Emotions give life meaning. Yet they can also make life strenuous, to the point of threatening health. That's why this month's focus is emotional self-care.
We often feel several emotions at once, but they don't always harmonize. One way to harmonize them is through the yoga concept of "union of opposites." The idea is that wise combinations of opposites create balance.

On the physical level, developing equal strength in opposing muscle groups helps keep us stable and comfortable. I've written about this before. This month, we're applying the same principle to our psyches. Balancing a given emotion with a contrasting one that complements it creates inward resilience.
For example, resolve can lead to burnout if we feel we have to do everything ourselves. Yet if we cultivate faith in more than just ourselves, resolve becomes sustainable and invigorating. Again, surrender can resemble despair; yet pairing it with trust  transforms it into a leap of faith. Joy acquires greater depth when allowed to coexist with stillness. And grief can become more bearable when paradoxically side by side with peace. You could almost call these "truffles for the soul."
The final piece of yoga wisdom here is that body and psyche are complementary opposites that balance and reflect each other. Not only does emotional stress deplete physical health; physical care replenishes emotional well-being. A good massage can totally transform your inner world.

So this is my Valentine offering to you this year--truffles for the soul by way of massage. Through February 14, just $1 per minute. Take good care of your heart or a loved one's ... or both !
And speaking of emotional self-care... a couple of years ago, some friends and I offered a day-long retreat. We're doing it again! Click here to see the whole flyer if you're interested. Contact me if you have questions or would like to register.

Spring is on the way!
Warm regards, Leora          (608) 332-9581 
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