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October 2021

A Note from American Dance Abroad

In late summer 2020, American Dance Abroad reached out to 24 dance companies who regularly tour internationally to ask how their international work was faring.  We saw that U.S. companies and artists were traveling and performing across the U.S., and many were anticipating a very good touring season. We also observed that other countries, predominately in Europe, were reopening theaters and festivals and welcoming in audiences.  Thus, we were curious if American dance had yet begun to cross borders and what, if anything, was being done differently.
We asked the following four questions:
  • Are you actively pursuing international engagements?  
  • Are international programmers reaching out to you? 
  • How might your programming now differ from your pre-pandemic programming?  
  • Is there a particular world region where you are focusing?  Or, avoiding?
The positive news is that yes, companies are performing abroad, but only about half of those responding were doing so.  Some thought it was too soon.  One had made preliminary plans to travel, but then decided it was too soon.  Others are taking a “wait and see” approach and hope to restart in 2022-23.  More than expected have multiple trips planned and contracted from now through June 2022.  To date, all foreign engagements are in Europe and the Mediterranean region.  Only one company indicated they were in conversation with a programmer in China, but they were not optimistic. Several tours were rescheduled bookings from that past 20 months.
When asked if programmers were reaching out to them, some said yes and the work was coming in, and others stated that they were told that international programmers were focusing on regional artists for now.  All said they were trying to stay in touch with people where they had some history.
No one was changing their programming dramatically, but several companies were offering or intending to offer programs without intermissions, if requested.  Some were traveling lighter (fewer sets) due to budgetary constraints.  Some were offering programs with fewer dancers.
Although we did not ask, some made a point of stating that all of their dancers and staff are vaccinated.  Some companies have been working in a bubble.  Others commented that they were moving forward, but with the knowledge that events could change travel at any moment.  All were following Covid-19 protocols.
American Dance Abroad opened its Rapid Response portal earlier in the summer and received the normal amount of submissions and requests for travel support, which we found encouraging.  We were able to support projects in Bratislava, Slovakia; Athens, Greece; Beirut, Lebanon; Hamburg, Germany; and Barcelona, Spain – all European or Mediterranean countries.  Of those we could not support, two were for Mexico and the rest from Europe and the Mediterranean.
Our exercise to hear how companies and artists were doing was not a formal survey, just a moment to touch base.  The knowledge we gained suggests that dance is responding in similar ways to other industries as borders, theaters, and festivals are reopening. Europe and the U.S. seem to be leading the reopening.  And, while international programmers are producing, they are slower to reach out to American companies.
Our most important takeaway is the U.S. dance companies and artists will once again need to reach out and initiate communication with international programmers to reconnect and rebuild the relationships that might have dimmed during the last 20 months. 

Awards and Special Recognitions

Recognizing awards and special recognitions received by American artists both at home and abroad.
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The Vilcek Foundation Announces 2022 Awards
In 2022, the Vilcek Foundation is awarding four prizes in dance. The main prize—the Vilcek Prize in Dance—includes a cash award of $100,000. Three smaller awards—the Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Dance—each include a cash award of $50,000. The prizes are part of the foundation's work to recognize and celebrate immigrants' contributions to intellectual and cultural life in the United States.
The Vilcek Prize in Dance
The 2022 Vilcek Prize in Dance is awarded to Soledad Barrio. Barrio receives the prize for her commitment to the growth and evolution of the genre of flamenco through her artistic leadership and instruction with Noche Flamenca, and for the creative vision and technical mastery she brings to her performances. Born in Spain, Barrio has toured extensively, performing throughout Europe and the Americas. 
The Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Dance

Photo courtesy of Tatiana Desardouin/Lauriane Ogay
Tatiana Desardouin receives the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Dance for her presentation of hip-hop and house dance that brings the vernacular tradition of these genres in the Black diaspora to her performances, choreography, and artistic direction. Of Haitian origin, born and raised in Switzerland, Desardouin is the founder and artistic director of Passion Fruit Dance Company; she has established herself as a leader in urban dance movements in both Europe and the United States. 

Photo courtesy of Tamisha Guy/Miguel Herrera

Tamisha Guy is a Trinidadian-born performer and choreographer based in Brooklyn, New York. A dancer and former rehearsal director with A.I.M by Kyle Abraham and an alumna of the Martha Graham Dance Company, Guy receives the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Dance for her work that engages elements of contemporary, modern, and narrative dance traditions to inform her performance language which is both intuitive and compelling. Guy earned her BFA in dance and BA in arts management at the State University of New York at Purchase.
Leonardo Sandoval is a Brazilian-born artistic director, choreographer, and dancer, and the founder of Music From The Sole, a tap dance and live music company that celebrates the Afro-diasporic roots of tap, including samba, forró, maracatu, and passinho. He receives the Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Dance for his body of work that serves to expand the boundaries of tap as a genre.
The International Association of Blacks in Dance Announces 2021 COLLECTIVE Cohort
The International Association of Blacks in Dance has announced the COLLECTIVE Cohort for the 2021 COHI | MOVE program. The 25 companies that comprise the cohort will receive a total of $41,000 over the next three years.

The 2021 companies are:
  • A.I.M. by Kyle Abraham | New York, NY
  • Atlanta Dance Connection | Atlanta, GA
  • Ayodele Drum and Dance | Chicago, IL
  • Ballethnic Dance Company | Atlanta, GA
  • Dance Iquail! | Philadelphia, PA
  • Danse4Nia/ Phoenix Danse4Nia | Philadelphia, PA
  • Diamano Coura West African Dance Company | Oakland, CA
  • Dimensions Dance Theater | Oakland, CA
  • Eleone Dance Theatre | Philadelphia, PA
  • Forces of Nature Dance Theatre | New York, NY
  • Garth Fagan Dance | Rochester, NY
  • Jamel Gaines Creative Outlet | Brooklyn, NY
  • Joel Hall Dancers and Center | Chicago, IL
  • MODArts Dance Collective | New York, NY
  • Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago | Chicago, IL
  • NAJWA Dance Corps | Chicago, IL
  • Red Clay Dance Company | Chicago, IL
  • Robert Moses' KIN | San Francisco, CA
  • SOLE Defined | Washington, DC
  • South Chicago Dance Theatre | Chicago, IL
  • Spectrum Dance Theater | Seattle, WA
  • Threads Dance Project | Minneapolis, MN
  • TU Dance | St. Paul, MN
  • Urban Bush Women | Brooklyn, NY
  • Wideman Davis Dance | Columbia, SC
Princess Grace Foundation Announces 2021 Award Winners
In 2021, the Princess Grace Foundation is proud to recognize 18 Princess Grace Award winners and 12 Honoraria recipients. This extraordinary group of artists were selected from over 200 applications and now join the community of over 800 Princess Grace Award winners and honoraria.



Nominated by: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater
John and Jenny Paulson Dance Honor

I identify myself as an artist, as someone who is motivated by purpose. A purpose that is greater than myself. My personal story and my faith have always been the engine to serve others as they need through my artistic gifts.


Nominated by: Pacific Northwest Ballet School
Martyn Ravenhill Dance Honor

A non-binary dancer specializing in both gendered techniques


Nominated by: TRIBE Multidisciplinary Visual Performances
Chris Hellman Dance Honor

I am a professional dancer and early-stage choreographer.


Nominated by: Whim W’Him
John and Barbara Lehman Dance Honor

I’m an artist trying to make a difference in my community and for the generations to come. I want to be an example that perseverance and gratitude are the foundation of your work.

Dance Honoraria 


Nominated by: Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

A multi-faceted performer, teacher, director and student focused on sustaining community in all parts of my work.


Nominated by: School of American Ballet

I am a dancer who uses ballet as a way to push the boundaries of what humans can create with movement and elevate current standards. With a large focus on technical details, I dance to express my own passion for ballet, communicate with audiences, and hopefully touch communities with my art.



Nominated by: Stephen Petronio Company

I consider myself a movement philosopher, a think-maker who uses the skill sets of a choreographer to work more forwardly as a director, facilitator, educator, and budding social entrepreneur.


Nominated by: A.I.M by Kyle Abraham
Brian and Amy France Choreography Honor

I am a Christian Black woman who speaks through and to the Spirit while standing at the intersection of art, education, ministry, and culture.

Choreography Honoraria 


Nominated by: Centrum

I am a transnational immigrant choreographer, curator and hybrid performance artist who creates site-responsive performance rituals and live art installations that examine how history and politics enter the body and condition how we move and relate. 


Nominated by: South Chicago Dance Theater

I am a contemporary dance choreographer who works with black women’s memories and embodiments while rooted in cultural significances of the American South. This is a political and cultural endeavor that works against erasure and moves towards rhythms of justice for diverse dancing bodies.

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

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The Saison Foundation
Open Call for International Program
Due: October 14, 2021
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ISPA Congress 2022
Open for registrations
Early Bird Due: October 29, 2021
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National Dance Project
Open Call for Travel Funding
Due: Rolling Applications
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Open for registrations
Due: October 10, 2021
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ACT Festival
Open Call for Festival Applications
Due December 13, 2021
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*The inclusion of an opportunity or event posted on American Dance Abroad's newsletter should not be interpreted as an endorsement of that opportunity. American Dance Abroad has created this listing in an effort to increase access to and knowledge about international opportunities.

News From the Field  

American Dance Abroad brings you links to relevant COVID-19 articles of international importance. Please send us your suggestions for new links to include next month.

The choreographer Miguel Gutierrez’s podcast “Are You for Sale?” looks at what he calls “the ethical entanglements between art and money.”
After the long Covid hiatus, which included brave attempts to salvage something from the wreckage of their 2020-21 programming, concert halls and opera houses have reopened their doors, hopefully for an uninterrupted new season.

While higher education institutions actively work to dismantle other unjust systems, they need to reflect on their practices around artists as faculty. 

At the National Center for Choreography at The University of Akron, the recently launched Creative Administration Research program (CAR), supports dance artists by pairing them with Thought Partners (experienced agents, managers, funders, curators, artists, etc.) as they dig into and challenge longtime "best practices" of administrative thinking. 

International Performances

COMPANY Venue  DATE Location
Trajal Harrell/Schauspielhaus Zurich Dance Ensemble
euro-scene Leipzig

November 2, 2021

Leipzig, Germany

Valerie Green Amalgam Studio
November 13-28, 2021
Beirut, Lebanon

Martha Graham Dance Company Cannes Festival

Stadthalle Neuss

November 27, 2021

November 30, 2021

Cannes, France


Lines Ballet Centre d’Art et de Culture

Théâtre des Sablons


Théâtre du Vellein

November 25, 2021

November 27, 2021

December 1, 2021

December 3-4, 2021

Meudon, France

Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France

Avignon, France

Villefontaine, France

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