I’m very sorry to say my office will not be reopening. Given how things have unfolded, I don’t feel I can keep you or myself as safe as I would want, especially given some details of my setup (no private entrance, restroom, or laundry; windows it's rarely comfortable to have open; and more...). This is not the outcome I hoped for, but it's the choice I feel most at peace with.
If you have unused prepaid sessions, please contact me with your current address so I can send you a refund. If you’re not sure whether you have unused sessions, just ask; I have a list.

Speaking of the office, I’m gradually moving out of it, though I'll hang onto my table and license to keep options open for the future. If there’s a piece of furniture or art you’ve always coveted, let me know--it may be able to become yours!
Here are three excellent therapists who are available, each with different gifts:
G. “Rose” Brown, MA, MSW, LMT, CST-D. CranioSacral Therapy offered remotely. Rose is an institution in the local CranioSacral community and, until the pandemic, was too booked up to take new clients, so this is an exceptional opportunity. I’ve had two remote sessions from her that made a lasting difference (more noticeable after the sessions than during them). CranioSacral largely works at an energetic level, and Rose absolutely has the skills to read and interact with another person’s body at a distance. Contact:; 608-206-2432;

Susan Frikken, PT, LMT. Extremely precise, insightful deep tissue massage, informed by her deep well of physical therapy training and experience. Can test for various syndromes and give you self-care exercises. Susan and Julia did wonders for me last year. Near East Side. Susan is also offering outdoor chair massage and Telehealth video PT consultations. Contact:; 608-692-8794;

Julia Pitz, LMT. Gentle, powerful Myofascial Release grounded in comprehensive training in the John F. Barnes method. A good choice if you're feeling crooked, unbalanced, or twisted. Also offers Swedish massage if you're craving that, and thoroughly versed in essential oils. Middleton. Julia is also making masks. Contact:; 785-375-4366;

All three charge more than I did. All three have the skills and background to justify it. Rose and Julia are longtime leaders of study groups in their respective specialties, and Susan has not only taught other physical therapists but also founded Ballroom Basics for Balance.
I will miss you dearly! A heartfelt THANK YOU for coming to see me all these years. You have contributed to my life immeasurably. Know that you are welcome to stay in touch.

Take care, and be kind to yourself.
Your companion in healing, Leora   (608) 332-9581
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