Most spines I see slightly rotate, or twist, to the right or left. Some of that torque comes from repeated activities or postures. However, according to Doug Keller in the Yoga as Therapy workshop I just attended, it also comes from lying on the right or left side before we were born! These spinal twists can cause back, neck, jaw, shoulder or hip pain. With targeted bodywork and exercise, we can gradually untwist ourselves.
The psoas ("so-as") major, when tight, pulls the back of the spine on one side forward, creating rotation. Lunges are one way of stretching the psoas. 
Another way: when you're in bed, place one hand on the skin of your belly over the upper psoas (whichever side is tight) and the other hand on the skin over a lower part of the psoas, just above or below your hip crease. Without sliding the hands on the skin, slowly pull the top hand toward your head and the bottom hand toward your feet. You should feel a mild "burn" as your hands pull apart. After a while, you may feel your spine  untwist!
Other muscles, such as the obliques and multifidi, are implicated as well. Come see me if you'd like to work on this or anything else! Currently I'm booking into mid-September.
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