Resilience is the essence of spring. Miraculously, ponds that had frozen over, or dried up, come alive with turtles and frog songs. Trees blossom, mud gives way to grass, and birds complete epic migrations to sing and nest in our yards.
Yet even as we welcome spring, stress beckons. First taxes, then outdoor activities like gardening, kayaking, and biking test muscles that have slept all winter and pull our shoulders forward. News headlines inspire concern, which also draw our shoulders forward. This posture leads to pain in the upper back and neck. 
Have you ever tried to correct a forward-hunched shoulder by taking your elbow behind you, in an effort to move your whole arm and shoulder back?  It backfires because of the seesaw principle.  When your elbow goes behind you, the top of your arm bone, at the shoulder, goes farther forward instead of back.

Keep your elbows level with your rib cage rather than behind it. To build muscle memory and tone for this, put your hands up in a "surrender" gesture (cactus arms). Make sure your elbows are pointed at the floor and not behind you. Raise and lower arms in that position.
Or try this. Keeping both elbows "glued" to your sides like the right arm in the picture, open your hands out to the sides, then bring them back.  Repeat till mildly fatigued. You can also hold weights or a resistance band in both hands.
We can't make the world look exactly as we'd like, but we can strengthen and ease our minds and bodies so we engage more resiliently with life. I wish you ease and resilience in your body and mind. 
Warm regards, Leora          (608) 332-9581 
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