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March 2015

Third BioMedBridges Annual General Meeting

It is hard to believe, but the third Annual General Meeting of BioMedBridges hosted by INFRAFRONTIER in Munich on 17-18 February was already the last of the project. With just a bit less than a year to go the project partners have already achieved much: the tools and resources created or enriched in the context of BioMedBridges lift the participating research infrastructures to higher levels of data-interoperability readiness and lay the groundwork for the next level of data integration. Besides the concrete infrastructure built, the lessons that can be learned from a project as large and diverse as BioMedBridges also constitute a valuable part of the project output. The projects' Scientific Advisory Board recognised the significant progress made in a very encouraging report from its final meeting, which took place at the end of the AGM.

Presentations of the AGM can be found on the BioMedBridges website

Developing data strategies

A knowledge exchange workshop on research infrastructure data strategies was hosted at the headquarters of the European Southern Observatory on 19 February, following the BioMedBridges AGM. The event brought together representatives from research infrastructures involved in BioMedBridges, other emerging
infrastructures and the European e-infrastructures. The workshop explored the need for strategies to deal with the scientific data produced or handled by research infrastructures. This topic is important to address in relation to ever increasing volumes of biological data in Europe. The wide demographic of participants led to the sharing of experiences, understanding of common challenges and potential areas of collaboration. Presentations highlighted important factors to consider as part of data strategy development. Discussion helped participants to better understand their own infrastructure, the data and services provided, the scale of data requirements, and the needs of their users. The presentations from the workshop are available on the BioMedBridges website.

BioMedBridges "tool in the spotlight"

Visualise health consequences of mutations in protein structures

BioMedBridges developers have created a web service that bridges the disciplines of clinical genetics and structural biology.
PLan-Variants displays the health consequences of SNPs as annotations on a visualization of protein structure. The webservice was developed by Chris Morris (STFC) and Narayanan Krishnan (OPPF-UK), uses the Protein Data Bank and ClinVar as data sources and the javascript/webGL Protein Viewer by Marco Biasini.

This pilot web service bridges the disciplines of clinical genetics and structural biology by displaying the health consequences of mutations as annotations on a protein structure. The webservice is one of the pilots completed as part of BioMedBridges deliverable 4.6.

News in brief

Collaborating on metabolomics

BioMedBridges and the COSMOS project have issued a joint statement on the need for data standardisation in metabolomics.

BioMedBridges reports and documentation available

The second periodic report for BioMedBridges was delivered at the end of February and can be downloaded here. All BioMedBridges deliverable reports, position papers and workshop reports or summaries are also available in Zenodo (browse here for BioMedBridges output).

Upcoming events

Licensing data and code: testing real-life scenarios

BioMedBridges partners are organising a “Birds of a Feather” session at the upcoming EGI conference to discuss issues around licenses for data and code encountered in "real life" use cases. If you are interested, the details for this are now available here.

SYMPOSIUM: Open bridges for life science data

17-19 November 2015, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, UK

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Join us to discuss the latest advances in the technical infrastructure behind large-scale data sharing in the life sciences, and the interoperability of data resources supporting biological, medical, translational and clinical research.

  • Keynotes by Phil Bourne (National Institutes of Health) and Ruth March (Astra Zeneca)
  • Interactive workshops organised by BioMedBridges partners and F1000Research, Research Data Alliance, RDConnect, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, and others
  • Registration will open shortly - further details here!

Announcements and news from the biomedical science research infrastructures

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