration and discovery

At the end of December 2013, BioMedBridges has completed its first set of major technical deliverables: based on the pilot data integration using REST web services and the identification of feasible pilots for semantic web integration between the project partners, a first set of services was developed. These services include:

Detailed information on the services can be found here and an overview of all project deliverables to this date is available here.

A legally and ethically sound basis for data sharing

The basis for work with ethically sensitive data within the project is provided by the BioMedBridges Ethical Governance Framework. Even more importantly, the efforts of the "Secure access" work package of BioMedBridges during the first half of the project were also focussed on ethical and legal aspects of sharing data that underlie certain restrictions, such as personally identifiable information or intellectual property. The first deliverable, a report on the ethical and legal requirements of data sharing, was published in June. The second deliverable is an online tool researchers can use to assess which regulatory requirements need to be fulfilled to share data on a legally and ethically sound basis. The tool, which provides background information as well as contractual templates (e.g. data transfer agreements and consent forms), will provide  working scientists with significant support in the navigation of the complex regulatory landscape.

Going forward

The BioMedBridges Executive Steering Committee met on 13 December 2013 in Hinxton. The committee, hosted by ELIXIR, came together to review the achievements from the first half of the project and discuss the strategy and priorities for the second.

Annual General Meeting 2014

The second annual general meeting will be held on 10-12 March 2014 in lovely Florence, Italy. The meeting will be open to a wider audience including partners from related projects and initiatives and industry representatives, and will focus on how BioMedBridges tools and services can help to address complex scientific questions. Information on the meeting, including details on how to register, submit poster abstracts and accommodation, will be available on the BioMedBridges website soon.

Until then, we wish you a successful 2014!

The BioMedBridges Consortium at the first Annual General Meeting, hosted by ECRIN in Duesseldorf, Germany, in March 2013
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