Treating muscles well is an art form, just like treating people. Here's why:
In many ways, muscles are like little people, reacting as if they each have minds of their own. For instance, even when your whole body is relaxed, a muscle being worked too deep or too fast may tighten in self-defense without your even noticing.
Muscles also interact, like family members in family systems theory"A change in one person’s functioning is predictably followed by reciprocal changes in the functioning of others." Hand pain or weakness, for example, may reflect tight pecs and biceps and respond well to releasing those muscles as well as muscles closer to the hand.
Here's a special in honor of families--human, animal & muscle:
  • 1 hour $70, or 2 for $130 (reg. $80 without a package)
  • Senior/special-circumstances purchasers only: 1 for $60, 2 for $115 (reg. $65 without a package) 
Good through May 14. Treat your loved ones & muscles right!
Warm regards, Leora          (608) 332-9581 
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