We all have different associations with the holidays. For some, they are a time of joyful celebration. For others, they range from awkward to extremely painful. Popular culture doesn't acknowledge this. Many ads equate holiday bliss with buying things. Radio songs push nostalgia for experiences some of us haven't had. Recent loss can make the contrast excruciating. If grief or stress shadow your holidays, here are some coping strategies:
Make "you" time a top priority. Stress and grief can be exhausting and even cause physical pain. Create extra "down" time for yourself. We are at our best when we're rested. Be kind and patient with yourself, and do things every day that nurture you and restore your sense of well-being.
Give yourself permission to take things slowly and one at a time. When grief or stress is present, it uses up bandwidth that would otherwise be available for decision-making and multi-tasking. Keep things simple. Stay with familiar activities and places that are relaxing.
May you and your loved ones find peace and heart's ease
this holiday season.

I'll be away Dec. 19-Jan. 2. 
New rates beginning Jan. 1, 2018:
(1 hour still $80, 90 minutes still $115)
3-hour package $225, 4-hour package $280
Seniors/special circumstances:
$70/hour, 90 minutes $100
Warm regards, Leora          (608) 332-9581 
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