Like computers, our brains filter information — sometimes too much.  An unused muscle can get filtered out of the brain's awareness.  Then, targeted exercise is needed to restore "muscle inventory" and function.
   According to  
Dave Lemke, a muscle many of us lose track of is the left lateral hamstring.  The resulting muscle imbalance makes the left hip migrate forward, but not the right, provoking compensatory twists in the spine. 
   Lemke teaches an exercise to remedy this.  Start with bare feet pressing into a wall, hips and knees in a 90° bend.  "Drag" your feet isometrically down (no actual movement) till your pelvis lifts very slightly off the floor.  Then remove your right foot by straightening that knee so your left outer hamstring is doing all the work.  There's more to it, and I'm happy to show you!
   Speaking of things our brains filter out, we're programmed to revisit negative memories more than positive ones. While this may save us repeating mistakes, it also creates a discouraging inner climate.  Knowing about the bias empowers us to counteract it. 
   Norman Doidge writes that sights and sounds can reprogram the brain. Perhaps this is why time spent in nature changes how we feel. Sunshine, cattails reflected in still water, flowers... a breeze in the branches, birds, crickets, frogs... these heal and energize the soul. 
   Like our brains, computers do a lot of filtering. In 2018, spam filters got stronger, and my newsletters got caught before many of you could see them. To reassure your email filters, I'm sending from a new, verified and authenticated email address,
   May your souls and bodies find refreshment this summer!
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