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Dear Members,
Since inception, DPA has been actively working to protect our beaches, maintain the quality of our environment, the natural beauty of our community, and our right to the continued peaceful enjoyment of our neighborhood. This work is being conducted against the backdrop of the ever-increasing popularity of Montauk and the commercial forces seeking to exploit it without regard to the long-term wellbeing of our community. We need everyone's participation and support to mount a successful defense. We need to present a united voice to our local politicians but also to stand ready to defend our community by whatever legal means necessary. As a local organization that is equally focused on “Quality of Life” and “Environmental” issues, DPA is vital to defending our community’s needs, as follows:

Beach Erosion and Public Beach Access
  • We actively engaged with the Town in the pursuit of a preservation purchase for the East Deck Motel despite the listing of the property for sale. Our coalition comprised of DPA, Surfrider and CCOM re-engaged the Town board to make a concerted effort at a preservation purchase by obtaining a second appraisal. While this second appraisal was being conducted the property was listed for sale for $25 million. The second appraisal predictably could not support the surprise $25 million dollar listing price. We have since been made aware that there are two options for this property. In the meantime, Mother Nature keeps knocking at the door threatening more than just their “return” on investment. We are not sure why anyone would actually invest but DPA stands ready to defend against community exploitation, environmental degradation and the possibility of beach armoring to protect what may now be a huge investment.
  • We continue to work with the Town, State and the Army Corp of Engineers to have Ditch Plains Beach included in the Fire Island to Montauk Point program (FIMP) for a dune restoration and beach nourishment project in the near term.
  • We continue to assist our DPA community members in successfully opposing projects that represent irresponsible coastal development and possible wastewater contamination of our beach.
Maintaining Ditch Plains’ Residential Character
  • We continue to push for the preservation of the East Deck and are working hard to continue to maintain the character of the community 
  • DPA worked closely with the Town Board and Town attorney in formulating The Accessory Bar and Restaurant Motel Law that was passed by the Town Board a few weeks ago. We congratulate the Town Board on enacting this Law in an attempt to deal with the proliferation of Motel restaurants and bars that morph into clubs thereby creating many of the problems recently cited at the Town Board work session in Montauk on Tuesday, July 14th. DPA and CCOM have worked on the passage of this Law and have submitted, though our attorney Christopher Kelley, many recommendations that need to be implemented to eliminate loopholes in the law. We will be pursuing the enactment of these amendments to ensure the protection of our community.
  • We continuously engage with the Town Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Planning Board to make certain that our DPA community concerns are heard. We recently weighed in on two overdevelopment proposals that sought variances to move closer to the coast and double the size of the already dense development. These proposals would have placed a further burden on an already overtaxed septic system and would have represented poor coastal planning. The ZBA denied the applications.
  • We continue to push for the upgrade of the Ditch Plains beach public bathrooms and shower area and for certification of the adequacy or upgrade of the septic system. Work on this is scheduled for the fall.
  • We oppose the establishment of a long-ago abandoned Motel at 11 Ditch Plains Road whose use is prohibited in our residential community. This narrow 50 foot wide property will have 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and 9 kitchens dumping into dated cesspools and whose increased commercial traffic will impact the quality of life and the value of the homes of the adjacent neighbors. Imagine, having a motel resurrected adjacent to your home that by law is not permitted and your reliance on the law being upheld is disregarded. If this is left to stand, this development will represent an affirmation that none of us can rely on the Town Code for protection of any of our rights.
  • We assisted a DPA member in preventing the Town from cutting down an old growth tree adjacent to their property.
  •  We asked that the porta-potties on the fence of the East Deck parking lot be relocated.
Water Quality Watchdog
  • We have provided recommendations to the Town’s Wastewater Management Plan for addressing water quality issues.
  • We asked that the ZBA object to a disastrous variance for a proposed septic system that otherwise would have resulted in immediate groundwater contamination of Accabonac Harbor and would have set a horrible town-wide precedent for further environmental degradation through the Town-Wide use of such a variance.
  • We have spoken at several Town Board meetings regarding the recent contamination of Fort Pond and asked for the Town to take action.
Critical Montauk Issues (We post on our Facebook page on  issues inviting community comments). 
  • DPA has crafted a Position Statement on Montauk Issues addressing nine salient areas that need to be addressed in order to guide our hamlet away from becoming a honky-tonk hot spot for transients and moving instead towards maintaining its familial charm and splendid natural beauty. We have specific proposals that we have presented to the town that can be legally and economically adapted to tackle the following problem areas:
    • Continual Lawlessness
    • Overcrowding and Noise
    • Septic Contamination
    • Tighten-up the new Accessory Use Motel Law
    • More Stringent Prosecution and increased fines
    • Spillover Parking 
    • Town Finances and Permits
    • Taxi Regulation and Public Transportation
    • Emphasis on Town Comprehensive Plan Requisites
In order to press forward with our causes, technical and legal experts need to be retained. Every dollar expended is used to protect our Quality of Life and our precious Environment. 


To help us maintain the level of community work we provide for Montauk, We are asking for your support. Please consider a $50 to $100 SUGGESTED CONTRIBUTION. Of course, if it is in your means, we would greatly appreciate an even higher level of support, but any contribution amount is graciously accepted.

Please make you contribution online through PayPal or, by sending a check to:

Ditch Plains Association
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Thank you for your support!

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