September 23, 2015
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Friends of Spire,

Allow me to introduce you to Spire Digital! It's not an offshoot or a wholly owned subsidiary. It's not a new division or a new company. It's the same Spire you've known and loved for nearly 18 years, with a slightly different name. Shall I explain?

Well, recently, we decided it was time to refresh our brand. As we began the process, we noticed that something most definitely did not feel fresh. It was the term media.

When we started out, way back in the late nineties, our industry was referred to as new media and our output was referred to as multimedia. Also, CDs were how we consumed music, payphones were a viable way to communicate, and Bill Cosby was "America's Dad". A lot's changed since then.

What we do is no longer new and it's no longer referred to as media. Media has lots of meanings, but digital product development isn't one of them. As for multimedia, it's now more commonly used to describe papier-mâché collages with flashing lights and a soundtrack than strategic consulting or software innovation.

At Spire, we strive to be clear and transparent, and to represent things as they are. And we focus on the nuances. As such, we needed to semantically shift into a name that would better represent us in the nomenclature of today.

So, now we're Spire Digital. Two words. Simple and straightforward. No longer shall we be accused of being a PR firm or an ad agency, or an SEO firm or a social media agency. No longer will it be assumed that we publish magazines or produce videos, or that we do anything other than what we do -- transform business through design and technology.

It's a new dawn with a new name! See our new brand on display at our new website - Stop by our office, adorned with our new signage, for a new hat, t-shirt, water bottle, or foam finger. And, come to our new name's coming out party, The Startup Soirée on October 1st.

Aside from all that, it's business as usual here. Soon, our revised moniker will roll off your tongues like Nissan (formerly Datsun), like Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting), and like Google (formerly BackRub). Good thing Google changed its name, huh?

Anyway, it's been a good run as SpireMedia. Now, we move forward as Spire Digital. Onward and upward!

With that, here's what else is going on at our refreshed and refined firm...

News + Views

We're giving away a few hundred vintage SpireMedia t-shirts. Let us know if you'd like one. Maybe one day it will be worth something on eBay.

Don't miss the aforementioned Startup Soirée, hosted by Spire along with Epiphany AI. It will take place at our office on October 1st from 5:00PM-11:00PM. There will be a bouncy castle!!! More info can be found here.

The Denver Business Journal selected Spire as one of Colorado’s Best Places to Work. Employer-paid insurance, unlimited PTO, profit sharing, and an all-around great environment pays off!

Built in Colorado covered my interview at the Denver Founders Network with an article entitled, “Michael Gellman talks about Spire’s origins”. Read it here.

SHIFT, a new digital product developed by Spire for Health eCareers, has launched. It connects short-staffed healthcare organizations with job seekers looking for the flexibility of short-term assignments. See SHIFT here.

Spire is providing user research and and mobile user experience design for Motili, a startup that connects property management companies with contractors and manufacturers.

The Spire strategy department is consistently pushing the limits of digital product development with new Agile UX, Enterprise UX, Lean UX, and Process-Centered Design methodologies.

Spire continues its participation in AT&T's Elite Industry and Mobility Alliance Program. Through this arrangement, Spire and AT&T are working together to create custom mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, and most other mobile platforms) for AT&T's business clients.

Also, we're on Twitter. No reason you should be missing any of the tasty nugs of tech information and inspiration that comes from Team Spire. Follow us @SpireDigitalCO!

During Denver Startup Week, Spire is hosting three sessions: Roadmapping for Digital ProductsDesign Thinking meets Engineering, and Cross-Departmental Collaboration. All sessions will be held at Spire on October 1st. Come on down and learn something!

Colorado Biz Magazine’s Business Choice Awards recognized Spire as one of Colorado’s Best Web Developers.

DBJ covered Spire’s company culture in an article entitled, “At Spire, Employees Get a Piece of the Pie.” Read it here., the leading marketplace for colocation space, cloud, dedicated servers, and managed hosting services has launched its rebuilt website, developed by Spire.

Spire is building emergency preparedness mobile apps for the State of Oklahoma and the County of San Diego that will provide evacuation plans, shelter maps, and catastrophe tracking tools.

Spire is helping Moms Fight Back in its mission is to make moms the most important players in politics and problem solving for a happier, healthier, safer world for kids.

Spire remains on the forefront of Web content management, helping clients to streamline website administration with platforms including Drupal, Magento, Umbraco, and WordPress.

Spire's on Facebook. We're updating our page often and sharing all sorts of juicy content. Like us! I dare you.

We're on Instagram too. It's mostly pictures of dogs and parties. Follow us anyway @SpireDigitalCO.

And, I'm tweeting, providing my personal ideas and views on the digital industry. Feel free to follow me @mgellman.

Personally Unchanged,
Mike Gellman, Founder of Spiremedia
Spire Digital
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Copyright © 2015 Spire Digital, All rights reserved.